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Read Reading The Joy of Pickling, Revised Edition: 250 Flavor-Packed Recipes for Vegetables and More from Garden or MarketAuthor Linda Ziedrich –

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10 thoughts on “The Joy of Pickling, Revised Edition: 250 Flavor-Packed Recipes for Vegetables and More from Garden or Market

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    Very informative book I was able to quickly learn what I needed to know and get a batch of lactofermented pickles done I even waited the two weeks and taste tested them before coming back with my review

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    A very complete book on pickling, with interesting sides and histories on many recipes.

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    Wow I want to make every recipe in this book How many books can you say that about

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    We already have the Joy of Jams, Jellies, and other Sweet Preserves absolutely love it So when I saw that the same author had a book on pickling, I couldn t resist I am not disappointed This book meets the high expectations I had of it due to my delight with the book mentioned.If you can think of it, she has a pickling recipe for it She also goes into fermentation that is something we are always trying interested in As usual the beginning of the book provides the reader with essential information that you should of course read before following any recipes.To give you an idea of some of the recipes offered there are Robert s Tea Pickles, an assortment of Dill pickles, pickled apples, turnips, radish, mushrooms, onions, tomatillos, tomatoes, artichokes, grapes, peppers, mangos, pickles in rice bran mash, ginger gherkins, quince, pears, baby corn, carrots, onion rings, and Plus freezer pickles, chutneys, salsas, meat, fish, and eggs This only names a fewyes a few I told you, if you can name it, I think it s in here There are enough recipes to keep me pickling our farm fresh crops eggs as well our local farmers market delights for years as well as giving me ideas for new things to plant come Spring YUM Bottom line, if you love pickling or know someone who does it will make a valuable addition to your library or a much appreciated gift Highly recommend

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    Jeff and I have been getting copious amounts of turnips from our produce shipment, and we haven t been particularly good about eating them In leafing through this book I found a recipe for Korean Pickled Turnips and decided to give it a try What better way to enjoy anything than to ferment it The list of ingredients was short and all basic stuff we already had and the process was very simple I was pleased to see a good amount of brine after rubbing the sliced turnips with salt, and after a few hours put the turnips and other ingredients into a quart sized jar to sit out for awhile They need to sit for awhile to do their magic, and in a few days they should be spicy, sour and delicious For now, they smell fantastic and I can t wait to try it out.The book has many recipes for pickling pretty much everything, not just the standard cucumber But it has many recipes for cucumbers in case your old standard just isn t doing it for you any While I will skip the last chapter on pickling meat, fish and eggs yuck , I look forward to trying out kimchi and maybe see if we can t pickle some of our other stubborn root vegetables.

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    If you are at all interested in preserving food by pickling it, I think this may be the book for you Featuring about as many recipes for pickling a cucumber as you could possible want, this book includes recipes for fruits and other vegetables as well From tomatoes, beans, pumpkins and squash to blueberries, plums, watermelons and even walnuts There s recipes for all sorts of sauerkraut and relishes and chutneys too And if you ve ever had the desire to pickle pigs feet no thanks hey, this book can give you the directions for that, too.There s recipes for fermented pickles, fresh pickles, freezer pickles and quick pickles No matter what your comfort level with food preservation is, you ll find a recipes that will work for you in this book.The only reason I had to give this book 4 stars rather than 5 is the lack of pictures It would be nice to have a visual of how the pickles turn out, and many of the recipes sound as if they d produce a beautiful product I love this book and the inspiration it s given me I cannot wait to spend my weekends trying out new and exciting pickles

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    To Pickle or Not to Pickle That is the question that has been haunting novice and intermediate cooks like myself for a long time Word like Botulism and E Coli have scared us into believing that if it is not commercially pickled we are risking our health We are scared off by material from the USDA that gives us such exacting detail about minute things that we feel as if we need a science degree to do something, that everyone has been doing for longer then time itself, or so it appears This book takes all the mystery away and has some of the best recipes I have seen for pickling The way the author describes the process makes things so much easier to understand and to do Don t get me wrong she does cover the risks but then interjects her own experiences as to the steps she takes.

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    Who knew there were so many pickle recipes in the world From traditional dill pickles to pickled salmon and kimchi and just about everything in between if you like things salty and sour or sweet and sour , you ll find it here While many of the recipes weren t to my taste I just don t see myself snacking on limed cantaloupe pickles or pickled turnips anytime soon , the variety is mind boggling as are the techniques, ranging from fresh to freezer to fermentation.

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    Pickling things sounds difficult and complicated and like you need to buy a whole bunch of accessories, none of which appeals to me Plus, if you do it wrong, you can get botulism Yummy I think I ll just eat what I grow from the garden while it s fresh for the present, and worry about learning to pickle and can when I feel like I can take on a complicated, expensive, and potentially deadly hobby.

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    When I m not too busy pickling my liver I love to put up pickles mostly during the Summer This is the best pickling book I ve found My favorites are her pickled beets which I add Walla Walla sweets to , bread and butter pickles, of course dill pickles and the pickled turnips mostly because they re a beautiful pink color I never seem to have enough time to pickle anything else bust most of her recipes sound delicious and often very intriguing.