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Rowan had been Isandro Salazar's bride of convenience But knowing that the Spanish billionaire would never love her as she loved him her choice was to make her unborn child her priority and then once he was born make her dark journey by herselfBut in Isandro's eyes Rowan's decision rendered her a gold digger who had committed the worst possible crime However he couldn't stop her seeing her baby son—or deny that the passion between them was as raw and intense as ever

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    Rowan is in London wanting to see her two year old son Zac Estranged husband Isandro is against this but as Zac's mother she has her rights Rowan walked away from Zac and Isandro right after the birth of Zac and Isandro hasn't seen Rowan since Unknown to Isandro Rowan had her reasonsThey come to an agreement Isandro tells Rowan she can stay with Zac and himself in his Seville home and get to know Zac for a certain amount of time with supervision Rowan accepts his terms But they are finding themselves attracted to each other they originally had a marriage of convenience And they are both trying to do what is best for ZacI thoroughly enjoyed this book Isandro was uite cruel at the beginning but then he didn't know the reason Rowan left and he was just trying to protect his son Even though there were clues that all wasn't well with Rowan and she obviously went through something bad Rowan was a sweet strong and selfless heroine I felt so bad for what she had to go through alone I was happy when they all got their happy ever after Little Zac was adorableThis was a very lovely and touching romance by Abby Green I highly recommend it

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    The Spaniard's Marriage Bargain is one of my favorites and loved it just as much as the first time I read itIt’s such an emotional story Filled with sadness angst love and anguish and being given a second chance in your life And finding happiness tooThis is Isandro Rowan’s love story and how two people find each other again despite the obstacles and pain they both went throughI found Isandro’s attitude to Rowan incredibly cruel in the beginning and it put me off him even though he was an incredible father to their adorable son Zac But you realize that he did not understand the reason for her abandoning their child at birth and leaving him without an explanation I loved this This was the first day of the rest of her life A new page a new chapterA new beginning And perhapsa tiny alien bird of hope fluttered in her chest perhaps another chance at happiness? Even though in truth she’d had precious little happiness in her life so far Adored the Paris setting so muchlove romance and so beautiful The love and passion that Isandro Rowan had never died and I loved seeing them finding happiness together with each other and their son A beautiful story

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    there is a line I do not cross when reading a romance and that line was crossed hereThe hero said something unforgivable to the heroine in anger that was my turning point for this novelHe said he wished she died I understand what heroine didby choosing to leave him and their baby to die alone from cancer and maybe that was not her best choice i also acknowledged that in the state of sickness you are not totally rational and you are likely to make mistakes but at the end of the day you should not wish anyone to die especially the one you lovewhen she heard the words she went to the bathroomkneeled on the floorin a boll and started uttering those horrible moans of pain and grief and after that I lost the respect for the herothis incident was never brought up again and to my disappointment there was no apology from himthat to me is gross I can understand his anger but there was far too much hatred coming from him and lasted to the very end of the bookSO HOW COME the author has put me through reading agony with those painful scenes and not provide me with appropriate eually descriptive relief? What a cheat of an author HOW CAN I REACT TO A HUSBAND THAT IS SO FULL OF HATRED AND VENGEANCE JUST BECAUSE THE HEROINE SUFFERED FROM CANCER AND LEFT HIM AND THEIR BABY TO DIE ON HER OWN TO SPEAR THEM THE PAIN??????? is it justifiable to say to her that he wish she was dead????and I cannot accept that because you are angry your actions are justifiable as you didn't really mean it but words can struck you than physical pain and him saying that to her was cruel and unthinkablethere are boundaries we should never cross otherwise the moral code would be non existent and I cannot imagine what that would do to our humanity

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    Re read We had a violent storm in the night that woke me up so I re read this to pass the time I was struck by how self pitying the heroine was and I didn't mind it because she really did have something to feel bad about AG does this with all her heroines but this is the only heroine of hers I can tolerate Just had a re read While knowing the ending lessened the emotional impact I was able to appreciate what a masterful job Abby Green did weaving in the backstory while also keeping the tension alive in every scene The backstory and what was going on in real time were both angsty and full of pain One didn't fight the other I also appreciate how angry the hero was in this story and how he kept fueling the flames of his anger every time the h got under his skin He pulled no punches and it wasn't until the very last chapter that he finally finally got the truth drilled into his thick head I really like when the author takes you all the way to the end with heightened emotions AAAAAngst It was delicious Heroine returns after mysteriously leaving her newborn child and husband just days after giving birth Her longing for her child leaps off the page as does the hero's contempt for his MIA wife When AG eventually reveals the heroine's true reason for leaving the angst meter goes off the charts until the hero finally comes to his senses If you like drama and heartbreak that eases with a happy ending you'll like this one

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    I felt this was one of Abby Green's better books Though I must say I did NOT like the Hero Even at the end when I am typically willing to forgive all heros for their sins I couldn't forgive this one He was too darn self centered ruthless and abusive Also the heroine was a little too much of a martyr for my tastes However the story is incredible intense well written and kept me turning the pages halfway into the night The sex scenes are some of the most explosive and passionate scenes ever written and you can cut the tension between Hh with a knife I truly felt her pain suffering loss and LOVE for her son The premise is that the heroine comes back into the life of her family after disappearing for two years to fight cancer She comes back knowing that her husband will never forgive her and will make her pay in blood for abandoning their son However she needs to see her son and be part of his life again whatever the price The author keeps you in suspense as to why she won't tell her husband what happened why she leaves him in the first place rather than battle the disease together Everything is deliciously wrapped up at the end with no loose stringsAnd though I could not find one darn thing redeeming about the Hero I could not take away from the passion of the story It was well worth my time

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    AG really hit this 1 outta the ballpark I’m such a bleeding heart when it comes to HPs I know that every book should be judged by its own merit but it’s hard not to compare when I just read a book by a different author w a similar premise months ago In my humble opinion TSMB has a much superior execution in terms of plotting pacing characterizations in making a fanatic reader experience the HH’s undeniable red hawt passion the intense highs lows of emotions heroine’s love for her son the repercussions of her past actions she has a much serious illness than the previous book All the delish factors made it such an excellent memorable read Luved the angst the big misunderstanding thanx to a bitchy sis in law from hell that caused the unbridgeable rift the silent tense dinners the miscommunication the revelation of the heroine’s big mystery illness how HH interact w Zac It’ll make U believe in romance 2nd chances HEA all over again seeing the trials tribulations how HH react to situations make their choices in grappling w things beyond their control It’ll really make U appreciate having a good health count your blessings while U still can believe there’s a light the end of a long dark tunnel when it seems like your life is falling apartIsandro lashes out ‘cuz he’s still smarting from Rowan’s abandonment like a knee jerk reaction he says hurtful things to Rowan in the heat of the moment He lacerates burns her as he keeps reminding her that she had inexplicably walked out on him their newborn son right after birth w only a Dear John letter He’s still unable to rise above his bitterness suspicions He feels vulnerable doesn’t like being made to feel this way He doesn’t have a clue that some of his pointy zingers really hit too close to home ‘cuz he has no idea the nitemare heroine went thru’ when she was MIA He notices from the get go that his long lost wife is thinner senses her frailty but he switches onto his over protective mode towards Zac whenever she’s in the vicinity hurling dire threats if she so much as stirs a hair in his head He has the upper hand Rowan knows that beggars can’t be choosers she knows she has her rights prerogatives as the biological mother but she faces an uphill battle He scrutinizes her every movement reaction during Rowan’s bonding time w Zac before he admits that she’s the genuine article Rowan really goes above beyond in her herculean effort to protect rebuild the link to Zac He second triple guesses her real motives but he grudgingly admires the way she carries herself around him their son especially how calm cool collected Rowan is during their baby’s health scare again how resourceful she is as her mother instinct kicks in when another unexpected event occurs to Rowan Zac U gotta luv fiercely protective mommie daddy like Rowan Isandro He rubs it in Rowan’s face that mayhap this time around she can be a better mistress than a wife His pride took a big dent when she left him 2 years ago It’s no wonder that this temporary arrangement of allowing Rowan to be a mother again just nosedives into a pure living hell He still finds her as hawt desirable as before the dynamite attraction between ‘em is still mutualBoth HH were unsure of the other’s feelings but knew going in that their holy matrimoney was merely a marriage of mutual benefits Rowan has been groomed by her dad to be the future ideal trophy wife She’s aware that Isandro is a gazillionaire she’s the 1 way ticket to the upper echelons of the much coveted financial community What she didn’t bargain for was she’s gonna fall in luv w her hubby that cruel fate would strike a blow to their tenuous marriage She has to convince Isandro that she’s not after his chunky piggy bank She’s here to stay will fight to the bitter end for a chance to be a mother to their son after getting denied for the 1st 2 years There are enuff twists turns in the HH’s journey to HEA that rival the crooked Lombard street Isandro thinks sooner later she’ll drop her pretense in wanting their son back ‘cuz he suspects she already went thru’ her inheritance money He’s proven wrong as he learns the valuable lesson of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ He finally comes to terms w his own feelings flogs himself in remorse that he never thinks outside the boxIf U dislike HP books featuring a toddler another bundle of joy the end this isn’t your cuppa If U like drama conflict tension between HH a hero who’s celibate during estrangement knock yourself out It’s a home run ;^2

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    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK I LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT OH MY GOD IT HAD EXACTLY MY KIND OF HEROINE SWEET SELF SACRIFICING MARTYR WITH A TRUCKLOAD OF INNER STRENGTH IIt was just so beautiful ' The anguish the poor heroine went through the pain and on top of that all the barbs and insults the hero kept throwing at her it made me want to weep I almost cried 'I also loved the hero Seeing his protective sweet side the way he behaved with his son absolutely stole my heart In fact both the characters' emotions towards their son was so deep so amazingly described by Green that you could practically feel their love I don't think I liked Abby Green before this but after this book my opinion has turned 360° actually 360 degrees just brings me around to the same spot it should be a 180° since it's at the opposite end right? Correction my opinion changed 180°This story is a beautiful reunion second chances married couple story No I have never liked them but I changed my mind about 2 weeks ago I stand by my changed mind I love them The story starts as the h comes back 2 years after walking out on her MOC husband and newborn son because view spoiler she had end stage leukemia and wasn't expected to survive and she wanted to spare her son the suffering But she does survive hide spoiler

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    45 stars This was very well written and full of angst which is just what I like when reading a HP Halfway through the second chapter I realised that I had read this a few years ago and remembered the story very well Despite that I still continued to read it again We realise right from the start that the heroine has been through something very horrible but that she didn't tell her husband she just disappeared leaving a note with words to the effect that she didn't want a to be married or have a child and wanted to be free and have a good time All throughout the book the husband 'punishes' his wife for abandoning him and their son within hours of giving birth and re appearing nearly 2 years later uite a few times I felt that he was a bit harsh but then I already knew the outcome so perhaps that clouded my view but it was obvious that he didn't understand why she had come back when she didn't want to be with them before We continue to discover and but don't get the full picture until the end of the book whereby I would challenge anyone who said it wasn't extremely emotional and that they were unaffected by what we discoveredThis is a book that I would definitely read again

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    I need to do a reread of this one soon

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    Wow Isandro is one big meanie Okay he believes that his wife left their baby hours after his birth so she could go party she didn't but once she shows up he makes it clear he is not a turn the cheek kind of guyTypically the heroine does not make any attempt to explain where she was which in the real world is inexplicable but in Harleuinland is par for the courseIf you like cruel alpha heroes then this is the book for you He is somewhat redeemable with a semi grovel when he finds the truth of the situation He could have amped it up a bit but that's just meA couple of side notes the heroine is a redhead not the ubiuitous blonde while our Spanish tycoon happens to be blonde An alpha hunk but a blonde one