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When Desi Bascomb Gets Discovered By The Elite Facade Agency Royalty Surrogates Extraordinaire Her Life Goes From Glamour Starved To Spectacular In A Blink As Her New Agent, Meredith, Explains, Desi Has A Rare Magical Ability When She Applies The Ancient Egyptian Formula Royal Rouge, She Can Transform Temporarily Into The Exact Lookalike Of Any Princess Who Needs Her Subbing Services Dream Come True, Right Well, Desi Soon Discovers That Subbing Involves A Lot Than Wearing A Tiara And Waving At Cameras Like, What Do You Do When A Bullying Older Sister Puts You On A Heinous Crash Diet Or When The Tribal Villagers Gather To Watch You Perform A Ceremonial Dance You Don T Know Or When A Princess S Conflicted Sweetheart Shows Up To Break Things Off And You Know She Would Want You To Change His Mind In This Hilarious Series Debut, One Girl S Dream Of Glamour Transforms Into Something Bigger The Desire To Make A Positive Impact And An Impact Desi Makes, One Royal Fiasco At A Time

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    Hey I m not trying to be biased Let s just say writing this book was a 5 star experience for me and I hope you get some enjoyment out of it as well.

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    At First Sight Desi is 14 and stuck having the worst job ever working for Pets Charming is a never ending string of undignified tasks such as being Gladys the Groundhog, scooping manure at a parade or taking a turn sitting on a dunk tank and the rest of her life is not much better Her Dad is all about work ethic and won t let her quit her job, her Mom is a former beauty queen who now runs a Charm School which Desi flunked and dotes on Desi s baby sister So, when after a particularly bad day, Desi is reading the wanted adds on the paper, hopeful to find a new job, she sees a strange add urging her to call for Meredith if she thinks she has what it takes to be a Princess For Hire Figuring it s worth a shot, Desi calls for Meredith and gets sucked into the world of substitute princesses See, for centuries and centuries, Meredith s agency has devoted itself to use magic to substitute royalty while the real royals run about and have their little escapades And Desi is their newest talent.Standing in for a royal sounds glamorous, right but Desi is about to find out that nothing is ever what it seems.Second Glance I got Princess for Hire close to a year ago I won it from Free Book Friday Teens , first time EVER that I had won anything but my cousin sort of had it in her possession for a long time so I only got to read it now.I quite adored this book, it was cute and sweet and full of magic I really liked Desi and her struggles both as a sub and in life in general her crush is dating her nemesis and she feels invisible often than not and how she goes about coping with what life throws at her There is a core to her feelings that I found quite real, and I actually liked a lot of the characters in the book specially two of the princesses Desi subs for I had some problems with Meredith in the beginning, but Smalls Small Review told me to stick to her and I have to admit that, in the end, Meredith did come through, and I hope they explore of her story in the next books Now, much as I liked this book and I did like it from the start it took me about two weeks to finish it, not because there was anything wrong with it but because at the beginning it was very easy to put down I enjoyed it a lot while I was reading but it was very episodic and easy to put down once each adventure ended, but once I sat down to finish it, I read about two thirds of the novel in just two hours.Bottom Line I do love Desi and her world, I loved Princess for Hire and I can t wait to read the next book The Royal Treatment which comes out on May 3rd This book very much reads like a sweet, Disney movie and it s a nice, sweet treat.Favorite Quote Exhausted, I found some pajamas and crawled into bed, thinking about how in every fairy tale, the heroine s problems melt away when she becomes a princess everyone sees how special she is and loves her None of the stories was about a chubby, lonely princess who played the French horn into a tape recorder in her duck filled bedroom Or about the chubby princess s substitute, for that matter.Maybe that s what made them fairy tales.Real life is never how you dreamed it.

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    Basic InfoFormat HardbackPages Length 240pgsGenre Young AdultAt A GlanceLove Triangle Insta Love Obsession Slight obsession Cliff Hanger Eh.Triggers n aRating 3.5 StarsScore Sheet All out of tenCover 8Plot 8Characters 8World Building 7Flow 8Series Congruity n aWriting 7Ending 7Total 7In DeptBest Part Good plot Worst Part Too rushed.Thoughts Had oh snap What a b Go you ConclusionContinuing the Series yahRecommending yahShort Review This was a cute, quick read I was confused on the last princess thou, we received bios on the first two princesses she subs for but not the third, which confused me because she was living poorly but hung out with a Prince and was considered a princess The trial at the end was too rushed for me The MC was a bit too bossy for my liking and too eager to help I am eager to see which princesses she gets next Misc Book Boyfriend None.Best Friend Material Shimmy Review in GIF Form

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    Sometimes when you read a book, you feel like you re watching every scene as it unfolds You know the feeling when details jump out at you and you can see and hear the characters so very clearly Well, I certainly experienced just that when I read Princess for Hire.I was so moved by Desi, a girl who wants to be accepted as her tee shirt creating, classic movie watching self but is relegated to working an after school job dressed up as a groundhog for a local mall s pet shop It s the kind of job where you re bound to stumble into your crush and his girlfriend who just happens to be your former best friend But it s this very job at Pets Charming that leads to a change in Desi s life Sometimes when you make a wish on some very special fish, well, it can lead to an entirely different life Can t it In this case, it does Desi is transported out of her everyday, humdrum life and through the help of Meredith Pouffinski, Princess Agent Extraordinaire, Desi becomes a Princess Sub You see princesses live exciting lives but sometimes they need a break So who can step in for them Why a Sub, of course.You can imagine that this leads to some very funny and unexpected situations I loved every one of them I also loved the idea that princesses needed a break It reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Roman Holiday You know the one where Audrey Hepburn plays a princess who needs a holiday Well, it ll come as no surprise that it s one of Desi s favorite movies, too.Lindsey has a delightful way of presenting the whimsical magic system, a plot line that pulls you in and a completely relatable main character So if you feel like you always wanted to try your hand at being a princess, be sure to read Princess for Hire, it ll open up that What If moment for you I know it did just that for me And much to my relief there is a sequel in the works which will be released in May 2011 I need to know what happens between Desi and a certain boy.I also want to mention that this is a perfect book for a mom and a tween daughter to share My 7.5 year old has been glancing at the cover and it s just the kind of book that we would read outloud together.

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    Princess for Hire is a fun,whimsical read that many will find Irresistible.I loved Desi she was relatable,funny and, easy to like.during this whole book I never felt like I wanted stop reading because it was too boring or dull it always kept me entertained which is very rare.In this book Desi takes the place substitute for princesses who want to take a break and get away.Desi finds her self in some weird situations but somehow ends up making things better because she does what she believes is right The plot moved quickly in this book which was really good because I hate dislike books that have plots that seem to drag on forever.The end of this book made me so happy but yet so sad at the same time because Desi finally realizes who is the right guy for her but it might be near impossible for them to be together.Overall Princess for Hire is a magical book by debut author Lindsey Levitt That brings out your inner princess.

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    This book was quite simply adorbs I loved Desi and her ironic t shirts, I loved the princesses that she was subbing for Such a clever and fun idea

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    Honestly, I wouldn t have picked up this book were it not for the author I knew Leavitt s writing style would be authentic and entertaining at the least, soulful and original at its best While Princess for Hire may not really be a soulful kind of story, it sure captured everything else on the spectrum I wasn t sure how I felt about Desi at first which is pretty true to life What 15 year old are you sure about at first They re not even sure about themselves But she quickly drew me in and I found myself staying up late, devouring the book to see how all her adventures play out If the rest of the trilogy is as engaging, witty, clever and plain ol FUN as this book, princesses and their subs have just found a new fan Here s a summary from Fifteen year old Desi feels she is wasting her life in Idaho, between her job at the pet store, where she has to wear a groundhog costume, and her bitter ex friend Celeste, whose father was sent to jail by Desi s attorney dad So when Desi is offered an enchanted position as a sub for real princesses, why would she say no With a desire to help these girls whether it s an older sister s crash diet or a rite of passage ceremony Desi gets in some hot water and in the process discovers some important truths about her own life With creativity and a sense of humor, this first novel is a delightful romp The provision of magic makes all things possible, and the sense of place is vividly realized Fans of The Princess Diaries 2000 and Ella Enchanted 1997 will be pulled in by Desi and her refusal to accept the status quo Fortunately for them, Leavitt s first novel is not her last she is working on a sequel Grades 5 8 Melissa Moore

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    My sister left this book downstairs I made fun of her because it s so PINK She got ticked and bet me that if I read the book, I d like it I took her up on it I lost the bet This book was intelligent yes, I know it s a tween book, but there it is and laugh out loud funny, especially the Las Vegas scene So I admit it I m a guy and I liked a pink book So sue me Just let me read the sequel when it comes out.

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    Desi wishes for a better job and poof becomes a Princess for Hire This book is hilarious and fun and has bubble bath tubs full of heart I absolutely love Desi and look forward to reading of her adventures .

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    This book was a quick read, and basically a Disney movie in written form notice the publisher includes Disney on the spine It was a good book to read in between other books for sure The main character is hired to fill in for royalty, so we find her in many odd situations The best part about this job to me was how the author described the bubble she traveled in I d like to try that once.The plot never got too thick the character didn t have to deal with any deep problems or anything like that though, like I said, very Disney all around.I m actually pretty interested to read the next book in the series, because many of the characters had personality traits that could be built on Great book if you enjoy princess or fantasy themes.