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The Rocketeer And The Rocketeer Cliff S New York Adventure Are Collected For The First Time As A Deluxe, Oversized Volume With Completely Re Mastered Art And Coloring, Dave Stevens Masterpiece Soars Off The Page As It Never Has Before And Looks As Stunningly Beautiful As It Always Should HaveThis Collection Contains Than Pages Of Supplemental Material Sketches, Preliminaries, Character Designs, Script Pages, Photographs, And Original Art Pages, As Well As Commentary By Dave Stevens And Several Of His Peers, Who Occasionally Assisted Him On The Rocketeer The Rocketeer The Complete Adventures Deluxe Edition Was Honored With Three Harvey Awards And Won The Eisner Award For Best Archival Collection Project Comic Books

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    Down and out pilot Cliff Secord finds a rocket pack in his plane Will it be his ticket to the big time or a one way trip into a pine box I saw the movie version of The Rocketeer in the theater in the dim past and liked it quite a bit After recently watching it on Disney , I decided it was time to finally read the comics.The Rocketeer The Complete Adventures collects all the Rocketeer material written and drawn by Dave Stevens Sadly, it s only 148 pages, comprising two long tales and various covers and pinups.The tales in the Rocketeer are both pulpy adventure tales featuring secret agents, government stiffs, heavies, Hollywood phonies, and Cliff s knockout girlfriend Betty There s also a guest appearance by a certain mystery man disguised as a man about town.The stories are fun but the real star here is the art, naturally Stevens had a slick style that reminds me somewhat of Alex Toth The art holds up very well despite being almost 40 years old at this point I have to think the Big Two were courting Dave pretty hard at the time Also, the guy could really draw a gorgeous dame Betty was spectacular Why was she with a mug like Secord anyway The movie version of Cliff is likeable than the version presented here Movie Cliff seems like a naive guy with a good heart This Cliff is just a couple steps away from being a back robber I think the story in the movie flows better than either tale in this collection as well That being said, this was still a fun read and I can see why some people revere it as much as they do Also, Jennifer Connelly was a great pick to play Betty.The Rocketeer The Complete Adventures is a gorgeous book It s a damn shame Dave Stevens didn t produce Rocketeer material during his time on Earth Four out of five rocket packs.

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    I shoulda known something was up when the story opened with a dog fart jokeWhat the hell was this even about Yes, the art is gorgeous, but there is literally no real plot Nothing in the entire thing made any sense I kept thinking that somehow everything would tie together at the end, but noooooo After I finished it last night, I kept flipping through the pages to see if I missed something Like maybe pages would magically appear, and the light bulb would go off Ah ha I get it now As if the whole rocket pack story line wasn t silly enough, about halfway through this, a circus serial killer is introduced What the f% He s going to kill everyone from the old circus troupe, because Teena the midget no, I m not making her name up tried to do a stunt and died Really And then there s the Shadow knock off who is randomly placed in the middle of everything Wha. What did any of that stuff have to do with the rocket Not that Cliff ever really did anything memorable with his stolen gear Well, nothing that he wasn t basically forced into doing He just sort of flew I m being generous here around crashing into stuff Why the hell did he keep strapping this thing to his back Why not just give it back to the government Basically it s the story of a retarded hick who finds a jet pack and won t let it go For no reason.This is one of the Stupidest Stories Ever EVER I can t believe they managed to make a movie out of this I almost want to go rent it, just to see if it s as idiotic as the book.Gah bangs head on desk It s pissing me off just writing this 1 star for the beautiful artNO f ing stars for the dumb ass plot

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    The Rocketeer is an infuriating graphic novel, because it makes you realize two things 1 Dave Stevens is dead, and 2 he didn t produce very many comics when he was alive As a period piece pulp action adventure, the Rocketeer is astounding, and the artwork is breathtaking This was truly one of the great hidden gems of the 80 s independent comic scene a little too well hidden, in my opinion I was a comic book fiend when the movie came out in 1991, and I didn t learn until years later that it was actually based on a comic.I see that a lot of reviewers on Goodreads complain about the lack of story The problem is that collecting all the various Rocketeer strips into a single bound volume puts them in the wrong context that of a unified graphic novel These started out as 12 page backup comics that appeared in a variety of anthologies from an assortment of publishers, with an incredibly uneven and inconsistent publication schedule In those conditions, Stevens had no way to know if the next chapter following any given issue would even see print, and had to assume that any given chapter was the first that an individual reader had come across As such, he had to keep the narrative as simple as possible and throw everything he could into the art and the sense of adventure, which he did.The Rocketeer ends abruptly, and it s obvious that Stevens had stories to tell Thank God and Dark Horse that the final chapter collected here finally did see print in 1995 six years after the cliffhanger that led into it or the Rocketeer may have truly been relegated to the dusty 25c bins of history.

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    I grew up on Disney, and I think I remember seeing The Rocketeer on video as a kid, though I don t remember much about it Still, as a lifelong fan of pretty much any media associated with the House of Mouse, I saw this at a library near me and decided to pick it up.Boy, was I disappointed.The artwork is gorgeous, but, that s what I ve come to expect from comics, as many as I ve read While the content was clean in some areas as strong as the language gets is heck the lone female character is seen in various states of undress, including naked albeit with critical areas obscured There was also some blood, and one rather freaky scene involves a theme park ride that is supposed to emulate perdition None of that seems very Disney esque at least, not in the style of the productions with which I grew up.Not only that, but, too many pages of these complete adventures are mere filler alternate covers, postcard artwork, etc Such material wouldn t be as problematic if this omnibus had actual content, and wasn t such a thin book.As much as I love the House of Mouse especially their live action movies and shows now, I m debating whether or not I should see the film version of this Maybe the reason I don t remember it that well was because we turned it off or something.

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    I don t know that I d call my self a graphic novel aficionado, but I ve certainly read a lot of them That said, this one doesn t number among my favourites It seems most people are enthralled with Stevens art, and while it certainly is luscious this word comes up many times, including on the back of the book itself , I found the representation of Betty offensive Perhaps I m too much of a feminist or something, but it seemed to me objectification of the female form Apart from the nudity, there was also a bit on one of the covers showing her butt with the caption, The best side of Betty It made me angry, and also made me feel like people must enjoy this kind of thing in comics because they live in their basements and have trouble talking to women in real life Which I m sure isn t true But I prefer to read adventures where women are respected, even if they choose to be scantily clad I didn t find Secord much of an improvement on Marco or whatever his name is They were both just using her Shallow characters and a shallow plot couldn t provide me with any depth of enjoyment.

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    Dave Steven s The Rocketeer is held in very high regard amongst comic book or graphic novel if you prefer aficionados, so this might seem like heresy to some, but the storytelling is paper thin The art is stunning no doubt about it but there isn t that much that is memorable about the actual plot, and no matter how graphically beautiful it may be, it sorely lacks a good story Sad but true.

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    I had seen the Disney movie many times and really enjoyed it, so when I spotted the collected graphics, I snatched it right up Cliff Secord is a barnstormer who can t catch a break, except he has an absolutely beautiful girlfriend, Betty, and a terrific mechanic, Peevy When guys running from the law ditch a weird pack in Cliff s Gee Bee plane, Cliff discovers he s hit a gold mine as well as nothing but trouble The pack is a jetpack, and Peevy s clever enough to design a helmet that allows the person wearing the pack to steer in the sky Cliff s first attempt to use the pack winds up with him saving a drunken pilot who picked up the Gee Bee and was about to crash it That attracts the attention of the Russians who stole the pack in the first place, as well as the Feds, who are also trying to find the pack In the mean time, Cliff s and Betty s relationship is on the rocks, and Betty is considering leaving Hollywood to go to Paris This is a fun book The art style is beautiful, and in particular, Betty practically glows The storyline harkens back to cliffhanger movies, with a science fiction fantasy leaning, and even a crossover with The Shadow in the second half of the book Sadly, Dave Stevens, the writer artist, passed away in 2008, so there won t be of the Rocketeer This collection shows how amazing his style was, and he will be missed.

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    A brilliant homage to the old movie serials of the 1930s 40s the old pulp comics radio serials the Shadow appears, unnamed, as a major character in the second half of the same era the late, great pin up Bettie Page after whom the character Betty is modeled and the work of pre madness Howard Hughes It s a period piece which proves faithful to its period, so if you can t stand works that don t reflect your modern views and attitudes then I would recommend steering clear Otherwise, this is one of the highlights of 20th century comicry, a loving but not uncritical tribute to what came before.

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    The Rocketeer first came to my attention when Disney made the movie in 1991 I wanted to see it, but didn t In fact, to this day I still haven t seen that movie I get a crack at it on the big screen 27 July when Baxter Avenue Theatres will play it at midnight and I m hopeful to make it to that I discovered that the Oldham County Public Library main branch has this hardcover collected edition of the original comics and decided it was high time I checked it out literally.I didn t realize until I got hold of this collected edition that there were so few actual Rocketeer comics a mere eight issues that comprise two different story arcs The old school pulp influence is easy to see, from the very concept to the characterization and visual aesthetics Betty clearly embodies Bettie Page, for instance, and Jonas is almost certainly The Shadow Fans of that era particularly its entertainment will find plenty of homages and Easter eggs to appreciate Dave Stevens s artwork is clean, easy to follow and imbues the narrative with a specific lighthearted energy that makes it a pageturner I finished the entire volume in just under an hour.One thing that I liked is that even though the story is clearly a celebration of the stereotypical juvenile male fantasy, Cliff Secord is not a particularly effective hero He s clumsy He s selfish and a bit cowardly, and he isn t much good at all in a fight In fact, other than his daredevil piloting and the stolen jetpack, there s not a lot to him He s an everyman kid, kinda like Peter Parker.Cliff s competition with Marco the Hollywood photographer for the affection of Betty is the dominant arc of the two stories It s accessible because petty jealousy and insecurity are both unfortunately so universal Just when I m ready to roll my eyes that Betty is nothing than a trophy for Cliff to win, she speaks up for herself on page 32 Grow up, Cliff It s not money I ve told you You can t own me Cliff is certainly still an intellectual and emotional adolescent, as witnessed by him directing Colonel Mayberg to Betty s apartment That wasn t done to get Mayberg off Cliff s back nearly as much as it was a prank pulled out of spite against Betty Seriously, who would do that Reading The Rocketeer The Complete Adventures leaves the impression that Dave Stevens didn t have a big picture story idea in mind and sort of made it up as he went It s also highly likely that the difficulty finding a publisher for each issue not only hindered the publication but the writing of the stories It s hard, I think, these days to properly understand how difficult it must have been for Stevens to get The Rocketeer onto comic book shop shelves in the 1980s We re used to Dark Horse Comics, Image, IDW and other independent publishers making a strong showing, and now crowdfunding through sites like Kickstarter make it possible for creators to get their content out to readers a whole lot easily than could be done 30 years ago It s important to cut Stevens some slack in that respect.Betty suffers most from the inconsistency of publication There s a sense that Stevens had in mind a maturation for both Betty and Cliff as individual characters and as a couple but we re left with only their squabbling over his insecurities provoked by her refusal to commit to him monogamously, to further her modeling career Cliff is the kind of guy that Nicholas Sparks fans would adore, and would incite the ire of self determining feminists I m in the middle Part of me understands Cliff s thinking that if he could just provide for Betty what those other guys could provide by throwing money at her, he would distinguish himself Women want security That s not unfair Not being able to offer that puts a cap on how far a relationship will go and Cliff was at that cap I get that.The breakthrough on page 97 is cynical and embittered, but under that it s also healthy for Cliff to see Betty as than just a prize to be won They have different wants and needs, and it s okay that they do It s a shame that Stevens didn t get the chance to write any further stories because I would really like to have seen both characters address those wants and needs, and to grow Leaving them where we do, we have just enough reason to be hopeful but we re also left having to speculate for ourselves what became of them.One last note It s amusing to me that the language consists of such terms as danged and blamed , evoking the aw, shucks era of tamed dialog while also presenting Betty s backside on page 47, or with her breasts all but completely bared to us on page 57 It s all in the spirit of the pinup, of course, but it doesn t quite jibe with the wholesome aesthetic of the movie serials that set the tone for the rest of the comic.I m hopeful that I ll get to go see the 1991 movie version at Baxter next month, and I m also hopeful that the screenwriter s addressed these characterization issues There are kernels of really likable characters here, but going no farther than they do it s difficult for me to say just how much I actually like and care for Cliff and or Betty.

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    I ll be talking about this one on the podcast this week