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Also See Alternate Cover Editions For This ISBN ACEACE ACE ACE Bounty Hunter Stephanie Plum Debuted In Janet Evanovich S Award Winning One For The Money Now She S Back, Packing A Whole Lot Of Attitude Not To Mention Stun Guns, Defense Sprays, Killer Flashlights And A Smith Wesson On The Trail Of Kenny Mancuso, A Boy From The Working Class Burg Of Trenton, Who S Just Shot His Best Friend Mancuso S Fresh Out Of The Army And Suspiciously Wealthy He S Also Distantly Related To Joe Morelli, A Vice Cop With Ethics That Lean Toward The Gray Zone, A Libido In Permanent Overdrive, And A Habit Of Horning In On Stephanie S Investigations Aided By Her Tough Bounty Hunter Pal, Ranger, And Her Funeral Happy Grandma Mazur, Stephanie S Soon Staggering Knee Deep In Corpses And Caskets, Trying To Shake Morelli And Stirring Up A Very Nasty Enemy Stephanie Plum Is A Jersey Girl With Bette Midler S Mouth And Cher S Fashion SenseWho Could Resist This Doll The New York Times Book Review

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    I love this book One for the Money, as great as this series is, really didn t show you the potential of laughter to come.Two for the Dough changes everything The relationship between Stephanie and Morelli will leave you smiling All of the wonderful little things in a relationship that bugs you, you ll find in theirs The awkward moments to the pitter patter wonder moments.Grandma Mazur really steps on stage with her need to pay her respects to the dead Skipping her feet to help her granddaughter pursue the deadly criminals threatening her life, she finds herself injured and pissed Playing Dirty Harry and being as sharp as a pistol, Mazur will bring a smile to your face.Stephanie, still new at being a Bounty Hunter, second guesses her abilities Lula will appear in this book and let the games begin This book is just the start of a wonderfully HILARIOUS team I definitely recommend this book to anyone needing a smile Mild violence No sexual content.Thumbs up to Janet Evanovich

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    These books are quick and pretty fun Sure there is the Scooby doo type mystery afoot in them but I find I m drawn to the personal interactions of the characters and the kooky stuff that happens along the way such as How much trouble a grandma cause at not just one but multiple viewings Granny Mazur rocks Chase scene through the mall in purple heels A big Buick that seems to have a mind of it s own and can t be stopped until it has crashed into at least one other car Her insurance is going to be outrageous after this. Various body parts showing up unexpectedly one of them was definitely not Jewish An almost hot and heavy scene that turned pretty funny Stephanie is a fledgling bounty hunter still learning the ropes But she seems to stumble into all the right or wrong places as the case may be This leads to hilarity and a little chaos but never really a dull moment This is a bit dated since there are still answering machines, beepers, phone books and car phones but don t let that discourage you it will remind you of a time where it was harder to get a hold of people and you couldn t ask google everything.The mystery was okay and I did like how it ended but for me it is all about the characters, the semi sexual tension happening and Stephanie doing silly things that sometimes go well but often than not go horrible and hilariously wrong instead.

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    Review 3 stars to book 2 in the Stephanie Plum mystery series, Two for the Dough, by Janet Evanovich Since I m going back to complete reviews on all the books I ve read, and there are over 20 in this series, it would be too boring to do a normal review so I ll keep it short A few fun things about this one 1 We re still getting to know how crazy Stephanie Plum is compared to everyone else She s neurotic in a fun way sort of like I am.2 This one is all about her libido with Joe Morelli What s important getting lucky or catching the criminal She can t decide but Evanovich presents many funny romantic situations in this edition.3 Stephanie s cousin is hilarious He s a creep And I would not want to meet him in reality But he provides necessary humor.4 Not knowing how to properly catch a criminal can really get her in hot water The situations she finds herself in are just laugh out loud I don t know how the writer keeps on coming up with them.5 We re learning a bit about the dangers of Ranger And I like it He s someone you just never know what to expect it could be good or it could be the good kind of bad About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators polldaddy poll 9729544 polldaddy poll 9719251

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    Not quite as good as the first one, but definitely fun Sweetie, you are the worst bounty hunter in the history of the world This is true Stephanie has settled into her life as a bounty hunter, but that doesn t mean she is necessarily good at it She blunders her way through things, annoying the hell out of enough people to make sure she is targeted not exactly on purpose It just happens , and eventually things work out for her Eventually In this book, she is looking for a cousin of Morelli This guy was supposed to be an easy pick up, but things go downhill very quickly for Stephanie You re not doing too good here, babe, Morelli said You ve had your car stolen, your apartment vandalized, and someone tried to snuff your hamster Maybe you should drop back and punt No Not Rex Poor little Rex never hurt anyone Shhhh, Rex I m trying to make you look good here And, unfortunately for Morelli, when things go downhill for Stephanie, his car seems to take the brunt of the bad juju After getting his last car blown up, she does a methodical approach to ruining his present car in this book Let s just say that her insurance must be sky high But, it s funny Really funny.Along with our mystery, and some slow burn romance budding, we get treated to a lot of Grandma Mazur in this book She is crazy in the best possible way She has a way of causing mayhem at funeral parlors to such a degree that she has been dubbed Granny Disaster But, she just loves going to viewings, even if it s just to take a peek inside a closed casket.The characters in this series are so great I have never been anywhere near New Jersey, and my family is nothing like this, but it feels so real that I kind of wish I had Everyone knows everyone and most of them are related in that big Italian family way Stephanie s mother is constantly comparing her to other daughters and trying to set her up, along with worrying about what the neighbors will think Hmmm, never mind I m okay with being from a small family that minded their own business But, it s hella funny to read about other people s dysfunctional relationships I need to keep reading this series because I am dying for Stephanie and Morelli to get together He is circling her, but taking it very slowly Come on already

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    Find all of my reviews at I had to take the oldest boychild on a three hour trek to play some ball in Middle of Nowhere, America Guess what else happened to be right around three hours For anyone out there chomping at the bit to say I m already well aware This is my second go round with Stephanie Plum, only this time I m doing it via audio It is true that Janet E eventually began to follow a formula for later books in this series, but at 2 she hadn t jumped the shark just yet Two for the Dough has Stephanie tackling a case of missing economy caskets for Stiva s funeral home as well as some cop killer bullets An absentee Lula might lead superfans to scream But remember, this one is from way back in the day when Evanovich probably thought there would be an eventual end to the series and was trying to write these things in real time so Lula would still be recovering from book 1 Also note if Evanovich hadn t changed this approach we d be reading about a 50 year old Stephanie still debating about having a baby with Ranger or Morelli or chatting it up with a decomposed Rex the 30 year old hamster While this was missing Lula, it had plenty of Grandma Mazur to make up for things I m handing out 4 Stars Two for the Dough didn t disappoint the second time, it s fun to remember when these actually attempted at a plot and Lori Petty s narration was again perfection.

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    4 A buddy read with the BBB buddies in December 2015Stephani is a bounty hunter in training In her own words Ranger and I had a sort of loose partnership Ranger was a genuine, cool ass, numero uno bounty hunter I asked him to help me because I was still learning the trade and needed all the help I could get His participation was in the ballpark of a pity fuck Stephani is blessed with marvelous relatives and they all reside in a hopping neighborhood Grandma Mazur reads the obituary columns like they re part of the paper s entertainment section Other communities have country clubs and fraternal orders The burg has funeral parlors If people stopped dying the social life of the burg would come to a grinding halt and The traffic light turned green, and we all took off with our foot to the floor I cut over two lanes to line up for the turnoff, beating out a Beemer The driver flipped me the bird and blew his horn I responded with some derisive Italian hand gestures and commented on his mother Being born in Trenton carries a certain responsibility in these situations. Stephanie s men are Ranger As far as I knew, Ranger wore only two colors army green and bad ass black As always, he wore a jacket This time the jacket was black leather One could only guess what was hidden under the jacket Probably enough firepower to wipe out a small European country and Morelli , with whom she has some history You re lacking some critical attributes of a good bounty hunter, Morelli said Like what Patience Look at you You re all tied up in knots He applied pressure at the base of my neck with his thumb and inched his way up to my hairline My eyes drooped closed, and my breathing slowed Feel good Morelli asked Mmmmm He worked my shoulders with both hands You need to relax If I relax any I ll melt and slide off the seat His hands stilled I like the melting part I turned my face toward him, and our eyes held No, I said Why not Because I ve already seen the movie, and I hate the ending Maybe it ll have a different ending this time Maybe it won t His thumb traced over the pulse in my neck, and when he spoke his voice was low and cat s tongue rough How about the middle of the movie Did you like the middle The middle of the movie had smoked I ve seen better middles Morelli s face creased into a wide grin Liar My, my, my Ooo, and there are bad guys, funerals and funeral homes, guns, perverted cousins and explosions as well And Morelli And Ranger Janet Evanovich is a master of the light and engaging mystery full of laughter, emotion, and characters which pop off the page and drive the story straight into our hearts Nothing too complicated for a plot, nothing too tragic, and the tough moments are perfectly balanced with moments of tenderness and humor When I read her books I can almost picture the people in them, since I have their counterparts among my family and friends Once again, if a serious and deep suspense is your thing, this is not for you However, if you like to read for the pleasure of relaxing with a book that brings a smile on your face and does not leave stains of darkness in your soul, this is what you need in your life a Stephani Plum Book

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    I love Stephanie Plum This is probably my favorite in the series Grandma rocks How often do we get the chance to quote Dirty Harry Reread again March 2018Since I started reading and rereading and rereading these books years ago I have seen lots of books comparing themselves to Stephanie a cross between Stephanie Plum and ________ But, there is only one Stephanie Plum and the combination of her wit with the unique side characters cannot truly be duplicated, just enjoyed P S Joe thinks Ghost Busters is a sissy movie Losing points, Joe, losing points.

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    Well I didn t really like the first book, but I decided to give this series one chance I really wanted to like it The series is so popular and loved by almost all cozy readers, so maybe it s just me.I don t know I like the characters They are fun I love the idea of the series as well, but for some reason I can t get into the stories The first book was slightly better than this one in my opinion.I probably won t continue this series, but there really isn t anything bad I can say about the books I m just not able to get into them.

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    It s a world I am unfamiliar with the world of Chic Lit or, if you are over 18, I refer to as Clit Lit Even though Janet Evanovich s books take up at least three shelves at the local Barnes Noble, I have never noticed Probably because they are in the Mystery section which I pass through on my way to the Science Fiction wall I don t look to either side for fear of turning into a pillar of salt But there is always a but I am in a strange land under strange circumstances these days and Stephanie Plum has entered my life It s a good thing At the moment I am taking care of my mom who is battling Parkinson s, dementia and a bunch of other good stuff When I first came into her house after an absence of something like 20 years I saw piles of books all over the place I knew everything would be alright Until I checked out the titles They were all and I mean all mysteries I never read murder mysteries unless written by Carl Hiaasen.The inevitable day came when I found myself without a new book to read With so many Evanovich books laying around I though what the hell how bad can they be Well campers, as millions of readers will attest they are clever, fun and addictive You don t read the Stephanie Plum series for the plot necessarily, although some are clever It s the daffy characters and I Love Lucy situations.I am going to read them all he says and will add them to my bookshelf here only for my Boy Scout merit badge No reviews After you have read the first one, you know what you are going to get with the rest So far, I am enjoying the hell out of them I gotta say Janet you can pen some hot eroticism when you want The Stephanie Plum series is an industry unto itself, but don t let this put you off from giving them a go Oh yah, and start at the beginning It s important.

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    Light and amusing read 2,5 starsIn this volume Stephanie and Morelli are chasing weapon thiefs, while Grandma Mazur wreaks havoc in funeral homes.I very much enjoyed the Grandma bits of the story The bounty hunter parts tend to get a bit repetitive with time, though.This was my third novel from the Stephanie Plum series and I think I will take a break now.