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Spotted this afternoon in the philosophy section of a Berlin bookshop I didn t dare ask if it was an imaginative interpretation of the content or just a mistake. I enjoyed being back with these lovely characters and seeing their lives and careers progress Mma Ramotswe continues with her work although she is of a life coach and counsellor with philosophical advice to her clients than a detective The mysteries are easily wrapped up but the stories we hear on the way are interesting snapshots of people s life.I never tire of hearing about the traditional Botswanan way and loved the expression stand on your toe as an equivalent to fingers crossed The beauty contest is an interesting addition to the story, you can tell this comes at a time when judging women in this way has started to become unacceptable and out dated but in an attempt to smooth over these problems the judges are trying to bring personality and worthiness into the judging I think this storyline will be continued in the next book Mma Makutsi comes into her own in this story as she is made temporary manager of Twokleng Road Speedy motors and rises to the occasion by taking charge of the young, lazy, womanizing apprentice mechanics and securing a sizeable fee for the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency whilst Mma Ramotswe takes a high up government official down a peg or two go girls Everyone knows all about Mma Ramotswe and her No 1 Ladies Detective Agency It s delightful, set in Botswana, and filled with the local flavours In this book, Mma Ramotswe gets an important client from the government, JLB Matekoni is suffering from depression, Mma Makutsi gets her first solo triumph by solving a case for a huge fee The bankrupt company is flush again My two facourite quotes This sad truth was hilariously put Women, as usual, were expected to behave better than men, and inevitably attracted criticism for doing things that men were licensed to do with impunity It was not fair it had never been fair, and it would probably never be fair in the future Men would wriggle out of it somehow, even if you tied them up in a constitution Men judges would find that the constitution really said something rather different from what was written on the page and interpret it in a favour of men All people, both men and women, are entitled to equal treatment in the workplace became Women can get some jobs, but they cannot do certain jobs for their own protection as men will do these jobs better anyway. Another brilliant piece of observation She was a traditionally built lady, after all, and she did not have to worry about dress size, unlike those poor, neurotic people who were always looking in mirrors and thinking that they were too big What was too big, anyway Who was to tell another person what size they should be It was a form of dictatorship, by the thin, and she was not having any of it If these thin people became any insistent, then the generously sized people would just have to sit on them Yes, that would teach them Hah These books have to be read to be experienced Reviews are not sufficient to do justice to their delightfulness. Third read Is it possible that every time I read this series, I like it even Between the audiobook performance and the wisdom and wit in his writing, this series gets better every time I read it Long live AMS and his wonderful Botswana Second read I m really enjoying revisiting this series It s a good thing my memory is pretty bad, because it s almost like picking them up for the first time, except you know for sure you will love it Bravo to Alexander McCall Smith for these wonderful stories with endearing characters I just love I wish I could live in a Mma Ramotswe world right now, and when I m inside one of these books, I can Thank you, AMS Love this series It s tremendous Good story, great characters, something to smile about on almost every page, and so much wisdom here Just really good stuff. 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A delightfully gentle series of books by Alexander McCall Smith set in and around Botswana s capital city of Gaborone and stories of the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency.McCall Smith has created a lovely world of mainly very amateurish sleuthing which whilst ostensibly the theme which is central to these books, is ultimately almost incidental The main draw here is the cast of well drawn, well written, very memorable and on the whole very endearing if occasionally frustrating characters Precious Ramostwe, Grace Makutsi, J.L.B Matekoni et al and the interplay of their lives the detective work and cases here become increasingly an incidental backdrop.The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency stories and characters certainly have an air of authenticity and believability although obviously contrived and significantly exaggerated for comic effect and interestingly McCall Smith did spend some time living and working in Botswana.The first few books in the series are undoubtedly the strongest, funniest, most entertaining and compelling Whilst later installments are all good they do feel like somewhat of retread of ideas that McCall has spun out perhaps beyond their natural course.Whilst serious themes are alluded to feminism, AIDS and domestic violence there is little here that is particularly thought provoking or challenging but then that s not the point here For anyone wanting a series of light, likeable, entertaining, funny, absorbing, well written and compelling amateur detective books with a difference, then the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency books are a must.Good stories, simple truths people doing the right thing Ultimately these stories are all about kindness, forgiveness, restitution and resolution Which in itself is surely a good enough reason to read at least some of this lovely series of books Botswana PI Precious Ramotswe Investigates The Alleged Poisoning Of The Brother Of An Important Government Official, And The Moral Character Of Four Beauty Contestants When Her Business Has Money Trouble, And Problems Arise At At Her Reliable Fiance Mr JLB Matekoni S Speedy Motors, She Finds He Is Complicated Then He Seems Mma Makutsi rises to her own in this volume Morality for Beautiful Girls No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Book 3 As Mma Ramtoswe feels the pinch economically and emotionally, what with money being tight in the agency and the illness of her fiance, Mr J L B Matekoni, she comes to rely on the unexpected talents and strength of her secretary Mma Makutsi, with her too dark complexion and too big glasses, a less than beautiful facial features, shows true beauty in her no nonsense approach to taking on the business managerial load of Tolkweng Road Speedy Motors and its lazy, girl crazy apprentices , as well as landing a big paying client for the detective agency Mma Ramotswe doesn t exactly take the back seat, but as she wrestles with the case of depression of her normally steady and reliable Motekoni, she is able to see her secretary s best qualities In fact, I found the very modern issue of medical depression quite fascinating, along with Mma Ramotswe s recognition of the need to read about it, and get help from the other strong woman in the series, specifically Mma Potokwane, the director of the children s orphanage who relies on Rra Matekoni for help As for the agency s cases, Precious Ramotswe takes on the case of an obnoxious Governmental Official who wants his own family investigated Her wisdom in using the cultural courtesies of Botswana to interview the would be culprits and find a solution are offshoots of plain common good sense Her strength of character reinforces the issue of morality in the storyMorality is for everybody, and this means that the views of than one person are needed to create it That was what made modern morality, with its emphasis on individuals and the working out of an individual position, so weak If you gave people the chance to work out their morality, then they would work ouyt the version which was easiest for them and which allowed them to do what suited them for as much time as possible That was simple selfishness, whatever grand name one gave to it Most amusing of all is the big money customer that Mma Makutsi obtains who requires a quick investigation into the character of four Miss Beauty and Integrity of Botswana candidates, a rush job with an unusual need and surprising resolutionMen usually let their defences now and then, and the art of being a successful woman, and beating men at their own game, was to wait your moment When that moment arrived, you could manipulate a man with little difficultyMr J L B s recuperative visit to the orphanage and connection with a wild child there further enrich his gentleman s character Although I did wish for a better resolution as to the mystery surrounding the boy who smelled of lion Book Details Title Morality for Beautiful Girls No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Book 3 Author Alexander McCall SmithReviewed By Purplycookie And there goes another one Reading a No.1 Ladies Detective Agency s book is always so much fun.In this one, the story broadens we have Mma Ramotswe s investigations as always but also the newly promoted Assistant Detective, Mma Makutsi, whom also has to keep an eye the apprentices at Tlokweng Speedy Motors because the Agency has moved there to save costs It s nice to see her step out a bit of her usual secretarial activities and have her investigate on her own That way we can switch focus from Mma Ramotswe a little Besides, the apprentices are kind of fun, here s hoping they will have names soon and keep appearing There are two things that are left without answer first, the wild boy that is found in the bush and second, J L B Matekoni suffering from depression I hope they revisit the boy s story, it s seems like they talked too much about it to just ended with a few lines at the end plus, it has potential And there appears to be a glimpse at something bad that J L B Matekoni may have done in his past I m not sure where they are going with this story, so, we ll see He s a lovely character and I kind of missed him in this one.There are a lot of things going on in this book and while checking the pages that I had left to read, I thought either Smith wasn t going to close them all or do it in a rush But no, he manages to finish all the ongoing investigations without hurrying I guess I m too used to books dragging mysteries that I m surprised this doesn t have to be like that.Overall, it s such a delight to read this series, I m already eager to grab the next book. I am not an authority on detective stories I ve read a little Sherlock Holmes, but I ve only seen Agatha Christie through the eyes of the BBC But when I pick up books from this series and always see the New York Times Book Review quote on the front, The Miss Marple of Botswana, I start to think that Mma Ramotswe belongs in the discussion not because she fits the mold, but because she seems to offer a different perspective within the genre.In a sense, I think these are classic detective stories Precious Ramotswe runs an agency, and she generally solves everything that comes her way And like most classic detectives, she is somewhat no nonsense Mma Ramotswe s favorite reference on private detection says, There is very little drama in our calling rather a process of patient observation, deduction, and analysis But these stories are not so mystery driven They are character driven We don t get the classic Poirot confined space interrogations, clues, and revelations There aren t the great twists and turns of plot And Mma Ramotswe doesn t seem to solve any puzzles using extraordinary skills of observation or show of brilliance What she does instead is embody a reasoned approach to solving cases, and embody a traditional African morality Character is not a red herring in these stories Character is the driving force and generally determines guilt A typical insight of Mma Ramotswe is to say, There was the old Botswana morality, which was simply right If a person stuck to this, then he would be doing the right thing and need not worry about it Most morality was about doing the right thing because it had been identified as such by a long process of acceptance and observance I think this is something that makes these stories particularly compelling She s the anti Holmes in that she is fallible and ordinary But she is also thoughtful, reasonable, and unabashedly traditional In fact, she is traditionally built And her intuition is generally right, leading her to ask the right questions of the right people.