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Life Is Never Without Its Problems Will Precious Ramotswe S Delightfully Cunning And Profoundly Moral Methods Save The Day Find Out In This, The Fourth Volume In The No Ladies Detective Agency Series Featuring Botswana S First And Only Lady DetectiveNow That The No Ladies Detective Agency The Only Detective Agency For Ladies And Others In Botswana Is Established, Its Founder, Precious Ramotswe, Can Look Upon Her Life With Pride She S Reached Her Late Thirties The Finest Age To Be , Has A House, Two Children, A Good Fianc Mr J L B Matekoni And Many Satisfied Customers But Life Is Never Without Its Problems It Turns Out That Her Adopted Son Is Responsible For The Dead Hoopoe Bird In The Garden Her Assistant, Mma Makutsi, Wants A Husband And Needs Help With Her Idea To Open The Kalahari Typing School For Men Yet Mma Ramotswe S Sexist Rival Has No Trouble Opening His Satisfaction Guaranteed Detective Agency Across Town Will Precious Ramotswe S Delightfully Cunning And Profoundly Moral Methods Save The Day Follow The Continuing Story Of Botswana S First Lady Detective In The Irresistible The Kalahari Typing School For Men

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    Alexander McCall Smith image from Guilt is the subject here The theme is threaded throughout The primary client of the book is a mister Molefelo, a hotelier and ostrich farmer He had committed a crime as a youth and sought to atone for his sins Precious helps him of course Mma Makutsi acquires a beau, Mister Seleliping She also attempts to begin a new business, and does, the typing school of the title The detective agency gains competition in the form of a male run enterprise run by a very pompous individual Jill Scott as Precious Ramotswe Image from BBCThis is the usual comfortable tale told in the usual manner Smith maintains his high standard The cast of characters has come to seem familial We wonder at Mister Maketoni s recovery from depression What was it all about Will Makatsi every have a true boyfriend Will she become rich beyond all her dreams Will Precious ever get married to Maketoni Anika Noni Rose as Grace Makutsi image from HBOIf you are new to the series I would stop, go back and read The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency It makes a difference seeing the characters develop over time And if you can, I would definitely check out the HBO series It is a true shame that the series was killed after only six episodes Those shows are precious indeed..

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    Fourth installment in this amazing series You don t read Mma Ramotswe novels for the action or even for the mysteries You read them for the gentle rhythm of the narration, the wise philosophy of the characters In this we rejoin Mma Ramostwe as she waits for her fianc e to set a date for their wedding after his illness Mr Matekoni is slowly coming out of depression and finds his motor repair shop in the good hands of Mma Makutsi who shares her time between the detective agency and the auto repair shop The joy of these novels is the intimate view of how the characters live, their values, how they set goals for themselves and go after them Mma Makutsi finds a way to get ahead and make a life for herself beyond the limits of her current situation single, with a sick brother to take care of and very low income Mma Ramotswe faces competition with the opening of a new detective agency run by a male detective with international experience Everything ends well, despite some minor moral growing pains I like the philosophy, the values McCall Smith projects thru his characters in this simple, yet very nourishing for the soul, series.

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    Reading a book in the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series is like catching up with old friends Mma Ramotswe is still proud to be a traditionally built woman living in the greatest country in Africa, if not the world Her assistant, Mma Makutsi, reminds anyone who will listen that she scored a 97 at her typing school and laments that prettier girls get the best jobs Mr J.L.B Matekoni finally stands up to the mistress of the orphan home by agreeing to fix things for free Then there are the mysteries, which are almost besides the point, but of course Mma Ramotswe continues to use savvy and good judgment, showing mercy whenever applicable The rest of the series has shown snippets of sexism in the past, with Ramotswe often observing that men are overgrown boys incapable of, well, everything, frankly, but McCall Smith ratchets it up a notch in this installment Even so, I found this book an improvement over the last in the series These books continue to be gentle, friendly, white noise for me, and I ll keep reading.

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    These books drive me crazy, but instead of talking about what I don t like about them, I want to say what I do like I keep reading them for some reason, so I think it is about time I figure out why.The first reason is that the author, clearly, has an affection for Botswana He describes cattle in a way that makes me want to love cows He describes a desert in way that makes me want to vacation there.The second is that I can appreciate a book that isn t in a hurry, I read a lot of action adventure books, so I like the way this book takes its time and concentrates on human interaction, but still respects the fact that there is a plot to developed There are many books in this series, so I ll discuss what I don t like, next time.

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    Africa is a continent that is somehow really close to my heart This is largely because I have had several friends from the continent, coming from Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria to name a few One of my closest friends after marriage is from Liberia Added to this fact, is that my husband makes regular visits to the continent during the course of his work and comes home with some splendid tales about living in that continent Botswana was a mystery for me, despite the fact that I have a cousin living there and who has lived there since a very long time With this series, however, I was introduced to this wonderful country and its people and culture For that alone this, would deserve high praise, but when you add to it a lovely story that is part cozy mystery and part cultural treatise it definitely becomes a personal favourite, one that stays with me even after I finish reading it Long are the echoes of Mma Ramotswe and her nuggets of wisdom regarding people in general and Botswanan culture in particular This is the fourth book in this series and, like the other three, it opens with Mma Ramotswe talking about certain issues that bother her In this case, she is firstly worried about Mma Makutsi, who is losing her self confidence as she is still unmarried Additionally, her adopted son is also causing problems, especially behavioural, which she cannot understand and therefore solve Mma Ramotswe has no experience in raising children, so it is natural that she feels uncertain about raising her adoptive kids Also there is a new detective agency that has opened in her town, which means that she needs to deal with competition Mma Makutsi, on the other hand, is also worried about her finances and chances of a secure earning, which leads her to think of different options to earn money one such idea is the Kalahari Typing School for Men Amidst these two issues, Mma Ramotswe receives two potential cases, both quite different from the other and yet both extremely of a personal nature While these issues might not seem like much and pretty mundane at that, what makes the book beautiful is the way in which the author has blended African and especially Botswanan culture and small niceties in this book While reading this book, or for that matter any book in this series, I have a slight smile on my face one that depicts my happiness at reading such a beautiful prose.Africa and its culture comes to life under the gentle touch of the author and this is extremely difficult, especially when you are writing a cozy mystery Mma Ramotswe s talent at getting the best out of people, the African need to know about everyone in their home town and their allusions to the older and sedate Botswana, all remind me of how things work in India Indian villages are quite similar in their approach and ability to interact with this African country The need to exhibit respect for elders, the proper way of interaction, the casual and gentle nudging out of local gossip, all make me feel as if I were reading about an Indian village and this makes the book extra special to me.In short, this was an enjoyable read and I am already looking forward to reading the next in the series If you haven t read this one, I suggest that you begin with book 1 Don t expect great mystery solving abilities, instead look at it as a beautiful river that flows gently and waters the areas that it passes a river that enriches your knowledge about Botswana and African culture in general.

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    A delightfully gentle series of books by Alexander McCall Smith set in and around Botswana s capital city of Gaborone and stories of the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency.McCall Smith has created a lovely world of mainly very amateurish sleuthing which whilst ostensibly the theme which is central to these books, is ultimately almost incidental The main draw here is the cast of well drawn, well written, very memorable and on the whole very endearing if occasionally frustrating characters Precious Ramostwe, Grace Makutsi, J.L.B Matekoni et al and the interplay of their lives the detective work and cases here become increasingly an incidental backdrop.The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency stories and characters certainly have an air of authenticity and believability although obviously contrived and significantly exaggerated for comic effect and interestingly McCall Smith did spend some time living and working in Botswana.The first few books in the series are undoubtedly the strongest, funniest, most entertaining and compelling Whilst later installments are all good they do feel like somewhat of retread of ideas that McCall has spun out perhaps beyond their natural course.Whilst serious themes are alluded to feminism, AIDS and domestic violence there is little here that is particularly thought provoking or challenging but then that s not the point here For anyone wanting a series of light, likeable, entertaining, funny, absorbing, well written and compelling amateur detective books with a difference, then the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency books are a must.Good stories, simple truths people doing the right thing Ultimately these stories are all about kindness, forgiveness, restitution and resolution Which in itself is surely a good enough reason to read at least some of this lovely series of books

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    Third read I can t get enough of this series Every time, they just get better The audio performance by Lisette Lecat is just perfect, in every way, and since I listen than read, I enjoy her performance as much as the words Please, please listen to this series Most libraries offer the downloads for free I highly recommend them I m so glad this series stands up well to rereads, as I love them all so much Second read 4.25 stars This is a wonderful series I thoroughly enjoy reading AMS s humor is all over these books, and I m always chuckling as I m reading or listening These characters are real, and for the most part, they are kind people The community sticks together and helps each other It s just what you do, and not even thought of as being especially anything other than human to do for others This is a series to read when you want to have faith in humankind, when you want to smile, when you want to read about a simpler place and time Mma Ramotswe is just priceless we all need to have a Mma Ramotswe or two in our lives I want to once again thank Mr Alexander McCall Smith for sharing his wisdom, sense of humor, kindness and humanity, as well as his love for Botswana with the world The world is a better place because of this man and his novels Thank you, sir First read review 4.5 stars I love this series so much In my opinion, it s the best series currently being written Nothing earthshaking going on, but it s about people who try to do the best they can all the time to help one another And it can be pretty funny too And not at all crude or off color, but not sickening sweet either I just love it I can see why it s internationally loved.

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    Just as with all the other books in the Ladies No 1 Detective Agency series, this one evokes a clear sense of place and characters Simply put, it makes me want to be in Botswana right now One of the things I like best about Alexander McCall Smith s writing is the way he develops his characters through their lives and actions and not much in the way of a narrator s analysis The author seems to feel a great deal of affection for his characters even when they make unwise choices These books are fresh, unpredictable, and plain ol addictive I actually read this one but have listened to the previous ones in the series on audio CD I d recommend listening to at least one title in this series to hear the cadence of the names and places.

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    Another lovely slice of Botswana, served as always with Mma Ramotswe s wisdom and philosophy In this book we see Mma Makutsi come into her own with her new business venture and rise unscathed from a view spoiler romance with a man whom she didn t know was married but was being investigated by Mma Ramotswe on suspicion of cheating, under instruction from his wife awkward situation Luckily Mma Makutsi is saved from this knowledge by her friends thoughtfulness and the cheating husband leaves with a vague excuse and present of a necklace hide spoiler

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    The story of _Kalahari Typing School for Men_ was much like its immediate predecessor, _Morality for Beautiful Girls_ The novel focuses a great amount on the development of some characters, and leaves others out to dry , and ultimately strays away from the things that made books 1 and 2 of the series so good the cases, the interactions, and the values of the Botswana people That is not to say that this book does not have any detective cases, but I find the novels have shifted from their original focus However, one thing that I did like about this book is the increased role and development of Mma Makutsi She is a great characters, and until book 3, Mma Makutsi existed in the shadows I look forward to seeing her develop in the next books.