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Lydia Goldblatt And Julie Graham Chang Are Best Friends With One Goal To Crack The Code Of Popularity Lydia S The Bold One Aspiring Theater Star, Stick Fighting Enthusiast, Human Guinea Pig Julie S The Shy One Observer And Artist, Accidental Field Hockey Star, Faithful Recorder In This Notebook They Write Down Their Observations And Carry Out Experiments To Try To Determine What Makes The Popular Girls Tick But Somehow, When Lydia And Julie Try To Imitate The Popular Girls, Their Efforts Don T Translate Into Instant Popularity Lydia Ends Up With A Bald Spot, Their Parents Won T Stop Yelling, And Julie Finds Herself The Number One Crush Of Roland Asbj Rnsen Worse, They Seem To Be Drifting Farther And Farther From Their Goal And Each OtherAmy Ignatow S Hilarious Debut Novel Introduces The Intrepid Fifth Graders Julie And Lydia, Whose Quest To Understand Popularity May Not Succeed In The Ways They Want, But Will Succeed In Keeping Readers In Stitches From Bulletin Of The Center For Children S Books Lydia And Julie, BFFs Since Birth, Are Now Preparing To Enter Junior High, And They Re On A Mission To Become Popular First, However, They Have To Determine Exactly How Popularity Is Achieved, So They Decide To Approach The Matter As Any Good Scientist Would Observe Those Creatures Already At The Height Of Popularity And Apply Said Observations To Themselves, In The Hopes Of Cracking Into That Mysterious World Of Junior High Stardom The Two Record Their Observations And The Often Spectacularly Unsuccessful Outcomes Of Their Various Social Experiments In A Scrapbook Like Journal, Complete With Notes Passed At School, Lists Of Projected Popularity Goals, And Credibly Goofy And Kidlike Drawings The Story Here Is Fairly Familiar The Girls Fail Miserably At Their First Attempts At The A List Lydia S Hair Falls Out After A Botched Dye Job, Among Other Disasters But Eventually Find Acceptance In The Upper Echelon, Only To Learn The Valuable Lesson That It S The People You Re Most Comfortable Around Who Make The Best Friends The Diary Format, However, Adds An Extra Dimension Of Funny, And As In Jeff Kinney S Wimpy Kid Series About Greg Heffley, It Allows Julie And Lydia To Come Alive Through Their Witty Dialogue, Their Perceptive Commentary, And Even Their Characteristic Handwriting Secondary Characters Shine As Well, Particularly Julie S Embarrassing But Ultimately Charming Two Dads, Along With Lydia S Goth Punk Sister, A Font Of Random Quips And Junior High Wisdom The Popular Kids End Up Being Far From Perfect And Each Has Issues Of Her Own To Contend With, Making The Actual Friendships That Form Among The Girls All The Endearing Those Waiting For The Next Installment Of Greg Heffley S Adventures Will Be Well Served By This Amusing Experiment In Sixth Grade Celebrity KQG

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    There are good and bad results that occur when a book like Diary of a Wimpy Kid hits the stratosphere On the one hand, suddenly publishers are a lot open minded about breathing life into books that mix text and images in new and unique ways The door opens a little wider for unconventional titles that straddle a variety of writing genres and styles and normally don t win any literary awards That s the good The bad thing is that as a result any book that tries to make any headway in the market using pictures as well as text and PARTICULARLY if it has a diary journal format is on some level going to be slapped with a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wannabe label by the critics out there unwilling to read it closely Did I judge The Popularity Papers by Amy Ignatow too harshly when I glanced at its cover for the first time Absolutely But I flipped it over to peruse the back and found, to my utter amazement and downright shock, that the picture there had me laughing out loud From out of nowhere Without another thought I checked it out of my library and read it that night in a single sitting Funny is hard Funny in a journal format is harder And funny in a journal format with a plot that not only tracks but also kinda makes you feel for the characters Let s just say that this Amy Ignatow woman is a force to be reckoned with.Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham Chang are two smart cookies Some girls going into their last year before middle school would confront the enigma of popularity by either moaning or changing themselves beyond all recognition Lydia and Julie have a much better plan First, they have this notebook where Julie the artistic one can record their observations The mission To stealthily watch all the popular girls they know so as to best determine how to someday be popular themselves Lydia the brave one will subject herself to rigorous testing, whether it involves bleaching off a chunk of her hair or joining an eskrima class otherwise known as stick fighting Along the way they attempt to finagle cell phones out of their parental units with unfortunate results , deal with a Norwegian crush, and have a falling out that may or may not put an end to their friendship Being popular may be tough but attaining it Hilarious.I ll get to the sheer unique humor of the book in a second, but first I want to give full credit to the storytelling The other day a writer asked me, What is it about a female character that makes you want to like them I responded the usual answers of a sense of humor and empathy but it s a tough question Why do people connect so directly with the characters in the Harry Potter series, but don t feel as touched by other fantasy folks In the case of this particular book, I was amazed by how quickly I felt affection for our two main characters Admittedly, I felt closer to Julie for most of the book, but Lydia was someone I could definitely befriend as well, given half a chance It s not just the pictures of them either There s something about how they crack jokes together, or know each other s stories that feels real I also like their mission By being proactive the girls go out and do things they wouldn t have had the guts to try particularly Julie on their own That makes for good storytelling, and an excellent selection of funny situations.Time to talk about gay parents in children s literature a little I ve been seeing a fair amount of them in my books for kids this year, and it s about time Books like The Accidental Adventures of India McAllister and such The problem is that a lot of these books sort of make a big deal about this living situation I like books where it s casual It just is what it is The Popularity Papers sort of fulfills that need of mine And best of all, Julie s dads have individual personalities They re not just insert gay dad here or anything You get the definite sense that Daddy is the stable sensible one and Papa Dad is outgoing and mischievous.Now can I tell you what the joke was on the back of the book that encouraged me to read the whole thing It wasn t big or fancy or anything It s just the image of Lydia and Julie standing next to popular girl Gretchen Lydia tells Julie to pretend like nothing s going on and to act natural Julie responds with a frozen grin and the words, Doo de do, acting natural Why I found that so amazingly funny, I don t know, but it s a perfect set up for the rest of the book When kids and heck, let s admit it, some adults too read new books, you need to hook em in right at the start Ignatow accomplishes this thanks to Melody You see, when Lydia s older sister Melody was in elementary school she was a blond and perky band member However, once she got into Junior High, Melody went uber Goth, n er to smile again The before and after section with Melody is a hoot and the killer strawberry on the next page doesn t hurt matters either Of course Melody sort of ends up being Lydia s Jiminy Cricket A gaunt, blood drained, pierced, perpetually morose Jiminy Cricket, sure, but a Jiminy Cricket just the same.Then we get to the art, which really does make up most of the book Since the premise is that Julie is the artist of this book, everything we see here is supposedly through her own pen and colored pencils crayons At the same time, we need to believe in these people as we would comic book characters, so there has to be a level of really good art at work Add on top of that the section when Julie is no longer writing in the book a very hard sequence to pull off and the multiple handwriting samples at work in the pages, and you begin to get a sense of how much time and effort, blood and tears went into this title The fortunate thing is that Ignatow really does walk that fine line between believably childlike and remarkably good I never once doubted that Julie would be capable of these pictures Plus I love how she does hands I ve never seen anyone do hands quite like this before The Popularity Papers follows in the footsteps of such books as the Amelia s Notebook series by Marissa Moss and Ruth McNally Barshaw s Ellie McDoodle In 2010 alone there are also titles like Doodlebug also vying for attention That said, I think that this book stands out in the crowd Word of mouth has already done it a heap of good Alas, I don t suppose a lot of boys will have the guts to read it I could be wrong, but when you have a purple book with doodled flowers and ladybugs and two female characters on a cover, boys sometimes tend to go screaming in the opposite direction This is a shame since I think guys could get a huge kick out of this storyline If boys read the pinkness that is Babymouse and they do, they do then they should read Ms Ignatow as well.Of course, there may be one particular odd and interesting result of this book It s entirely possible that when kids finish reading it and judging by how hard it is to keep on my library shelves, I can attest that read it they do they re going to create their very own Popularity Paper Notebooks That s all well and good, but I foresee some real Harriet the Spy hijinks in their futures I also foresee a lot of girls trying to learn how to draw and how to be funny And if we can get funny females in the world, girls who understand how great it is to even BE funny and that can draw , then we ll owe The Popularity Papers than we can ever give A really great book and worth a close inspection And if I absolutely have to compare it to Jeff Kinney s series, I ll do it this way This is the funniest book I ve read for kids since discovering Diary of a Wimpy Kid Truth.For ages 9 12.

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    I wish these books had been around when I was younger The scrapbook style makes it fun to look at and the story is one that most young girls can relate to My favorite part is how the author does not make a big deal of the fact that one of the characters has two dads The author chooses not to explain the situation to the audience, and instead allows the readers to understand the situation intuitively, just like a reader would do with a family that had a mom and dad instead I found this very refreshing.

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    I started this book kind of expecting a cheesy kid book, instead, I got a HILARIOUS read that I liked so much it took me a day to read In The Popularity Papers two 5th grade girls, Lydia and Julie, research how you become popular They do experiments i.e dying ahir like a popular girl does, wearing an outfit like a popular girl does, etc and make observations and record them in their notebook along with illustrations and side conversations On the back it says For ages 9 13 , I disagree it s from age 9 99

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    4.5 stars Blog Learn Improve Wow, I did NOT expect to like this book so much It s nothing like the other diary journal notes format books I had read thus far, and was still quite hilarious with great character development and messages You ve got Lydia and Julie who make a journal to research on how to be popular By doing so they pass notes in class who hasn t done that before and carry out hilarious experiments like real researchers I enjoyed the different fonts that represented the different handwriting by different characters and how much they focused on the friendship and familial aspect of this novel It was so wonderful to see them push through their realistic struggles together and figure their way through it I d recommend this for fans of Dork Diaries and Diary of a Wimpy Kid Its tone is not exactly the same as the aforementioned series, but visually its quite similar Overall, anyone looking for a good, yet funny book on friendship, give The Popularity Papers a try

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    Jeden z nejkr sn j ch lettering , co jsem kdy d lal Mrzelo m , e nejsem holka One of the most beautiful lettering I ve ever made I was sorry that I m not a girl

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    An illustrated journal in the style of Amelia s Notebook, The Popularity Papers documents Lydia and Julie s preparations to become popular when they begin middle school They document and try the activities of the popular girls, like dyeing a streak in their hair, or taking up knitting This is the usual unpopular friends try to become popular and grow apart when one of them has success, before realizing they need to be themselves story, but it s clever and the artwork is excellent, and it s really, hilariously funny It ll draw the inevitable comparison of Wimpy Kid for girls, but really, it s so, so much better than the Wimpy Kid books And it s in color I also liked the diverse representations of family single mothers, absent parents, two dads, and a mother and father who have sit down dinners with the whole family In particular, I liked Julie s Papa Dad, who is the hilarious sort of father who mortifies his own child, but her friends all think he s hysterical.I am wishing for a sequel, immediately please.

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    In a quest for popularity, 5th graders Julie and Lydia decide to record the behavior, dress and activities of those kids who have already achieved the elite status of popular The girls keep a co authored journal including hand written notes in each girls distinctive handwriting and colored illustrations Julie and Lydia experiment with new wardrobes, hairstyles and participating in different extra curricular activities The experiment yields different results for each girl and turns out to be a learning experience neither expected.I loved this book, The Popularity Papers, even though it is meant for kids below my age group, it was still a trip back to my past I got this book when I was in 5th grade but to be honest, I wasn t much into reading back then So I put it to the side until now If anyone wants, or has read, Diary of a Wimpy kid, then they should read this It had the same sort of humor in it and was put together in a similar way Though it does lean a bit to the girls kind of book I would recommend it for all.

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    In a quest for popularity, 5th graders Julie and Lydia decide to record the behavior, dress and activities of those kids who have already acheived the elite status of popular The girls keep a co authored journal including hand written notes in each girls distinctive handwriting and colored illustrations Julie and Lydia experiment with new wardrobes, hairstyles and participating in different extra curricular activities The experiement yields different results for each girl and turns out to be a learning experience neither expected Along the way, readers are introduced to a cast of well drawn supporting characters including Julie s two dads Daddy and Papa Dad This visually captivating book somewhat reminiscent of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series offers a realistic look at the struggles that tweens endure and is sure to be a hit.

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    I have to admit, I sort of only read this book because of the drawings I think that the other girl with the short brown hair is an artist and I spent so much time trying to copy the drawings But the book was also good It was really funny at some points.

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    This is amazing book I love it so much, my favorite is Julie If you like reading graphic novels this is the book to read, it has great pictures and a awesome story Read it today