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Kayla McHenry S Sweet Sixteen Sucks Her Dad Left, Her Grades Dropped, And Her BFF Is Dating The Boy Kayla S Secretly Loved For Years Blowing Out Her Candles, Kayla Thinks I Wish My Birthday Wishes Actually Came True Because They Never Freakin DoKayla Wakes The Next Day To A Life Sized, Bright Pink My Little Pony Outside Her Window Then A Year S Supply Of Gumballs Arrives A Boy Named Ken With A Disturbing Resemblance To The Doll Of The Same Name Stalks Her As The Ghosts Of Kayla S Wishes Past Appear, They Take Her On A Wild Ridebut They Must Stop Because When She Was Fifteen She Wished Ben Mackenzie Would Kiss Her And Ben Is Her Best Friend S Boyfriend

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    Okay, I know that you re probably rolling your eyes at the bright pink cover, and trust me I was totally there I get it, I really do The premise of the books just sounded too hilarious to pass up though and I surprisingly found an actual depth to this book that was totally unexpected I m rounding this up from a 4.5, and I m so glad that I didn t let my sarcastic and suspicious tendency keep me from reading it Quick Overview Kayla has just had the worst sweet sixteen party possible Her best friend Nicole, has ditched her to go out with her boyfriend, furthering the distance she feels is coming between them The only person she recognizes is the most evil girl at her school I know how this looks, but you re gonna have to trust me who is there to witness her pukalicious pink party Yeah, things suck right now And Kayla is tired of it When she blows out the candles of her monstrous pink cake she angrily wishes her birthday wishes actually came true for once The next day she wakes up to a weird pink pony with an ice cream cone imprinted on its butt grazing in her lawn, and then a room full of gumballs She finally figures that something weird is up when some people who alarming resemble things you would find in the toy section show up Her birthday wishes are coming true, and she has to stop it soon because one of her wishes was to kiss her long time crush, Ben Which wouldn t be a problem if he wasn t dating her best friend Let the freak outs begin.I know the fluffy pink cover doesn t scream intelligence, but the irony is that it is totally fitting I didn t think I would like the book this much, but I just loved the message and I feel like I could relate to it I admit that at first I was not feeling it Kayla came off as bratty, annoyingly judgmental, and always talking about perfect Ben Not to mention that she kept talking about how things with skulls and crossbones was cute Sorry, but I never, EVER think that cadaver skulls can be cute Maybe I m just too old school like that This is really a story of change and growing up though so it was really great to see her realize that wasn t who she wanted to be.Obviously I have to mention how funny it was The I read the book the funnier things got It s a good thing I didn t read this in public because at one point involving pecs that s all I m saying I started using my fist to cover my snorting laughter, saying Nu uh I m pretty sure I would ve looked like a mental case I could feel Kayla s anxiety and I was right there feeling totally embarrassed and mortified along with her What I really liked though was the message of it Kayla really grows up and realizes that she doesn t have to just complain about her life She can choose to be happy and be the person she wants I know that if I took the time, and read a bunch of other reviews I could easily find stuff to scoff and roll my eyes at I guess I can relate to the main character in that , but I just don t feel like doing that I really enjoyed reading this and I hope that despite the cover Which after reading the book, I think is perfect people will give this a chance It s absolutely hilarious and tells a message that can always be learned again.

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    Not only is YOU WISH charming, heartbreaking, and hilarious, it s also one of those books you literally cannot put down It s definitely a book I m going to reread again and again I loved every moment It s absolutely wonderful.

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    My Thoughts I first saw this book months ago Probably the moment it was put up on I knew I had to read it and it would be one of my most anticipated books of 2010 We meet Kayla who is just a normal girl, not popular and not unpopular, just like most teenage girls they are just themselves and fit in a little bit of everywhere I could instantly identify with her She has a best friend since forever and than there is the super dreamy guy named Ben she s madly in love with Of course he also happened to start dating her best friend Nobody but Kayla knows about her feelings for him Nothing can just be easy for her Her dad left, her mom s always busy, her brother is annoying, her best friend is acting weird, and the guy she has her eyes on is dating someone else On her 16th birthday her mom throws her a party and she blows out the candles She wishes that her wishes actually came true ,because whats the point of wishing it nothing ever happens Her party is basically a disaster She wakes up the next day to find a teenage girl named Raggedy Ann in her closet One by one her wishes start coming true This book was so much fun I couldn t put it down, I even took it to Dairy Queen with me I loved every second of this I laughed so hard at some of the wishes This book could have been written about me and every other teenage girl who has ever been alive I felt as though I could relate to it 100%, no doubts in my mind I think it relates to every girl who has ever wished her doll came to life or for a hot pink pony yes that was me as a kid or for that hot boy to kiss her She tries desperately to remember all the wishes she could have made growing up so she d at least know what to expect but how can you remember what you wished for on your birthday when you were 8 or 9 The wish that does stick out in her mind though is her 15th birthday wish She wished Ben would kiss her OH NO Kayla always finds herself in sticky uncomfortable situations Especially around Ben These things just keep happening to her when he s around She falls out of desks and does everything possible to ignore him, so than there is no chance he ll kiss her I especially liked Ben He was so dreamy and I wanted him to want her so bad I loved the chemistry I loved it all You Wish is brilliant Funny It makes you want to jump up and down wishing for that pony or having your own gumballs fall out of your pockets It will keep you up all night reading wanting to know what else Kayla wished for I loved love loved loved this book I just can t praise it enough It it so cute It is so funny And with the romance between Ben and Kayla thrown in, its one of the best books I ve read all year I recommend this to all you who love a cute romance and lots of laughs If you want to keep yourself sane until August and get a taste of Mandy s awesome books, go buy Prada And Prejudice to hold you over until than Overall This book is yummy It is addicting You will start reading and want to know what her other wishes were You will feel like your on a journey with Kayla while all her wishes unravel right before your eyes If I could give this book than 5 cupcakes I would Heck, I d give it a whole cake This book was amazing It was so darn cute, I m still grinning from ear to ear about it Cover Love it Whats not to love A hot pink cover, a cupcake with a pony Perfection

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    Be careful what you wish for.

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    I wish my birthday wishes actually came true Because they never freakin do.Don t know about you, but I remember being very silly while making a wish for my birthdays.A barbie alike friend Totally me A room full of chocolate and other sweets Oh, boy. I might still want to make this wish Add some ice cream and some MMs and please make it true PA kiss from my crush You bet Big boobs Ha haa, that too I remember wishing for a Saylor Moon costume in fact Jupiter was my favorite, so a Sailor Jupiter costume , and a tree house I still want that , I remember falling in love with Leonardo DiCaprio after watching Titanic and totally dreaming about him if there was no birthday wish about him, I might have asked Santa in a letter LOL.So what if all my birthday wishes came to life in this particular moment Would it be fun Well, yeah, for you it would probably be, for me. ahh. not so much So this book is all about silly wishes great silly wishes and trying to get out of this situation, because when Kayla wants her wishes to come true because they never freakin do she doesn t have any idea that this time they really will.I bed she wants her younger self to have been a bit smarter not smarter, like mature and make wishes about something less embarrassing and not a pink pony, or dolls, or..No, no, no, I won t spoil her wishes for you. If you need something fun to read, pick up this book and enjoy all its silliness and the next time you make a wish be careful what you wish for, because it might come true 3.5 smiles. I mean, stars Review originally posted at ReadingAfterMidnight.com____________________________________________Blog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Blog RO ____________________________________________

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    You Wish is an addictive, wild and quirky read that cleverly manages to explore some meaningful themes under the madness.You Wish was always unexpected anything could happen with the wishes and the way they cropped up in Kayla s life was so creative It really felt like Mandy Hubbard had a blast while writing this, letting her imagination go wild She wreaked havoc on poor Kayla with so many cringe worthy and hilarious situations.Despite the craziness of the wishes it did have me thinking about things I ve wished for and reminded me of that lovely innocence and make believe of childhood At it s core it s a classic coming of age story Kayla is in a swirl of her childhood wishes while watching others around her growing up and changing including her best friend who suddenly blossoms and is leaving Kayla behind for the popular crowd.As a protag, Kayla is very relatable she is confident in who she is but unsure of her place among her peers and so wants to be accepted for her quirky, slightly geeky self She s also crushing on her best friends boyfriend I think teen readers will find it easy to crush on Ben too he s pretty spunky, with his grin and motorbike tricks and easy going nature You Wish is an infectious kind of read dizzying with wackiness yet touching with some genuinely heart felt moments.I recommend this to teens and it would also appeal to mature pre teens who are looking for a fun, quirky and unpredictable read this could easily cross over into upper MG with it s clean story no swearing illicit substances sex It s also perfect for reluctant readers, with it s fast pace and accessible prose.On occasion it was a touch too cute for my tastes but I think it s spot on for the audience it is written for

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    I read this synopsis and immediately put a hold on it at the library I thought it sounded original and hilarious I had high hopes for it, so as soon as I picked it up, I dove into it.And that s when it started to go downhill.Let me say first off, overall, I found this book enjoyable However, it just did not live up to the expectations I had after reading the synopsis The main character, Kayla, wasn t very likeable in my opinion She has this whole cynical grunge thing going on which I would have identified with if I had read this in middle school, but now I just found it annoying The guy she was interested in didn t have great appeal to me, and when I read a romance story, I want to be in love with the person that my heroine is in love with And I just wasn t Kayla s best friend was alright, but I never felt like her character was developed enough for me to connect with The only character I really enjoyed was Ann, the doll who came to life Her childishness and naivety were amusing and fun.As for the plot and writing, there were some funny moments, but not as many as I expected there to be Also, I expected the pace to seem much quicker so I wouldn t want to put the book down, but I found it very easy to put down The pace wasn t slow exactly I mean, it wasn t painful to read It was just all around average To sum it up, I d say You Wish by Mandy Hubbard is an easy, quick read with some humorous moments, but overall forgettable.

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    Looking at the cover of this book which is pretty much in pink , I thought it would all be about a young girl and her childish adventures And in some way, I was actually right But it was deeper than that So much deeper.You Wish is about the whirlwind of events in Kayla McHenry s life just because of her Sweet Sixteen s birthday wish which in turn made her past birthday wishes come true well actually, not all, only 14, it surely doesn t include her wish when she was one Now she has to go through 2 weeks with one birthday wish coming to life each day She encounters a pony, gum balls, a doll named Ann, Barbie s Ken and so much but she has to undo all of these before what she fears the most will happen kissing Ben, her bestfriend Nicoles s boyfriend.Although it seemed to me that Kayla would just be reliving her childhood memories and what she used to be when she was a child, but these actually contributed to the development of her character Ann, for example, opened up her eyes to the things that she has been avoiding and denying for the past years The two weeks have also made her realize that it was her choice to suffer from these problems, to have only one friend, to be a loner and to be angry at her mother It s really amazing how in a short amount of time, she rediscovers herself, fixes her issues with Nicole and finally gets the courage to ask Ben out and even kiss him.It just would ve been better if Kayla s issues with her father were resolved or if details on her relationship with her mother were given I also can t help but wonder how Kayla was able to forgive Nicole so easily for ditching her to hang out with her new friends I know, I know, she has her reason and she actually has a point but it still doesn t her the right to just leave her bestfriend Maybe she should have trusted Kayla enough, that maybe she has changed and that she would not make fun of her wanting to be popular and that she would instead support her since she was still her bestfriend Another thing, why and how she has made her sweet sixteen s wish come true still remains a mystery Was it something with the party or was it the cake Hmm It still gives the readers something to ponder upon.This book, You Wish, lets us embrace our inner childness and allows us to remember that who we were when we were still young somehow reflects who we are now, no matter how different we have become It shows how one wish can change everything, in a good or bad way And that when our wishes finally do come true, we may not love all of them and even regret these wishes Indeed, we should remember Be careful what you wish for It also points out the power of the choices we make, how it changes our lives, but at the same time, it tells us how we could still manage to fix these choices in some way to open up a new chapter in our lives.

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    3.5 starsBrief summary Kayla is a bit of misfit, cynical and disenchanted When her sixteenth birthday party is a disaster, she makes a wish that all her wishes actually would come true Each day for the next two weeks she receives one of her past birthday wishes These include everything from suddenly knowing perfect Italian to having the ability to turn into a mermaid Kayla lives in fear of her final wish coming true, the one she made on her 15th birthday that Ben would kiss her Ben is her best friend Nicole s boyfriend and the boy Kayla has been secretly in love with for years As the wishes wreak havoc with her life, she wonders if she even still has a best friend In addition, she is fast becoming an outcast at school, and she s fighting with her mother In the end, the wishes do finally disappear, but not before Kayla learns some valuable life lessons.Review It started out a little slow, but it did pick up towards the end I wouldn t say this was laugh out loud funny, but it was amusing I liked Kayla as a character She was very independent and self aware I also liked Ben, and although he wasn t a super developed character, I totally understood why he was crush worthy The plot was pretty straight forward and resolved itself in a pretty predictable manner Kayla learns to enjoy people and experiences again as she once did as a child, without pessimism and without fear of what others might think or expect from her She learns the danger of labeling people and that even if a person changes, she can still be your friend I think the author could have had Kayla have a little fun with her wishes I was even kind of hoping that one or two of her wishes could have stuck around in the end Overall, this was an easy read with a touch of whimsy and a touch of fairy tale.

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    What would you do if all the birthday wishes you ve ever made in your life come true Me I d probably be a 5 9 genius billionaire actress married to Daniel Radcliffe I had weird wishes ambitious, but weird.Kayla McHenry had eccentric wishes of her own and when her 16th birthday came she got the surprise of her life She had a real life My Little Pony, a Raggedy Ann bff, and a Ken doll boyfriend to name a few Her crazy and all out hilarious scenarios were a good reading experience I did like the self realization Kayla reached at the end, not only did it make me reflect on my own personal growth but it made me rejoice in the individual that I have become In the book I didn t like Nicole all that much I mean it was good that she wanted to pursue her dreams but still ahe was pretty shallow You don t need to transform into a perfect barbie doll kind of girl to gain recognition and feel proud of yourself, you just have to believe in yourself But anyway, I liked this book It was funny and cute and memorable for me I recommend it to middle schoolers and people who want a light, humorous read.