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Donna Leon S Growing American Fan Base Is Hungry For Of The Books From Her Internationally Bestselling Series Featuring Commissario Guido Brunetti Now In What Many Consider One Of The Finest In The Series, Venice Braces For The Onslaught Of Acqua Alta The Rising Waters From Torrential Rain But Brunetti Has His Own Problems, Beginning With The Savage Beating Of An Old Friend When A Man S Body Is Discovered, Brunetti Must Wade Through The Chaos To Solve One Of His Deadliest Cases Full Of Marvelous Plot Twists, Acqua Alta Is A Chilling Addition To Donna Leon S Addictive Series

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    Alta Acqua, the 5th book in the Commisario Brunetti series by Donna Leone The title of the book refers to the time in winter, where water from the Adriatic Sea overflows into Venice causing homes and places in the city.Guido Brunetti, the highly skilled, tenacious and very likeable Venetian police detective and family man finds himself investigating a murder and art fraud after his friend, Brett Lynch, an American archeologist and companion of the famous opera singer Flavia Petrelli, who were introduced in the 1st book of the series, Death at La Fenice, is savagely attacked at her home He discovers that her assault is linked to the murder and to a conspiracy that involves people in high places who will go to any lengths to silence Brett from delving into the world of art fraud and the stealing of valuable Chinese antiquities.Guido Brunetti is one of my favorite detective characters He s honest, gracious, loyal and resolute but he also sees not only the beauty of the city but also the rise in corruption and crime that is threatening his much beloved Venice He s not admitting that there are things in his country that he will never change No Italian would bother to ask why the shipments were not made directory in Germany The Germans, it was rud, saw the law as something to be obeyed, unlike the Italians, who saw it as something first to be fathomed and then evaded Once again, the city of Venice is as much a character as the setting of this series Through Brunetti eyes we see the daily life of the city s inhabitants, the local restaurants, bars, family life, politics the dark alleys and beautiful architecture.The author s vivid and descriptive words give a look into the life in Venice that gives you a picture in your head that you are actually there.The main characters are so likeable and endearing and most of all incredibly real.I adore the talented and glamorous secretary, Signorina Elettra and love it when Brunetti describes her clothes Signorina Elletra pushed her chair back from her desk and crossed her legs, revealing a short red skirt and a pair of shoes so high they would have raised her above even the worst acqua alta I am looking forward to knowing about her in the next books.I loved Brunetti s family dynamics His interaction and dialogue with his wife and children is so amazing And of course, there s Brunetti s boss, the bureaucratic peacock Giuseppe Patta a total pain in the butt He removed his coat and put it on a hanger, then hung it on the curtain rod that ran in front of the window above the radiator Anyone looking into the room from across the canal would see, perhaps, a man who had hanged himself in his own office If they worked in the Questura, their first impulse would no doubt be to count the floors, looking to see if it was Patta s window A great addition to this series.

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    Ah, Donna Leon I will never quit you I said after the last Brunetti mystery I read that I was going to take a break, which is a ridiculous statement that someone should have tried to refute I liked this much than the last installment, so I am officially back on the Leon train or gondola, I suppose.Here are some great things featured in this book Brunetti learning what Occam s Razor is, and promptly discarding that silly notion since it would never apply to an Italian crime Brett Lynch and Flavia Petrelli my favorite hotshot lesbian couple of all time Art hijinks and inter continental heists Two entire pages describing terrible female tourists ordering gelato in bad Italian, while Brunetti watches and exchanges looks with the bartender spoiler alert I am this tourist A sentence about the Grand Canal that includes, where boats went about their boaty business The endless fight against acqua alta, which made this book very atmospheric and its climax particularly awesome My golden prince Raffi has been absent from the last two books, but he came back for this Raffi closed himself in his room after lunch, saying that he had to do his Greek homework, ten pages of Homer to translate for the next morning Two years ago, when he had fancied himself an anarchist, he had closed himself in his room to think dark thoughts about capitalism, in the doing perhaps to hasten its fall But this year he had not only found a girlfriend but, apparently, the desire to be accepted at the university. As much as I love Brett, I would have actually preferred to get of the story from Brunetti s perspective I m not sure how that would have worked at the ending, but I like these books better when you re able to see the action solely from his point of view But other than that, I really enjoyed the descriptions of Venice during the winter and found the mystery mildly interesting which is the best that I can ever actually say for this series.

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    I love Commissario Guido Brunetti of Donna Leon s mysteries almost as much as Louise Penny s Chief Inspector Gamache He has just the right amount of complexity and humanity, struggles constantly with what is right and why people are like they are, do what they do.The writing is beautiful, as it should be when an English professor is doing it And I love the setting of Venice, and the many operatic references running through The author has lived in Venice for 25 years, and after she retired from teaching, she was the crime reviewer for Sunday times, and on top of that is an opera expert, having written a libretto for a comic opera herself, and has her own opera company Quite a resume Her mysteries reflect the richness of her experience.

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    I needed a reading palate cleanser a quick and easy read to bridge the gap between two serious literary works I decided to go with one of Donna Leon s Commissario Brunetti mysteries, a series that I ve discovered fairly recently It has provided dependable reading pleasure Acqua Alta is the fifth book in the series The title, meaning high water, refers to a time during full moon in winter when tides bring the waters of the Adriatic into Venice, inundating the barriers meant to hold it back and sloshing into the ground floors of buildings This phenomenon, aided and abetted by torrential winter rains, creates hazardous conditions in the city.It is during one of these events that Brett Lynch, the American archaeologist that we met in the first Brunetti mystery, Death at La Fenice, is accosted in her own home and severely beaten by two gentlemen from the South, a phrase used to denote that organization which must not be named by Venetians but which we would call the Mafia During the beating, the men warned Brett not to keep her appointment for a meeting with the director of one of Venice s famous art museums The men are driven off by Brett s lover, the acclaimed opera singer Flavia Petrelli who was in Brett s apartment with her at the time.The crime is assigned to the regular uniformed branch of the police for investigation, but then Commissario Brunetti notices the name of the victim on a report that crosses his desk and remembers her from his earlier case He goes to the hospital to visit her Flavia contacts the high brass of the police and demands that Brunetti be assigned to the case, and since that is the way things work in Venice, he is.He has hardly begun his investigation when another crime occurs the art museum director whom Brett was to meet is found dead, beaten about the head, in his office at the museum It seems clear that the two crimes are connected and Guido Brunetti must call on all the influence he has with various government agencies, as well as that of Signorina Elletra, the glamorous and talented secretary of his boss, Vice Questore Patta, to find the information he needs to determine what is happening and why.Guido Brunetti continues to be one of the most engaging characters that I ve met in the world of detective fiction With his wife, Paola, and their two teenage children, he shares a perfectly normal life, virtually unique among all the detectives with dysfunctional private lives that are the norm among the books of this genre.Moreover, the city of Venice is one of the main characters, perhaps THE main character, in these books, and Donna Leon, who has lived in that city for many years, lovingly describes it with all its eccentricities and makes the reader feel as though she is sloshing along those celebrated streets or traversing the canals in one of the traditional gondolas It s a city where the culture of ignoring and evading the laws is thoroughly ingrained, making the lot of an honest policeman like Guido, who is not willing to accept the corruption, not a happy one But this week a visit with Guido was just what I needed.

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    I really like Donna Leon I hope she continues to write forever Her books are always literate and interesting with marvelous characters The plots are intricate even if her view of Italian society is dark indeed For example, in Acqua Alta, a woman is seriously beaten by some thugs Her partner calls for an ambulance, but she is told there are two people ahead of her and she must be placed on a waiting list Sorry Once in the hospital every palm must be greased just to get the sheets changed Corruption is rampant Amidst this corruption, Commisario Guido Brunetti, and his wife, Paola, struggle to remain honest and raise their children They have a wonderful relationship the radar of a long marriage and Paola provides a nice contretemps to Guido Leon, who has taught English for many years at University of Maryland extension campus at the U.S Army s Vicenza Italy post, has lived many years in Italy, speaks the language fluently, and captures the nuances of the people and of daily life in Venice Acqua Alta refers to the seasonal high water in Venice when the tides flood large sections of the city Sirens wail before the expected onrush and everyone must wear boots to get around in water that can be knee deep The city is always slow to erect the boards that people must traverse to avoid the water I m reading a book about Venice that discusses the future of the city in a later issue The high water and muck it brings provides a thread that nicely parallels the difficulties Guido faces during this investigation Flavia Petrelli, an opera singer, and her lover, Brett Lynch, an American archaeologist, return from a previous novel, Death at La Fenice Brett was beaten up as a warning not to meet with the director of a famous art museum later murdered and Guido must sort out a series of events in the underbelly of the art world related to an archaeological dig in China Lurking behind everything is the dampness and the cold fog that seeps into all the old crusty buildings Guido always solves the crimes, but the guilty often, because of the corruption and their connections, remain unpunished Unusually, in this one, Guido arrives in time before the tragedy.

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    I adore the Commissario Guido Brunetti books They are always so multi layered and the plot commences so simply and then suddenly it becomes a tapestry of interwoven threads These threads cone to a conclusion but not always in the way you would expect After all it is set in Italy, the land of mafia, kickbacks and corruption All levels of Italian society is dealt with in the books, you see Venice as it is and how the venetian s view it In Venice as in Italy, there is much to love and much to hate Donna Leon in her Brunetti Novels helps us to to experience all aspects of this love hate relationship Through the voice of her one of the main character s Brunetti, the writer s adoration of Venice expresses itself, but you also experience her profound despair at the corruption At the very heart if it Venice is the other main character of the books and through the character of Brunetti you see the city in all it s beauty and all its decay and corruption This series is highly recommended.

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    In this fifth installment of the Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery series, author Donna Leon aptly uses the title to foreshadow the vital role the waters of Venice play in the story From the heavy rains to the overflowing canal, the setting proves as much an impediment to Brunetti s investigation as the criminals who use the dark depths of injustice to conceal their true nature.Brief glimpses into Brunetti s family life and interactions with his office staff, including a boss swayed by political winds, add a personal touch to the story A well written series with lots of atmosphere and interesting plots, this book is my favorite one so far.

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    As usual, an entertaining read, good enough for a few hours of relaxation.I do enjoy Brunetti s family life, and I think it adds to the cozy atmosphere of this series, but maybe someone who expects a hard mystery thriller will find it annoying and unnecessary.

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    Five stars to the third reading as well I noticed many telling details this time Many of the scenes are unforgettable.And then there are descriptions like the following which have a contemporary ring Along with the violence, along with the hired killers who shot twelve year olds as messages to their parents, had come the men with the briefcases, the soft spoken patrons of the opera and the arts, with their university educated children, their wine cellars and their fierce desire to be perceived as patrons, epicures and gentlemen, not as the thugs they were, prating and posturing with their talk of omert and loyalty.

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    Brunetti recognizes a name when when looking over the crime report He visits Brett Lynch, who first appeared in Death at La Fenice as an American with expertise in Chinese antiquities who is the homosexual lover of singer Flavia Petrelli, as the beaten victim in what is assumed to be a robbery gone awry The thugs warn her not to visit a museum director who turns up dead soon afterwards Venice is suffering flooding during the installment which adds to the atmosphere and provides an interesting twist in some of the action The mystery is well done, compelling readers to stick with the story I missed a bit of the canal travel and family and food normally featured in the series, but the plot made up for it in other way.