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First There Are NightmaresEvery Night Ellie Is Haunted By Terrifying Dreams Of Monstrous Creatures That Are Hunting Her, Killing HerThen Come The MemoriesWhen Ellie Meets Will, She Feels On The Verge Of Remembering Something Just Beyond Her Grasp His Attention Is Intense And Romantic, And Ellie Feels Like Her Soul Has Known Him For Centuries On Her Seventeenth Birthday, On A Dark Street At Midnight, Will Awakens Ellie S Power, And She Knows That She Can Fight The Creatures That Stalk Her In The Grim Darkness Only Will Holds The Key To Ellie S Memories, Whole Lifetimes Of Them, And When She Looks At Him, She Can No Longer Pretend Anything Was Just A DreamNow She Must HuntEllie Has Power That No One Can Match, And Her Role Is To Hunt And Kill The Reapers That Prey On Human Souls But In Order To Survive The Dangerous And Ancient Battle Of The Angels And The Fallen, She Must Also Hunt For The Secrets Of Her Past Lives And Truths That May Be Too Frightening To Remember

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    I ve thought long and hard to deter mine if there was a sin gle aspect of this book that I even liked.The char ac ters, the story telling, the writ ing, the themes was there anything No I tried but this book was painfully bad I am not at all exag ger at ing when I report that I fell asleep twice within the first twenty pages This book was highly rem i nis cent of both Buffy and Bleach So what Pretty much half the things pub lished in YA these days are rem i nis cent of Buffy Unfor tu nately, you want to at least stand up a lit tle in the com par i son This is not com pa ra ble to Buffy This is Buffy if Buffy weren t Buffy but Dawn was Buffy.Would you really want to watch Buffy if Dawnnwere Buffy I would like to take this oppor tu nity to remind peo ple that there is noth ing wrong with writ ing a real is tic teenager Ellie was cer tainly real is tic for a cer tain type of teenager She was vapid, shal low, thought less, com pletely stuck in her own world and hope lessly self centered This is a prob lem for two reasons 1 Nobody takes issue with this Will men tions twice that she doesn t take her duties seri ously enough but this is laughed off and treated by the text as if he takes them way too seriously.2 The fuck ing world relies on her and her alone Look, I don t want to be nit picky, but this girl has our lives in her hands What I want to know is, is there a way that can not be the case She s so bor ing, and the novel becomes bor ing because of how bor ing she is This is sup posed to be a book about an immor tal war rior girl who fights Reapers to save human ity It ends up being Gos sip Girl with the occa sional mon ster What con tin u ally amazes me is that Ellie even has friends because she has all of the wit and charm of a mouldy mop Yet Req ui site Best friend and Req ui site Friend zone Fred die just hang off every word she says We have Will who is one of those annoy ing, brood ing male roman tic inter ests There s not much to say about him because he s like ALL brood ing male roman tic interests They could have over come the insur mount able obsta cles to their love and found a way to be together but he was too busy brood ing and she was too busy shop ping Also the world ended along the way. The writ ing is bor ing and the plot is painfully slow The plot is barely there and Moul ton com pletely fails to marry the overtly long and com pli cated world build ing with any kind of rea son able story arc The only method she knows of con vey ing infor ma tion is in mas sive info dump con ver sa tions After you fin ish wad ing through mean ing less, vapid social inter ac tion after mean ing less, vapid social inter ac tion you dis cover that the few fight scenes there are in this book are painfully short and bor ing How am I sup posed to care about the end of the world and the pos si bil ity of a Reaper con sum ing my soul and con demn ing me to an eter nity in hell when all Ellie fuck ing cares about is her par ties and social stand ing Oh, I m sorry She also cares about Mr Tall, dark, mys te ri ous and broody They spend a lot of time talk ing A Lot of time.It s not like I expected her to go from 0 kickass in five sec onds But Ellie never at any point in this novel has a real rev e la tion about the fact that she s got a divine fuck ing mis sion here And it s not to attend par ties Think about it Every time she s going to the movies with friends or cof fee, or a party, some one is out there dying And not just dying Their soul is going to burn in hell and suf fer eter nal tor ment and be used in Lucifer s fight to con demn ALL the souls Every time Ellie decides to take a break and not be so seri ous about her duties, which she does with alarm ing fre quency a child, a woman, a man, SOMEONE will suf fer for ever for it Every time she needs to inves ti gate some thing or train and she says, Oh, I m busy at the movies tonight, can we do that in two days time she s per son ally let ting peo ple down.The hor ror she expe ri ences every time she faces off against one of the Reapers the hor ror for which we are meant to sym pa thize as one of her strug gles yeah well, she has both Will and a cou ple of kick arse swords when she faces off against them Think of the chil dren who have had to face that hor ror on their own and have not survived.I have no sym pa thy or emo tional invest ment in her at all Sure, she doesn t have her mem o ries, but even in flash backs she is com pletely disin gen u ous as an immor tal war rior fight ing for human ity When Buffy got her mis sion, she woke up fairly quickly and real ized that her hopes and dreams and free time were all com pletely incon se quen tial com pared to her mis sion Ellie did not have that real iza tion in this entire novel Every thing took a back seat to her social life and school cal en dar Every thing And this was not per ceived to be a prob lem Not even by the nar ra tion which gives far time and invests far heav ily in Ellie s star crossed lovelife than it does in the fact that there is an apoc a lypse coming.There is some thing supremely wrong about that.

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    Meanwhile, I was reduced to staring at the wiry, gray chest hair puffing out of Mr Meyer s polo shirt like overgrown steel wool and wondering whether or not he had ever considered waxing Well that s an interesting way of describing something As I looked at him, I felt a certain fondness deep in my heart, but I shook the feeling off Damn it, she sees a pretty guy for the first time, describes his appearance and clothing in detail, and she has a special bond with him Fantastic Another growl came, and then very heavy footsteps like T rex shaking the water cup Jurassic park style heavy footsteps This is how the first action scene is introduced Just sayin But I wasn t afraid A calmness washed over me, and my mind analyzed at a lightning pace Strange memories and thoughts that didn t belong to me flooded into my mind faces and violence I d seen long ago in different times I looked up at Will, whose face sparked the clearest and fondest memory I knew I had to fight now, but I needed my weapons Are you freaking kidding me She gets the memories of reincarnated lifetimes so she never has to actually learn how to fight Or have to get to know this Will guy It s just GIVEN to her Biggest case of deus ex machina ever I think so I m going to name him Marshmallow, I announced She s talking about a car The morning after she fights a demon or something sigh Rich girls You rich girls and your stupid names for your cars, Chris said I like this guy We drove Kate s BMW Kate stopped to ogle a table topped with shoes by Channel fondle a particular bag in the Valentino collection I decided on a cute, strapless, cream Badgley Mischka cocktail dress I knew I had the perfect matching black Marc Jacobs satin shoes adventurous black mesh front Dolce Gabbana bustier sheath dress we went to eat lunch at P.F Chang s Louis Vuitton boutique with a new bag Jesus H Christ I nodded, imagining what I d do with tens of millions of dollars Oh God the shoes I could get with that The Chosen One to save the world, ladies and gentlemen By the way, sidenote I m getting really tired of these really long explanations from Will They re really boring It d be way natural if they just incorporated the answers in the story instead of these page long infodumps They re making my eyes water Oh Other sidenote Why exactly is this girl the Chosen One I mean, she s only good at fighting because of these memories, and even then, she doesn t put her sacred duties very high on her priority list just after her birthday party and movie night Plus, she s pretty shallow and not very bright She s actually a pretty normal teenager, which is fine, but if she s a Chosen One, she shouldn t be so ordinary Why would he say something so dismissive and hurtful Didn t he understand how important my birthday party was to me Wasn t I important to him Oh, the pseudo problems of upper middle class teenage girls She bitches that her dad is never around, when he s the one working to pay for her stupid car and her party I d love to be rich for a day It d be kinda cool to know what it s like when my birthday party going wrong is actually a real problem I don t think I ve had a birthday party since I was nine The reaper stepped toward me I am Ragnuk, and I am going to eat you now HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh, man, I actually laughed out loud at this That s scary stuff, right there Anyways, this was fun actually, no fun at all but I ve got a huge stack of awesome books I can t wait to read, and since this probably won t improve my life in any sort of way, I m dropping it The writing is some of the worst I ve seen in YA lit, and that s saying something.

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    See comments for why my original review is gone No fear it s nothing sinister Unless my laziness is sinister Then I guess it is sinister Sinister.So the other day my sister and I were vegetating on the couch in our PJs She was flicking through the channels, which is dangerous, because my sister is a nurse and she likes to watch shit like All She Ever Wanted and cries at those ads about life insurance for elderly people.So eventually we settle for Titanic or she does, because I can t stand that instalove piece of crap Have you ever seen it You know when Kate Winslet jumps off the lifeboat to get back on to the ship so she can be with Leonardo That s when I fucking lose it Well, I pretty much lose it the moment everyone gets on the ship, because they re all a bunch of freaking idiots and that s clear to see even before the ship hits the iceberg, but still.I really lose it when she gets off the lifeboat.There are three reasons why The first is that someone else who really wanted that spot and who had two brain cells to rub together could ve gotten on that boat and lived Secondly, she s basically throwing 98% of her chance of survival out the window because of some guy she fell in lust with over the course of about three days Thirdly and most prominently my reason is thus her getting off that boat sets in motion a chain of events that leads directly to Leonardo becoming a huge fleshy Popsicle If Kate had stayed on the boat, then Leonardo would have only had to keep his own ass alive until the ship sunk Then he would ve been able to grab the little floating door and lie on it until the ship came Ergo, both of them would ve lived, met up, got married and had a bunch of hereditarily stupid children They dance, they kiss, they schmooze, they go home happy And James Woods scares me.Capiche This is exactly this kind of character stupidity and bad writing that makes this book insufferable I can t really be bothered elaborating much, because if you read my last review of this book you ll know why I hated the shit out of it but Ellie and Will are Kate and Leonardo Poor Little Rich Girl and a love interest so utterly inane you wonder if anyone can actually see him Is he made of cellophane Tissue paper Who knows The thing that really gets me about Will is that he s not in any way essential to the plot of this book Take him out, and this book immediately improves in literary value The romance between them is bland and frankly, feels like a Plot Tumor Let s face it this book would just love to be kickass It could be, if not for Ellie s really fucking annoying and kind of Mary Sueish ability to magically heal and the fact that even though she s view spoiler the angel Gabriel and hide spoiler

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    You know how with some books, every few words you re like, Ooooh, ostentatious, that s a good word Oh, guttersnipe, that s another good word Well, this isn t one of those books.Not like that s a bad thing I just mean that it s a very quick and easy read Prose that s not exactly lyrical, but also not anywhere near boring The Rundown Into every generation she is born one girl in all the world, a chosen one She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness reapers to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number capture of human souls She is the Slayer Preliator Chosen One who battles darkness with the help of her Angelic love interest and nerdy friends Does the plot of Angelfire sound familiar at all It should Fire Bad Angel Preeeeetty.Now just throw some angels and some stuff about Heaven and Hell and battling the forces of Hell New rule You steal my storyline, you get punched Oh, that sounds familiar too The World building This seems to be heavily influenced by Buffy, which in my case well, I just can t freaking help it I love it I drink it up like chocolate from a chocolate fountain If there is a chosen one and beastie fighting, I am all over it Yet, Angelfire lacks the humor and refinement of Buffy, so it ends up being similar to Mortal Instruments in tone and maturity.With the exception of my absolute love of the show Supernatural, I ve never really gotten into the whole heaven vs hell thing Luckily, this one appears to be easy on the preach I know some people zone out when God and Lucifer get brought out, but I felt this on was lighter on that aspect than most It focused much on the angels and the Fallen, instead of Heaven, blah, blah, blah God, blah, blah, blah The Characters Very cliched, very typical YA Yes, our main character, named Ellie, is a bit of a Mary Sue and her guardian Will has a major Hero complex, but God help me maybe that isn t always the worst thing in the world Especially when you just want to escape for a while.Will, whom Ellie looks at with a certain fondness deep in her heart, is older than most YA hero types as an early twenty something Being in my mid twenties, this was much appreciated and made me feel like less of a Pedobear than usual The Verdict If you weren t a fan of Twilight or the original Mortal Instruments, then you may not like this either But if you loved those and I know many of you do , then you ll probably love this series too In the end, I liked it but wasn t overly impressed.It s a zombie page turner The kind where you zone out and can t believe how little time seemed to go by in so many pages But maybe that s just me Any mention of a chosen one and I m gone Simple language, simple story but it s all simply fun. I was underwhelmed by the character development but overwhelmed with enjoyment for this world that feels so familiar My not very reliable theory about how this book came into existance Buffy and Supernatural had a baby who ended up being raised by Seventh Heaven after it s parents were killed by demons Sounds believable, right

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    With a refreshing new take on the lately popular Angel subject, Angelfire tells the story of 17 year old Ellie, a seemingly ordinary human girl who suddenly finds out that she s not so ordinary after all but actually a heavenly creature, reborn into a human shell, destined to fight the monsters from hell.Ellie is basically your average teenager which in my opinion was really nice for a change She s not one of those tortured heroines we usually encounter in the field of paranormal YA literature Both her parents are still alive her family is not perfect but at least she s not one of those traumatized teens , she lives in an ok neighborhood, her family is quite wealthy, but not overly so, she s doing average in school and she s got a bunch of great friends but isn t especially popularwhich leads me to the second point that I found really refreshing No mean girls The popular crowd actually mingles with the other kids instead of terrorizing them constantly.What I noticed right off, when I started reading, was the fluent writing The pages flew by, I never found myself being bored by overly long descriptions or too many details Moulton s writing style made this a quick and easy read.Sweet and not over the top, I found the romance part very well done as well I liked Will a lot, the scenes between him and Ellie made me smile and warm all over and their relationship developed at a reasonable pace I also liked the secondary characters in this book like Kate and Nathaniel, for example, but weirdly enough, Ellie s mother was my favorite So, this sounds all pretty good, so why not 5 stars you might wonder Well, there were some small flaws plotwise that bothered me but nevertheless I can safely say that I enjoyed this book thoroughly.Thanks to netGalley and Harper Collins

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    Honestly, it sounds a bit too much like Buffy for comfort, except Giles is a hot guy with a Cloud strife esque buster sword.Still, I ll take a look ETA READ IT Okay, here s my non spoilery review.A good effort Which seems patronizing, but really, after struggling through the whole thing that s the only compliment I can really muster.I mean, she certainly writes action well and by well I mean, you can clearly visualize what s happening, except it feels like dancing while counting in your head and one and two and three then really letting the passion flow out of the writing I think part of that had to do with the fact that a lot of the fights felt like fights for the sake of fights on that later than something moving and intrinsically tied to the emotional and narrative plot Still, good, clear fight scenes.The idea is pretty interesting too, though let s be honest we re only calling this unique because it s decidedly different than Twilight plotwise anyway and now and days so much paranormal YA feels like an endless simulacrum, so when you find a book that goes against the grain and again, in the slightest of ways , you take notice But if you ve watched Buffy, this isn t any different Stop me if you ve heard this one girl demon fighter chosen one reincarnated again and again to keep fighting those demons Only she can defend the world against yadda yadda And there s the guy devoted to watch er protect her Except, unlike Giles, he s young and hot okay Giles was hot but and carries a 6 foot sword, only, I m guessing, because the author is most likely an embarrassing FF7 fangirl whose been taught by Cloud, Zack and Sephiroth that guys with really long phallic weapons are hot and really, they are and it is Can t fault her on that.I mean, it has the potential to be interesting, but I ve just seen it all before Still, even with a pretty well trodden premise, a great writer could twist it into something really compelling But that s the problem Moulton put in a great effort, but she s just not a great writer Not yet anyway She s decent But her writing style is lacking and unfortunately clearly shows her lack of technique writing sophistication.So much exposition in the Q A style with Ellie asking stupid questions that someone in her position, in the current situation that she s in after just discovering her powers for example would not ask Certain question that I felt the author just threw in there just so the readers would have this bit of info Sometimes it wasn t even important to know And trust me, there are much better ways to introduce interesting plot elements than just random fight Hey Will asks question Well Ellie, answers Some of the exchanges between the two are just so laughably ridiculous you just can t imagine a regular person reacting the way Ellie does in the situations she s in And you can tell this is just awkward maneuvering by the author to make sure we know some piece of information, or to set up for a joke that she really want to put in there When you stop seeing the story and start seeing the strings, you know the author s doing something wrong.The fights were also, though clear, slightly annoying Like I ve read in another review, there s a difference between action and adventure Adventure has the action, that is actually important to the plot, moving it along in different and interesting ways Action is just the random fighting that happens And you get that a lot Fights that happen in the middle of Ellie Will s date or something just to spice up the narrative, and to give the characters an excuse to angst over each other in battle It s like the random fights in an old school J RPG Walk walk walk OMG FIGHT then walk walk walk on to the next plot point.And the writing That s the biggest issue here the style of it Honestly, the writing was extremely flat line The author seems to be able to convey teens pretty well, except there s so little personality in her writing, it barely ever really comes out This is even of a problem when the book s in first person First person narratives ESPECIALLY need a great, engaging voice, and some of the sentences are so clunky, so dull and heavy handed, it was tough just to keep reading The very opening of the book was where I realized I d run into problems with this Boring No flare, nothing engaging, nothing to stir the reader s interest, to get the juices flowing Just Ellie is in school Class ends She gets paper HUH Really Isn t the first rule of writing to hook the reader from the get go It doesn t have to be flashy, but think about the great books out there, the evocative setting, voice, something interesting happening that reveals something about who the character is, and this was just so balls out dull I almost put it down right there I mean, don t agents and editors WARN writers about that type of stuff It s like, every conference, that s what you hear Opening pages, opening pages What happened Look, I know that at least in terms of paranormal Young adult lit, the standards are decidedly lower You can hate on me for saying that, but with some of the crap coming out, it s true It s become so corporate and commercialized, it s really about trying to hit certain points that Twilight proved will absolutely bring in the target audience romantic wangst, monsters, special heroines, hot boys etc Not to say that Angelfire is Twilight level You can tell the author was really trying to do something with it But because standards for paranormal YA have dropped so low and fangirls have become increasingly easier to please, hitting those points become far important than the writing and execution That s why I suspect this will get a sizable following And really, I feel like that s become the main marker of success for YA novels But the fact remains that in the hands of a experienced and sophisticated writer, this book could have been a lot than it was The premise is interesting enough to bring in the readers and, again, it does indeed hit all those young adult paranormal points But the writing and execution of it was just so juvenile, I can t in good conscious give it then a 2.5 Maybe 2.8 It s nearing a 3, but just not quite good enough to get there I d say, if this was a story I found on or one of those sites where amateur writers post up their original fiction, and if I read it, I d give it an enthusiastic review saying something like, This is great You need to work on A, B, and C, but if you keep writing and working on your craft, you ll definitely be good enough to get published one day Keep it up Because that s exactly what this story read like a decent but ultimately flawed manuscript written by someone with talent, but who just ultimately isn t ready to get published yet And yet is IS hence the low marks.Again, I ll probably get tons of unhelpful reviews on this, though let s face it, the unhelpful or helpful buttons are fairly pointless, used by fangirls anti fangirls the author to hate on reviews that don t immediately agree with whatever opinion the button presser has about the book Still, this is just my honest review It s just not a decent enough book for me to honestly recommend it to anyone other than those who already have pretty low standards when it comes to books Especially those for whom YA supernatural lit represents the pinnacle of literature.PS Strong heroine Let s get this straight Simply being able to fight doesn t automatically make a female character strong Particularly when she seems revel in being protected by the Hot Nice Guy who we know is a Nice Guy ie syndrome because of his numerous and fairly self indulgent, not to mention creepy for a NUMBER of reasons displays of noble self sacrifice I really wish authors would realize that it takes than a sharp weapon to make your heroine impressive.

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    Aside from occasionally amusing asides Ell names her white car Marshmallow , this book is all over the place The plot is both simplistic and confused, none of the characters are unique or compelling, and there is a disturbing laxness in parenting not her father, who s supposed to be unlikeable, but her mother, who calmly accepts her 17 year old and her friends drinking under her own roof Plus Ell dresses like a slutty nurse for Halloween and goes shopping with her friend, during which the brands BMW, Audi, Badgley Mischka, and Valentino are dropped Ugh.

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    Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton is one of the best angel books I ve read in years, and I ve read A LOT of them The only other angel book on the same level is Cynthia Hand s Unearthly, which is also stellar With Angelfire, it s like Moulton had a check list of what makes a great young adult book and seamlessly blended all of these components together into this sensational debut novel I was hooked from the first chapter and couldn t stop reading it was another wee hours of the morning finish because this book was THAT GOOD There are so many cliches in young adult paranormal fiction these days, and Moulton has an antidote for all of them Tired of weak, whimpering heroines You will LOVE Ellie She s the perfect balance of mad battle skills and heart Wondering why every teenager has to have absent parents Ellie and her mother share a close, loving relationship Yes, youth of today, it s okay to love your mom Creeped out by centuries old guys falling in love with teenage girls Well, Ellie s soul s pretty old, too Annoyed by girls throwing themselves at obsessive, stalker guys Ellie totally calls Will on it and actually shows a healthy level of suspicion After reading about one too many TSTL heroines this year, Angelfire was refreshing and original.Frustrated by book series holding their cards too closely and providing no answers I m looking at you, Fallen Well, Moulton s perfect mix of answers and mystique creates a well developed, intriguing mythology for her series And thank you, Courtney, for NO CLIFFHANGER Angelfire s ending is my favorite kind for a book in a series there s a satisfying resolution to this book s conflict with just enough unanswered questions and mystery to have you clamoring for the sequel AND I AM CLAMORING.And that romantic tension You d need to use one of Ellie s Khopesh swords to slash through it I was about to say this is where Moulton really shines, but then I remembered her action scenes which are brilliant, and I don t even really like action scenes , so I suppose Moulton is equally brilliant at writing heart aching romantic tension and gripping action scenes Moulton s pacing for Ellie and Will s relationship is fantastic I loved seeing Ellie fall in love with Will none of this I love you for no reason other than I happened to see you from across the hall for our heroine , and Moulton s use of flashbacks was captivating This book oozes and seethes with romantic tension, and it kept me coming back chapter after chapter waiting for the moment when Ellie and Will would FINALLY kiss So, so, so worth the wait.Although I was a little thrown by the big reveal about Ellie near the end of the book I definitely did not see that coming and I m not crazy about that development I cannot wait to see these characters again Intriguing mythology, well crafted characters, riveting action, and captivating romance combine into one thrill ride of a novel that grips your heart and doesn t let go.

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    I don t want to put up my full review yet since this book is several months away from being published I just want to say that THIS BOOK BLEW ME AWAY It is ridiculous how good it is.I was pretty excited to read it, but I had absolutely no idea how freakin fantastic it would be Seriously Just a few minutes after I read the last page, I was telling April Good Books Good Wine that the book came at a good time Once Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins and Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead are released later this year, I wasn t going to have anything else that I was so obsessed with getting my hands on Now I do the next two books in this trilogy Once I said that, I realized it is about the highest compliment I can pay someone comparing their book to both The Hunger Games and Vampire Academy series And let me tell you, Angelfire measures up.It has the best action combat scenes I can remember reading ever All the characters are fabulous, the plot is riveting and the love story exceptional Go out immediately and do whatever it takes to get your hands on a copy Beg, borrow, or steal onejust read it