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The Story Of Mary Tudor S Childhood Is A Classic Fairy Tale A Princess Who Is To Inherit The Throne Of England Is Separated From Her Mother Abused By An Evil Stepmother Who Has Enchanted Her Father Stripped Of Her Title And Forced To Care For Her Baby Stepsister, Who Inherits Mary S Rights To The Throne Believe It Or Not, It S All True Told In The Voice Of The Young Mary, This Novel Explores The History And Intrigue Of The Dramatic Rule Of Henry VIII, His Outrageous Affair With And Marriage To The Bewitching Anne Boleyn, And The Consequences Of That Relationship For His Firstborn Daughter Carolyn Meyer Has Written A Compassionate Historical Novel About Love And Loss, Jealousy And Fear And A Girl S Struggle With Forces Far Beyond Her Control This almost received only a 1 star from me Why the exception I love historical fiction I was very interested in learning about Mary, the oldest surviving daughter of King Henry VIII I had seen Carolyn Meyer s books on the shelf at the library and was curious I picked this one up as well as her book on Princess Elizabeth, half sister to Mary I was very disappointed with the overuse of the word bas Yes, after King Henry divorced his loyal and faithful wife, Catherine of Aragon, Mary was considered an illegitmate daughter Which is the definition of bas However, just because the term was used frequently and was a common way back then It is not now Now days it is a very offensive term So, why use it so frequently in a book targeted to 9 12 year old girls I was reading this outloud with my daughter She could not even say the word she was so embarassed I just skipped over the word during my turn to read, or left out the sentence I was also disappointed with the description of the birth of Mary s half sister, Elizabeth I quote, Shelton shoved me into a place near the foot of the great bed I was shocked by what I saw There was blood everywhere and Anne s sweat drenched hair spread out on the white pillow like a dark stain, her onyx eyes glazed with pain Tell the king his son is born she shrieked, and with one last heave the baby, slimy with blood, slipped into the world Something so sweet and miraculous should be described as such If I were a 9 year old reading this, I would never want to give birth The image it creates for a young girl, would only create that type of birth for her Even though I wanted to quit reading it, I was curious as to how the rest of the book was Except for those two things, I did think it was an OK book Very interesting Gave the reader an insight into that time period and style of life for Mary, who eventually did become Queen of England. I made it about 100 pages into this one, and then had to put it down It reads like a 5th grade biography report, when the students have to dress as the person they research and tell you about their lives It was all, I m Mary and I did this and then I thought that and this was good and Anne was a witch and then I learned Latin and then Then I had the sweating illness And then I, Sarah Gransee, put the book down and started something else. When I was a very young girl in grade school, I was in the library scanning my fingers across the titles as I walked down aisle after aisle of bookshelves I stopped at this title, because I knew Bloody Mary as that game you played at slumber parties where everyone goes into the bathroom, shuts the door, and chants Bloody Mary in hopes of getting scared Little did I know that Bloody Mary was the nickname of Princess Mary Tudor, and as I read the book, I had yet to realize that the Princess was an actual historical person When I realized this by the end of the novel, I was greatly intrigued It was because of this book that my love for studying the Tudors the English monarchy sparked Now as a young lady I read about how horrible Queen Mary was, however this book portrays her completely different Even if it is fictional I have a soft spot for Mary because her life was not all that great even when she finally got to be Queen This book is wonderfully written, and Carolyn Meyer does an excellent job at creating a character out of Mary Tudor I also suggest you take a look at Meyer s other books on royalty. Find the enhanced version of this and other reviews at wage a personal war against the stereotypes that plague stepfamilies I grew up in one and am now a stepmother in my own right Still, I am big enough to accept that wicked is sometimes an all too accurate description One such example is the case of Mary Tudor and her stepmonster, Anne Boleyn.Mary was born the beloved daughter of Henry VIII and his first wife, Queen Catherine Their only surviving child, she wanted for nothing She lived a blissful existence, the cherished heir to the throne, until the arrival of Anne Boleyn Mary s father was not known for his fidelity but Anne was unlike any of Henry s previous mistresses Ambitious and cunning, Anne s seduction of England s king set in motion a chain of events that would alter the course of the entire nation Henry s daughter Mary would be one of Anne s most tragic victims As Anne s star rose, Mary s fell She lost her mother, her father, her title, her inheritance and eventually, even her legitimacy was thrown to the wind She was forced into the service of her infant sister, Anne s daughter Elizabeth, and came under fire for her Catholic faith Had Mary been a few years older she may have been spared this fate, protected by an alliance to foreign kingdom A few years younger and she may have been restored to favor before she was considered a spinster Fate, unfortunately, is a fickle mistress My only criticism of Meyer s work is that it focuses less on Mary than it does the impact Anne had on her life While an important aspect, I was disappointed to never get a sense of who Mary actually was Mary, Bloody Mary is a solid if somewhat concise introduction to the early life of Henry s oldest daughter, picking up shortly before Anne s arrival and concluding just after her execution While not the whole story, I admire Meyer s decision to omit the graphic events of Mary s tenure as Queen from the narrative in consideration of the target audience That being said I am firmly against the censure of history and greatly appreciated the appearance of these details in the historic notes Recommended to adolescent readers of Tudor fiction.