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THE MAN ON THE MOON WAS DEAD They Called Him Charlie He Had Big Eyes, Abundant Body Hair And Fairly Long Nostrils His Skeletal Body Was Found Clad In A Bright Red Spacesuit, Hidden In A Rocky Grave They Didn T Know Who He Was, How He Got There, Or What Had Killed Him All They Knew Was That His Corpse Was , Years Old And That Meant That This Man Had Somehow Lived Long Before He Ever Could Have Existed

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    Hard science fiction folksyou ll love this The book takes it s time setting up the story read introduces some of the characters, wanders around giving us a short intro to the bookand so on First we get a small snippet of what went before and then we start to meet the people involved.After you ve well read the opening, heard about the scope and met some of these people and yawned a good deal we finally find, Charlie Now Charlie is a dead spaceman astronaut found on the moon in a bright red space suit.Who died 50,000 years agoYeah that hooked me to Too bad the story telling doesn t live up to the idea Though I know some of you will GREATLY disagree with me as people do love this book.The story basically boils down to an imaginary chain of research accounts and debates showing attitudes of the people making the arguments closed minded to open minded It finally does boil down to a possible answerthough I was pretty tired of it all by that time.There is one thing I think may be an anomaly or even an error here Please feel free to correct me if I m wrong Charlie is found not only dead but decayed in his space suit Wouldn t the freezing temp on the moon he was in a sort of depression or under cover have prevented that Oh well Not one I really got into, found the arguments a bit boring after a while See what you think Mediocre for me.

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    3.5 stars This is the first book by James P Hogan that I have read and I was very impressed This was a well thought out, hard SF book that was also a terrific, engaging story The plot is basically a SF mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end which does not disappoint I look forward to reading the other two books in this series Recommended.

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    The most enjoyable sci fi book I have read and I must have read it at least 3 times, which is rare for me I ve enjoyed all his works and am sad that he died so young compared with me

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    About as hard si fi as you can get I love a detective story combined with science fiction it is perfect Sure, there is little character development, but instead there are character types and an abundance of the kind of ungrounded scientific certainty that can delay scientific break throughs Made me think of a book I read to my children when they were going through their, long, dinosaur phase fueled by yearly visits to the dinosaur museum in Drumheller, Alberta , T.rex and the Crater of Doom about real life scientific detective work concerning the Yucatan meteor asteroid comet crater complete with all the academic jealousies and theoretical rigidities that I can fully relate to as an academic The dogmatic theoretician is the bane of academia as far as I am concerned Let the evidence speak for itself.Must get my cyber hands on the sequels

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    This book astounded me when I first read it The ideas, the writing, hard science fiction was fairly new for me then.The discovery of a human mummy in a space suit on the moon causes a sensation when carbon dating shows it s age as greater the humans on Earth.

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    I m not entirely sure what to make of this book If I m not mistaken, while it isn t considered a classic by many, it is sort of a check this out sort of book that circulates within the hard sci fi community I ve been aware of this existing for a long time, but never thought of it as something I really needed to complete my education within the genre, but when I found it at a used bookstore for super cheap I couldn t resist picking it up The premise, that explorers on the moon uncover a 50,000 year old corpse buried in the regolith a human corpse is awesome The byline on the title says this is a book about man s place in the universe I see that I was hooked.I ended up, however, being just a bit underwhelmed by the story itself Narratively, there is almost nothing that happens here It s the story of a guy that has all this contradictory evidence in front of him and how he figures out how the corpse ended up on the moon No romance to speak of, no personal drama, no mention really of family or regrets in life Just a guy doing his job It gets a bit unintentionally funny at times, mostly because the author is showing us life in the early decades of the 21st century I think the 2020 s and what everyday life is like At one point, after uncovering a diary that was with the corpse, they find a page that is especially interesting, so they decide to print a copy in order to confirm a hypothesis about what was on the page The following exchange takes place Sit down there at the master console That s right Now activate the control keyboard Press the red button that one What do I do now Type this FC comma DACCO seven slash PCH dot P, slash HCU dot one That means functional control mode, data access program subsystem number seven selected, access data file reference Project Charlie, Book one, page sixty seven, optical format, output on hard copy unit, one copy It does Really Great In case you missed it, that is how people print in the future Go figure Oh, and there is another full paragraph that continues to explain the concept of a printer that follows Again, in the seventies when this came out I would probably have loved it, and anytime you re trying to guess what everyday life will be like in 50 years then I suppose you re going to get lots of stuff wrong And this book, well, it gets lots of stuff wrong There is a long conversation about the moon, its formation, the early state of the solar system, all sorts of stuff like that And while it s tough to declare any of the things stated in the book as obviously wrong, scientific data since the book was released strongly implies that the entire hypothesis of this novel is implausible at best So, we have a novel that has almost no narrative to speak of, that gives us a look at a future almost present that doesn t look very much like the world of today, and they have a mystery to solve One that can only be answered by science That part did interest me, and that s the part that makes this worth reading I won t go so far as to recommend it, but you know, you might want to check it out if you re into that sort of thing.

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    First book in the greatest SciFi trilogy of all time Spectacular Genuine hard science SciFi You re in the story as the scientists develop their hypotheses, test them, learn , revise them, and move the story forward Great plot and storyline Very well written Both believable and very stretching This book pulled me in like no other It sets up the Giants series to be the most interesting, surprising, well written, and meaningful of all science fiction trilogies plus 2 up to the present time A model of how to develop and write hard SciFi.This book launches one of the most interesting, creative ideas on where humankind really came from.Impossible to put down Exciting, amusing, great characters, great interplay between them Sets up some of the best alien civilizations ever described Has never been bettered.

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    Written in the 1970 s the author brilliantly predicts quite a bit that s true about the 21st century sure, we re behind schedule on those flying cars and we ve banned smoking but when it comes to his predictions on electronic gizmos he s fairly accurate Unique storyline with great twist for an ending, I found this to be a very enjoyable science fiction book.

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    This book addresses some anomalies in our moon and solar system that are eventually explained by events that occurred during prehistoric times VERY interesting with a great ending The sequels to this are also good reading.

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    I really enjoyed this one It starts with a wonderful mystery and then unravels the answer through a wonderful combination of science fact and science fiction Wonderful.