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The Dead Have Risen, And There S No Safe Place Coworkers Kevin And Angel Take Refuge In A College Town Research Facility, Where A Handful Of Desperate Survivors Battle The Plague And Each Other While Searching For A Cure Meanwhile, Angel Has A Secret That Will Affect Everyone In The Facility Dead Beyond The Fence Includes A Bonus Novella, Dread Appetites Seven Months Have Passed, And The Dead Still Walk Will The World Ever Return To Normal Dead Beyond the Fence by Brian Kaufman is a dark and disturbing story about Kevin, an office worker with strong sense of survival who tries to protect himself and his boss Angel when the world becomes over run by zombies Though the odds are against them, Kevin manages to find refuge for them in the research labs of a university where they band together with other survivors Kevin is an interesting and likeable character it is interesting to see him progress from desk jockey to protector as he uses his intelligence and instincts to survive With a few notable exceptions, other characters are not as likeable or authentic perhaps because the book is quite short and not much time is available to flesh them out further I would have liked the story to last longer and learn about the world and the characters within it In a fun twist, there are two endings to the book and you can choose which one you prefer However, once you ve read the second one it s hard to forget, so if you like the first ending don t read on 3 AND 1 2 STARSThis latest zombie entry was quite a pleasant surprise Although author Brian Kaufman doesn t really add anything new to the zombie mythology, he writes some of the most natural and realistic dialogue I ve read in quite a while Instead of gore and violence, Kaufman plays to his strength of solid character development, particularly the two main characters, Kevin and Angel While the world of an apocalyptic zombie invasion is usually set on a massive scale, this author mainly focuses the events in one building location with various characters working on separate possibilities to cure the undead virus A pressure cooker of internal conflicts arise between the survivors and begins to boil over A few typos aside, this is a well written and edited story.With the exception of a sudden argument about halfway through the book that I felt was a bit unmotivated, the story felt very organic and believable As long as an author can submerge me into their world and make me believe the events are truly happening, I consider that a success Could this story have been longer Yes Could it have added a original spin to the hundreds of other zombie stories that have already been published Sure But in the end, it s about entertainment, too And I was never bored Kaufman keeps the scenes short and really cuts to the heart of the relationships in a refreshingly concise way I also liked the way Kaufman portrays the zombies, describing that the older they get, the they fall apart and even die off naturally This is something that might be obvious, but not a lot of authors touch on this specific trait, which makes everything believable and offers a glimmer of hope to our heroes As a bonus for the novel, the publisher includes the sequel and much darker story, Dread Appetites , a novella that takes place half a year after the events in Dead Beyond The Fence While I was glad to read of the characters, especially since Kaufman left things so vague at the end in the first story, I don t think he was as inspired with this novella The writing felt as if he skipped over important parts and the descriptions had me flipping back to make sure I had not missed something He had one character dying that really felt out of place with no real reason as to why In one page, fairly healthy and alert, the next page dead I kept going, huh The tone of this novella also seemed very different than the first story, moving at a faster, but inconsistent pace The remainder of the story pulled together and was satisfying overall, but it was not as good as the main story Although I enjoyed Dread Appetites , it seemed to betray the character s priority for a good defense and self protection Kevin makes a few choices that felt inconsistent with his prior decisions But I can certainly believe that people change drastically trying to survive in a world of zombies, so I won t complain too much Still, this receives a solid recommendation from me and it is a great read for zombie fans that want than just blood and guts It will stay with you long after the book is closed, especially the ending to Dread Appetites. Maybe I am just a zombie literature snob from reading so many of those type novels I have a mild zombie obsession , but this one was boring to me There was nothing in it that I have not read many times before in other books of this genre The zombies were not really a threat, and the characters were very two dimensional and behaved in ways that made them seem irritating I had a hard time caring enough to empathize with their plight or anyone s for that matter If you are like me and desperate for a zombie fix, then go ahead and read it, it isn t terrible or anything, it just does not really leave a lasting impression at all with one exception the second ending The alternate ending just seemed stupid gruesome to be gruesome, and made the lead character seem pathetic The original ending however, was decent I could easily understand why it would conclude that way considering the circumstances Some people mentioned that the book is depressing, but zombie books are not usually uplifting romps, so I don t have issue with that element in this book, that s realism a world full of zombies and the constant risk of death would be depressing folks This probably would have worked better as a short story, as it lacked depth and enough original plot elements and twists to be a captivating novel This ain t my first ride on the zombie rodeo, and Dead Beyond the Fence just left me feeling bored. This is what horror is all about Kaufman is almost single handedly redefining the genre that has spent far too long trying to deny its own criteria the past decade, all horror I ve read was actually just fantasy the authors and publishers need to re learn what the horror genre is.Characters and events are very realistic ok, except maybe walking corpses haha and that is what really makes this story The true horror isn t walking dead, it s everything else. Over written and infuriating, all at the same time The book is essentially a novella that races to a heart pounding and ambiguous conclusion but, ultimately, I would have said that I enjoyed the ride despite it s faults i would have i.The author saw fit to tack on an alternate ending which was so useless and so insulting, I threw the book at the wall when I was finished a first for me It felt as if the author wanted to punish the reader for daring the nerve of us to want to know what happened to the main characters after the ending So he thought of the most foul and wrong things he could think of and contrived a way to make it happen to punish us for asking for.Stop after the first ending, only bother with the rest if you re the type that likes to see feel the worst. one head on a spike away from being lord of the flies. Was a decent zombie romp. Kevin and Angel have survived in his apartment during the first month of the zombie apocalypse with a group of other survivors who are living, essentially, in denial The zombies are getting in despite the insistence of others that they cannot get in Even though they have barricaded the place pretty tightly there are less and less of living souls as the days go on So the duo pick up and depart the complex, heading toward the mountains nearby, with the hopes of steering clear of the mass of the undead in the city Before they get too far, they end up at a university research facility which still houses several scientists and a few others who have decided to continue on with their research in an effort to discover the cause, and possibly a cure, for what has caused the dead to come back to life Unfortunately, they are all working at crossed purposes and none of them except a security guard named Janet seems to care about what is out beyond the fence The undead have mostly left them alone and no one really seems to like it when Kevin rocks the boat by suggesting that they take a serious approach to defense, since all they have is a chain link fence to protect themselves and and zombies seem to be gathering at the gate every day This book is broken up into the main story, which is novella sized, and then a short story that is almost novella sized, that finishes things up I do not want to give away much of the plot, but I will say that this book does take a different approach than many other apocalyptic zombie books that you will see out there in how things occur, especially with the novella tacked on to the end of it The writing is solid and well edited, with very few typos, but the story itself may not appeal to all people, especially those who have faith that in the end, humanity will win out I was frustrated at points with certain characters and how they acted, but not because I didn t think what they did wasn t realistic or anything of the sort it is like getting frustrated because some of the characters who buried their heads in the sand, or seemed willing to give up on things too easily, remind me way too much of how some poor souls act in real life when faced with challenging or harrowing situations You almost have to shake your head at them and curse under your breath If it was a movie, you would scream at the movie screen and tell them to wake up Does that mean I disliked how the story unfolded No, I think this was a grim story and none of the characters came across as heroes or heroinesjust people sleep walking through what little remained of their lives because they don t really know what else they can do Despair has gripped them all, and it is difficult for them to hope for better in the future This is perhaps not the most upbeat tale of the apocalypse which sounds like a contradiction in terms , but perhaps one of the realistically brutal ones The senselessness of it all rings true in this story Kevin and Angel do what they have to care for one another, but cannot truly love each other they need to hold on tightly, but cannot feel much in a dead world It is perhaps a matter of understanding HOW to survive, but perhaps not really knowing WHY to survive. Liked this one, with a bias Living in the town to which this story takes place, made me appreciate it on a different level Short shambling novella that ends with a few surprises.