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The Twin s Daughter is marketed as a mystery, but the only real mystery is why it was published in the first place Things are slow to start as we are introduced to Lucy, her upper class lifestyle, and her parents All of this is rattled to the core when SURPRISE a long lost aunt appears And, she s Lucy s mother s twin SHENANIGANS Baratz Logsted lumps on one Victorian shocker after another as Helen the Long Lost Aunt Twin learns how to talk, dress, walk, and act like a proper lady It s all very Pygmalion while also being totally pointless The edification of Helen comes off as filler, an extended exposition that finally finally ends in murder Yes, friends, one of the twins is murdered But dun dun dun which twin is it Lucy thinks she knows Then she s not sure she knows Then she s positive she knows Then she questions herself again Certainly Lucy is exhausted from all this guessing, which is apropos because the reader will be, too.You would think, halfway through a novel, a homicide would propel the book After all, we ve waited this long for something to happen Surely a mystery is afoot But no Post murder, Lucy falls deeper in love with the boy next door, Kit A new family moves in, and that family has a pretty daughter Lucy worries that Kit likes the new girl Does he He doesn t He tells her so in person Then Kit joins the military and is sent off to Africa He and Lucy write letters to each other Kit also writes letters to the new girl Lucy worries that Kit likes the new girl Does he He doesn t He tells her so in a letter Lucy s father starts drinking heavily Then he dies Then Lucy s other Aunt dies Then the surviving twin gets married and has a baby Then Lucy gets married To Kit Who has returned from the war On their wedding night, Lucy decides with thirty pages left in the book to solve the mystery of Which Twin Is Dead Do we care any I didn t.And trust me you won t, either. I was expecting a wonderful Gothic mystery Instead, I got a badly paced book with bi polar characters and too much sexual innuendo The author also dwells in detail than anyone wants about a girl becoming a woman, something completely at odds and unnecessary with the rest of the story Avoid This doesn t come out for a couple months but oh, I d better review it before I forget The Twin s Daughter is pure gothic goodness I kept turning the pages to see how all the mysteries would pan out, and was surprised a few times Even if you re good at guessing mysteries I m not I expect you will enjoy seeing it all unfold.Befitting the Victorian setting, this book is written in a somewhat formal, mannered way which might turn off some people, but I felt it really worked for setting up the creepy mood, and it didn t stop me from falling for the love interest eitherokay, so I m a sucker for guys who get injured.If you have any interest in gothic stories or the Victorian era, this is one of the best YA in that vein I ve read. Back in August of last year 2010 when I heard about The Twin s Daughter, I instantly loved the premise, the cover, and the promise of twists and turns However, it wasn t until 2011 when I had the chance to finally read this novel.Let me just start by saying that this exceed my expectations The book starts with Lucy, the narrator of this novel, opening the door and finding her mom s twin sister on the doorstep, the sister she never knew her mom had Aunt Helen is quickly accepted inside the family, but there is something off about her Unlike her sister, Aliese who was raised in a wealthy household, Helen grew up in a rough orphanage and was constantly told that she was the unwanted child.Even though we don t see much of Helen s past, you do feel some sadness over what happened to her But I couldn t help wonder if she also had some resentment towards her sister Enough resentment to go single white female on her.A lot happens in the book, but I don t want to ruin the fun of anyone planning to read this Just know that there are some twists and turns mixed with a dash of betrayal, and a sprinkle of romance for garnish.As I was reading this I had different feelings There was excitement as the climax approached and I was trying to guess what happened I also felt sad after hearing about the twins and their lives I did have moments of happiness, as I read about Lucy and Kit Their romance is both cute and endearing, a stark contrast to the rest of the book.The Twin s Daughter has to be one of my favourite reads of this year 2011 When I was reading this I, and I imagine many others, probably thought this would be predictable, but boy was I wrong There were times when Lucy would be oblivious to things that were happening around her house and this usually frustrates me, especially, when it is something that is incredibly obvious, but in this case it didn t Whether it was due her innocence, grief, or whatever, it made sense for Lucy to not really understand what was happening I found myself making excuses for her, especially by the end when we were both wrong on so many levels.I can t say enough about this book If you haven t read this yet, do so immediately The Twin s Daughter is a decent page turner Although the murder mystery takes a long time to arrive and I have difficult understanding why would a upper class couple take in the wife s orphaned twin sister so very quickly and give said sister a costly makeover and introduce her to the high society Come on, who in their right mind would be so trusting However, I do like the details about the Victorian era and how the relationships among characters are formed and then revealed The murder mystery and the plot twist in the end is good, too I also like how the twin sister isn t entirely demonized in the story. Very interesting and fun Creepy, a mystery, betrayal, and romance I suggest this book now This story had EVERYTHING Mystery, murder, romance, Historical fiction, YA, and contemporary This complicated plot with twists around every turn will have you on edge the entire time The author Wows her readers with exceptional attention to detail Her characters will make way into your heart only to be wrenched out then placed back again Recommend for 14 years old for reading level and content fighting 4.5 stars I read this book on kindle NOT FREE. Lucy Sexton Is Stunned When A Disheveled Woman Appears At The Door One Daya Woman Who Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To Lucy S Own Beautiful Mother It Turns Out The Two Women Are Identical Twins, Separated At Birth, And Raised In Dramatically Different Circumstances Lucy S Mother Quickly Resolves To Give Her Less Fortunate Sister The Kind Of Life She Has Never Known And The Transformation In Aunt Helen Is Indeed Remarkable But When Helen Begins To Imitate Her Sister In Every Way, Even Lucy Isn T Sure At Times Which Twin Is Which Can Helen Really Be Trusted, Or Does Her Sweet Face Mask A Chilling Agenda Filled With Shocking Twists And Turns, THE TWIN S DAUGHTER Is An Engrossing Gothic Novel Of Betrayal, Jealousy, And Treacherous Secrets That Will Keep You Guessing To The Very End I never finished this book NEVER read it It is not virtuous, lovely, of good report or praiseworthy. This story had a lot of potential for being one of the best stories of mistaken identity and revenge I have ever read The Author keeps things moving very well from the very beginning, dropping hints to a future twist that the Reader will not forget Lucy is a witty, but proper, narrator who won t allow her Readers to miss out on the action But here is where the good factors end.Enter Kit Christopher Tyler, the main young man I was dubious about the romance in this story from the beginning I always am, just to be on the safe side But I liked Kit he was a very nice, honest boy So I didn t understand why Lucy was such a jerk to him It s like the Author wanted to have the whole modern trend of heroine thinks she hates hero, treats him like garbage, then falls in love with him, but was conscious halfway through that such behavior did not suit Lucy s personality at all it was really out of place , so rather than just rewriting it, she decided that Lucy gets over her sauciness very quickly and becomes fast friends with Kit All this does is make Lucy seem bipolar.Things progress downhill rapidly from there The Author continues to maintain the suspense, and I spent the whole time thinking, Any minute now, things are going to be unveiled Well, things are unveiled all right far things than need be, and not the sort of things that I was expecting Let us start with female puberty, shall we I am not a great advocate for putting such private, though natural, details in a story No female wants to read a detailed account of a character going through female changes, and no male should know about it and they certainly shouldn t learn about it from a book Sometimes such things must be touched upon, but the Author of The Twin s Daughter did than just touch upon it, all the while attempting to write it in delicate words, but there comes a point where one goes into so much detail that no amount of polite phraseology is going to rescue it.Next up is the sexual content For the most part, this remains in the reference only category, where things are alluded to when talking about certain people, and that is about it, with the exception of kissing scenes that start to progress into a little too much intimate touching and mysterious noises emitting from bedrooms But in Chapter 42, page 366 369 we have an actual bedroom scene that is not horribly explicit, but comes so close to being thus that it s a wonder the Author didn t go into full fledged descriptions The only positive thing I can say about this absolutely unnecessary and very private scene is that at least the characters were married But that gave me very little comfort, because books just should not include such intimate scenes even between married couples Some things need to be left behind doors and not shared with the public, even in fiction Leave it to the Reader to conclude that marriage usually leads to the sort of wonderful love that produces children, and don t literally spell it out.Finally, the twist is revealed and it is not at all what I was expecting And I don t mean that in a good way It reminded me of a perfect plot for a soap opera, actually, and in the end the characters are either completely immoral or go through a complete change of personality as to leave the Reader feeling like the only thing they can side with is that poor houseplant in the corner which has had to witness everything right along with you.The Twin s Daughter could have been so good, but in the end, it is just one big letdown with way too many intimate moments that no one should have to read.