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Five Little Peppers and How They Grew MOBI Á Little

Times are tough around the little brown house The widowed Mrs Pepper has to sew all day long just to earn enough to pay the rent and to feed the five growing Peppers But she faces poverty and trouble with a stout heart a smiling face and the help of her jolly brood blue eyed Ben the eldest and the man of the house at the age of 11 pretty Polly so eager to cook for the family and make everyone happy and comfortable and the three littlest Peppers Joel Davie and baby PhronsieA favorite of children parents and teachers for generations this heartwarming classic first appeared in 1880 Since then it has inspired countless young imaginations with its tender tales of the ways in which courage and good cheer can overcome adversity

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    The first of a series Margaret Sidney's Five Little Peppers and How They Grew first published in 1881 tells the story of the Pepper family five siblings and their widowed mother their joys their struggles their love for one another Rather episodic in nature and definitely of its time there are elements of religious preachiness strict gender roles and definite social stratification present the chapters while generally readable and at least mildly enjoyable are also at times rather majorly far fetched with some rather too obvious coincidences so much so that there at least sometimes seems to be an almost fairy tale like aura of disbelief encountered which can be a bit disconcerting as Five Little Peppers and How They Grew seems to have been primarily written as a piece of realistic fiction And yes in particular the serendipity presented at the end of the novel when Percy Van and Dick's father returns and is revealed to be Mrs Pepper's cousin does tend to feel than a bit artificial and forced and while I know that this was often part and parcel to family type children's stories of the 19th and early 20th century I do wonder whether modern children reading or attempting to read Five Little Peppers and How They Grew might not feel as though they are being force or spoon fed that they are being told a story that kind of defies belief and one that assumes innocence and even a degree of naiveté on the part of the readerHowever even of an issue for me personally at least is the presented writing style the narrative flow of Five Little Peppers and How They Grew the words usedencountered and the way many of the characters act or rather emotionally extremely act out For I do find Margaret Sidney's narrative style at best slightly scattered unorganised and also often seriously overly emotional with especially the Pepper children regularly screaming laughing loudly crying on their knees praying and constantly disclaiming or proclaiming their love their fear their pain their joy Of course a novel where the characters are described as being mostly devoid of emotion would also not be natural either but in Five Little Peppers and How They Grew the constant emotional outbursts actually make many of the characters seem rather exaggerated to and for me and even perhaps slightly strange and unnatural almost as though they are defined primarily by their emotions or rather by their excess of the sameNow I would still somewhat recommend Five Little Peppers and How They Grew especially to those who are interested in what I call vintage girls' fiction or vintage family stories but I do much wonder whether modern children would really enjoy this story or wether they would also be like I was and remain than slightly put off by the obvious and heavy handed coincidences and especially the overly exaggerated emotionality of much of the printed text And consequently while I will likely end up reading the rest of the series at some time in the future this will be due to academic interest and not necessarily because I expect to in any ways greatly enjoy reading the sequels 25 stars but not willing to consider 3 stars

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    Let's just say that I loved this book so much that I own three copies of it An old one that matches the rest of the Five Little Peppers series a 50's era one with color illustrations and this pocket edition Of course small books have their own charm but when I found this edition I really didn't have to try hard to find an excuse to buy it also

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    I have an old antique well just really really used edition of this book that my grandmother handed down to me when I was a kid which I suspect added to the feeling that it took me back in time I loved it If you liked Alcott's An Old Fashioned Girl you will like this If you think those old novels for children about families overcoming hardship and learning to appreciate one another despite lack of material goods etc etc are painfully cheesy you will not like this

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    I remembered this very fondly but on re read I discovered that the second part was entirely blocked out of my memory No recollection of reading it at all Perhaps I had to return the book to the library before finishing? A dog or younger sibling chewed the last half into shreds? The start with the Peppers in their Little Brown House and doing their best to make ends meet is excellent This is the part I recalled But then prosperity strikes and the two girls of the family are surrounded by kindly loving people who continually discuss how wonderful the aforesaid girls are and gentle reader fwowed up455 for before fortune smiles on the Peppers 25 for the aftermath I'll average it out to a 3 Available on Gutenberg

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    I hadn't read this book in years I had even forgotten some of the order of the story I read it several times when I was a kid I liked what a good sister Polly was to her younger siblings This book will always have a special place in my heart

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    This book took me forever to finish and I finished it in starts and fits I was supposed to read this a few months ago for Dead Writers Society genre challenge and never got back to it in time So I don't count this book towards the genre challenge since I didn't finish it in the month I was supposed to but dang I want something for finishing thisFive Little Peppers is about Mrs Pepper and her five children Ben Polly Joel Davie and Phronsie The family is not doing very well since Mr Pepper has died Mrs Pepper is a seamstress of some sort and is doing what she can to keep her family fed and under one roof Too bad her kids ask repeatedly for things that they have to know their mother can't afford and just at times act like jerksI really couldn't get a handle on everyone The book really doesn't flow together very well This whole thing felt like a collection that was than wrapped up into one book Some chapters work well together and others do not I didn't really care for the writing probably because Ms Sidney chose to write the book in the way that some young kids speak at certain ages It drove me crazy sometimes to work out what someone like Davie or Phronsie was trying to say The flow was not great because once again not all chapters flowed into each other naturally And there was a bigger problem as I said that the book as a whole did not feel as cohesive as it should have

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    When I was little I was known as the kid who read People in our town would give me books just because I was the kid who read I've read since I was three This was one such book a neighbor woman gave the book to me I never liked it very much because it's like a honey chocolate and jam sandwich Hooo boy

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    The Five Little Peppers are Ben Polly Joel Davie and Phronsie Their father died when Phronsie was a baby and Mrs Pepper struggles to earn enough money to support the family Despite their poverty they are a loving family full of spirit and adventure Ben and Polly do what they can to support the family but a bout with measles threatens the well being of the entire Pepper clan especially Joel and Polly The family has other adventures and befriend Jasper King during one of them This friendship will enrich their lives in ways they never thought would be possible It's always interesting as an adult to reread a book that I loved as a child When I was young I thought how much fun the Peppers had and longed to belong to a large family As an adult I realize how poor the family really was and how quickly the children had to grow up As a child I thought how terrible it was that Polly couldn't read for days on end because of the measles as an adult I realize the Peppers couldn't even afford to buy books First published in 1881 The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew is old fashioned the doctor even makes house calls but still enjoyable The Peppers are all delightful children with Joel being the most honest of the bunch as he complains about having to eat the same food every day Margaret Sidney was a talented author who could make even inanimate objects such as the stove seem alive The children's adventures may seem simple to today's young readers who are used to Harry Potter and the like but it's a refreshing change

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    Finished at last I loved going through this with my youngest sister and rediscovering the world of the Peppers through her eyes Definitely a classic everyone should read

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    A sweet wholesome story of five children meeting poverty with cheerfulness and creativity Probably a bit saccharine to modern eyes but I loved it as a child and still do