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☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow By Kevin J. Anderson ✐ –

Based On The Upcoming Film From Paramount Pictures Starring Jude Law And Gwyneth Paltrow, Set For Release On July In New York City, Joe Sullivan, Leader Of The Heroic Flying Legion, Must Save The Day When Gigantic Mechanical Robots Are Unleashed Upon The World Original

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    Some novelizations are simple transcriptions of the movie into prose Others add depth, extending the characterization, building out the back story, or inserting events that didn t make it into the movie, and giving you a richer experience This is one of the first type It s a fun read, but really, just watch the movie.

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    No need to try and use any real world logic to understand the way things work in science fiction of the 19th century early 20th century and the super robot genre After all, that lack of totally plausible explanation is what makes those works fun Granted, with the power of hindsight, what we now think of as innocent understanding about nature and physic s laws was probably based on the cutting edge science of the time Still, science fiction is so much fun when there s fiction than updated science in it.And when you read the novelization of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, what you will get is that super robot logic Hey, after all, this is not our 1930s This is the 1930s in another world, where New York is attacked again and again by mad scientists it has to be mad scientists, in this time of people just waking up to the dangers technology might bring them and both villains and heroes use ultramodern technology you don t even see today An amphibious Warhawk, anyone In our own world, that is In The World of Tomorrow, the mad scientist Sky Captain is now facing is a German it has to be a German twisted doctor who goes with the name Totenkopf, who enslaves other brilliant, good scientists who are powerless against him to give a hand in developing things based on his crazy ideas.Totenkopf s fighting machines steal various things from all over the world for reasons unknown, and even destroy the supposedly secret base of the mercenary Flying Legion, forcing its leader, the taciturn Sky Captain, to embark on a solo journey, tracing down Totenkopf to destroy him Well, Sky Captain is not totally alone a journalist, Polly Perkins, his former flame, insists to go with him, wishing to get sure headliners for the newspaper she works for.Don t hope for any in depth explanation, let alone analysis, of the characters They are what they are Nobody knows exactly what makes Totenkopf think the way he thinks and want the things he wants Some modern readers probably would insist, But where s the background of this character Where s the psychological explanation for this misbehaviour If you re in for that, I suggest you put your money somewhere else Neither much is told about Sky Captain and Polly we know next to nothing about who or what they really are The only past of theirs ever discussed is the misunderstanding in Nanjing several years ago that led to their break up.I bet The World of Tomorrow would feel interesting and convincing in the film format, in which cinematography and stunning animation can cover for a far too ordinary plot and rather stereotypical characters Still, a light, funny, fun read, this novel is and I felt awed just thinking about the Flying Fortress, being the pathetic super robot fan I am.

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    Robots attacking New York City and dissapearing German scientists..the story seem unrelated, but Polly Perkins, a reporter for the city paper, has a hunch that they are connected in some way She is on to the story of a lifetime when she hitches a ride with her ex boyfriend, Sky Captain, who is a member of the flying legion She and Sky Captain discover the evil and dangerous plan of the scientist Dr Totenkof, and its up to them to stop it before the Earth is completely destroyed.I watched this movie ages ago and felt like picking up the book since it was laying around for ages, begging to be read It made me want to watch the movie again The book itself wasn t really great, though You can tell its just taken play by play from the movie, focusing on the action instead of what any of the characters are thinking It was kind of entertaining, and not the worst book Not really very memoroable t me I think you d get a better experience from just watching the movie.

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    I liked the movie, so it makes sense that I d like the book It was a bit different in spots, and went into the background of the Flying Legion and Sky Captain s chief inventor, Dex They mention other mad scientists that Sky Captain had faced in the past, and I kinda wished there were books telling those stories as well.