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Putting Food By Has Sold Than , Copies Since It Was First Published This New Revised Edition Updates The Information And Adds Several New Sections On How To Preserve With Less Sugar And Salt, Make Better Than Store Bought Foods At Home, Freeze For The Microwave, Preserve And Can For The Small Family, Can And Freeze Convenience Foods, Choose The Right Equipment, And Make Christmas Presents

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    I actually considered canning food to be a hard but not crazy hard task before reading this book Now I am thoroughly convinced that if I attempted canning anything, one minuscule error will kill my entire family with botulism Thanks, Janet Greene

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    I read an older edition of this a few years ago My old roommates mother was cleaning out her cookbooks and this was one of the ones she acquired during that phase It s extremely informative and helpful Honestly, I may see about tracking down a modern edition to purchase because it is just that helpful The recipes weren t anything particularly groundbreaking, but I love how the book breaks down the canning steps and explains why each step is important Also helpful there was a section on what to do with food if you think it had gone bad, which is very useful information and something a lot of books leave out Definitely a recommended read for anyone interested in canning or preserving food.

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    I actually owned an old version of this book and sold it on a while back when I wasn t canning and my gf made fun of the title and I took it personally Yes, I m ridiculous Anyway, we have it from the library now and it s great Each section on different ways to preserve has valuable information on technique as well as diagrams and pictures This basic information gives you a foundation of food storage principles.

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    This book is the go to book for all of Katie s jams and preserves If you want the tastiest local foods year round, you need to put food by It includes information, on caning, pickling, freezing, and drying so it can fit your preferences very well.My mom actually sent us our copy One of the best presents of the year.

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    I find this a charming research book to keep on hand You won t find culinary masterpieces here but you will find solid advice

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    Putting Food By must be the definitive work on canning, freezing, drying, and preserving food Do you have a burning desire to can salmon This book will tell you how You want to know the exact science behind mold This book has that information This book has ALL the information.If I was solely judging this book on knowledge alone I would give it five stars, easily But the information wasn t easily read, nor were there any photographs to break up the four hundred plus pages While this is an excellent reference book on the nuts and bolts of saving food, it is a lousy recipe book to enjoy.

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    A wonderful book with opinionated commentary on preserving food Who knew that there used to be an entire business line that would allow you to rent freezer space in their warehouse, and, as a one stop convenience, cut up your meat for you as well The book helpfully provides the yellow pages categories to look up such businesses And while I know that one shouldn t use old canning books for recipes, I still found the general information about why canning preserves food quite educational and the general descriptions of which things are good for canning to be quite useful I ll be keeping this one on my shelf for general reference.

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    I think this is the 4th edition of this classic book on preserving food While it is a wealth of information, I must admit I didn t find it overly inspiring I am pretty much interested in water bath canning, and I don t eat meat so much of the content of this book was simply outside of my interest It s also a text heavy book, which is tough these days, what with all the gorgeous photography now included in cookbooks.

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    This is a classic, and if you are a home canner you should have this one along with the Ball Blue book from your hardware store It contains detailed reference on canning, freezing and drying For me, it expanded my ideas about how I could put different vegetables by for the winter Nothing fancy or trendy.

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    I know it is weird, but I do actually READ cookbooks Apparently this is the CLASSIC reference I need to find an updated version in a similar vein but with less sugar, fewer toxic ingredients and less processing Some recipes DO fit this bill, and I could sift those out, but it wasn t the norm for the compilation.