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Lanik Mueller S Birthright As Heir To Planet Treason S Most Powerful Rulership Will Never Be Realized He Is A Rad Radical Regenerative A Freak Among People Who Can Regenerate Injured Flesh And Trade Extra Body Parts To The Offworld Oppressors For Iron For, On A Planet Without Hard Metals Or The Means Of Escape Iron Is Power In The Race To Build A Spacecraft Iron Is The Promise Of Freedom Which May Never Be Fulfilled As Lanik Uncovers A Treacherous Conspiracy Beyond His Imagination Now Charged With A Mission Of Conquest And Exile Lanik Devises A Bold And Dangerous Plan A Quest That May Finally Break The Vicious Chain Of Rivalry And Bloodshed That Enslaves The People Of Treason As The Offworld Never Could

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    It s been years since I last read this, but I remember it very fondly While it has some flaws, it is a really fun adventure story of a young man discovering himself his world And what a world It s a very cool concept that Card has come up with Part of the fun of the book is discovering this, so I won t say in my review, except that it is a really interesting look at fanaticism the evolution of societies.There is a lot of adventure it is almost a fantasy, yet always shelved as SF Also reviewed as an audio book here says he writes his books to be read out loud it works As much as I liked this book in print, it was even better in that format.

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    I gave the book 4 stars, so why does this get 5 The reader was pretty good, but not enough to give it another star No, it s just a very good book I rounded up this time because I found out a couple of things about Card over the years.This is his second novel, which makes this quite a feat He published 2 others the year this came out 1979 too That s a fantastic accomplishment He does a great foreword in this edition, too He s pretty religious now from what I ve heard this book seems to be a search for morality in the face of materialism, complete with Original Sin Thankfully, there wasn t anything for his or any other religion which would have been a huge turn off.The book wasn t without its problems, but it was a huge undertaking is exactly what SF should be about So, I didn t let a little bit of broken logic get in the way of my enjoyment He laid out an unlikely scenario that made his points perfectly He made some great points about the evils of rulers once the fighting is done, does the common man really care Of course not We just want to be left alone to live our lives The humble pastoral setting of Humping was over the top, though They were kind because they were poor Please There s nothing noble about scratching a living from the dirt living in poverty, but the Peace Corps was an in thing back then it was a counterpoint.Other problems praise view spoiler The idea that the various families would become the masters of their chosen professions was obviously a stretch, a single language that a starship would still be their goal after 3000 years was kind of silly The iron in Schwartz would have been obvious to any compass Still, it was a great backdrop if you can just swallow that as the basis I loved the idea of blowing up the Ambassadors removing temptation Suddenly all communication with the false gods was removed all men were free to find their way to their own destiny hide spoiler

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    Just to give you a rough idea of how charmingly fudged up this book is the protagonist Lanik Mueller is a teenage boy who can regenerate any body parts yes, any and he has two lovely cutesy horses named Hitler and Himmler This nice charming young man should be going on an adventure and marry a fairy princess at the end of the rainbow or something but as the plot would have it, Lanik is exiled from his kingdom and set on the path to uncover the conspiracy that enslave planet Treason Treason is a prison planet without hard metals so all the rival clans are plotting schemes to get iron from the offworlders in order to be the first to build escape spaceship.I really did tried but I m going sit this one out The idea of the book is very original and the story pretty intriguing right up to the point where Lanik goes through a phase where he has to find his true self, accept destiny, make peace with family, save the world all while having one mother of a Messiah complex The story goes round and round and ends up nowhere Also Lanik s journey took so long I eventually zoned out I know I m just a sci fi novice here but dammit my attention span has been forged by the weirding way of the Bene Gesserit and fortified by Heinlein s lectures You still managed to bore me to oblivion, Lanik Mueller I d better make a fresh start with Ender series

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    In my first foray into fiction other than A Song of Ice and Fire in a long while, I read Treason by Orson Scott Card a couple of days ago A noteworthy event, believe you me.As his second novel revised version, like with Hot Sleep it is in some ways quite raw The first third of the book was essentially transsexual erotic fiction So if that was the bait, consider me hooked I somehow don t think it was.The story was told from a first person future perspective This was probably the novel s biggest fault This perspective naturally leads you to piece together plot points that the reader has yet to see Thus, outside of aspects of the universe that you haven t yet been introduced to, there is no way to surprise the reader.Luckily for Card, his strength lies in the ability to create detailed and interesting worlds to explore So even though our hero Lanik Mueller never did anything that he hadn t previously hinted that he would do, his wanderings are still rather interesting In some sense, he has a very Odysseus eque travel On this universe centered story telling, Treason is most similar to his other works Hot Sleep and Wyrms and Hart s Hope All four tend to decentralize the importance of the characters and see them as eventual and necessary arrivals on the stage of the great time dependent differential equation of their respective worlds Lanik Mueller isn t important, but someone like him is.Unfortunately for us Lanik Meuller seems to operate with the our modern day moral structure and not his own This is a consistency with Card though The genius of Heinlein is that he creates elaborate places that have their own detailed and intense corresponding ethical structure And even while doing so, he denies the existence of absolute moral relativism see Farnham s Freehold The genius of Asimov is that he was able to single handedly define and expand the morality of robots and AI The genius of Bradbury is to point out those human universalities that exist regardless of technology level From all of the Card I have read which is a lot he never seems to care about these things The foreign aspects of his works are in the science magic alone, and the similarities lie in that his characters act as if they were to pinnacle of modern personality types Perhaps his books have a broader appeal because there is some cold, familiar comfort in this setup However, in retrospect, I am tempted to think it is somewhat of a cop out Maybe he isn t good at mixing up moral frames of reference so he steers away from it in general Which is fine But this gets back to my main criticism that the main characters are static than my bar of interest would normally allow Luckily, his early works tended to be short, not giving time for his characters to do much other than explore the world.So in summary, I liked it I couldn t put it down But whether this was because I was fascinated with his uncomfortable writing of transsexual, lesbian, and gay sexuality or whether I liked the world is hard to say.

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    When I was a teenager I tried really hard to like Orson Scott Card s books I read Ender s Game and loved it I read Speaker for the Dead and was bored out of my mind Then I read eight or ten of his other books and had a similar experience.I finally gave up I ve moved on, mostly He does have some intriguing ideas that make me think about reading his books every once in awhile This happens when I read about Terry Brooks as well though usually the desire to read his books is of a Hmm I wonder how that turned out which almost invariably has the answer Huh What I wasn t asleep Treason was loaned to me by somebody who frequently asked me if I was reading it yet or I probably never would have This is a pre Ender book as in written before Ender s Game.The writing is sparse and fast a trademark of early Card and it feels unpolished in places His prose is never showy or fancy but merely adequate to get the job done The story, on the other hand, is surprisingly layered in so many ways that it felt like Timothy Zahn than Orson Scott Card Events from early in the book are layered back in later and then folded in again when you think you are done with them It really did keep me guessing all the way through.I enjoyed this book It was sort of a return to the early Card that I enjoyed so much when I read Ender s Game It feels kind of like Ender s Game and the Alvin Maker series mashed together in one book It s chock full of ideas and mostly feels like a fantasy than science fiction If you ve been looking for something by Card to read then I would recommend this book over most of his others.

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    Between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, I read 22 of O.S Card s sci fi and fantasy novels including the five that mirror The Book of Mormon without knowing it While Card s plotlines do vary, unlike, say Clive Cussler my favorite author during middle school , I grew to be aware of his deficiencies as a writer He has certain phraseologies that he returns to far too frequently and his prose lacks sophistication In fact, it s fairly juvenile Also, as I got further into Card s oeuvre, I saw that as he got older, his stories became less and less exciting and his writing grew weaker Fewer moments of action, talking and moralizing Sermonizing even And it wasn t very convincing at that.So This novel, Treason, written early in Card s career, is his best It s exciting, imaginative, and, for Card, deep If you re going to read Card, which I don t highly recommend, read this and not that Ender Alvin Maker Homecoming crud.

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    I d give it a star and a half The story was cool, but right in the middle of the book, the plot ended and a new one started It should have been 2 books, the first and a sequel Also, it was really uninentionally funny, the extra arms and tits everywhere, and the way the main character would look at his breasts and feel maternal, hilarious The writing was terrible, cheesy, the characters flat, the special powers were played out like a geek who gets picked on at school wishing he could do THIS and THIS to his enemies I read Ender s Game a few years ago, and thought it was much better I have to give the writer the benefit of a doubt, you know, it was his second book I think.

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    Card s second published book, the one I read redone slightly in later years I kept puzzling over the fact that it seemed familiar, then I realized, yes, I d read it before One scene had really stuck in my head, but the rest had dissolved away Even so, it is a good fast read with some interesting families Glad I read it again.

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    Wow This may have been the most original fantasy sci fi story I have ever read It was a remarkable story about what could eventually happen when the scientific elites of an intergalactic government are exiled to a planet with limited resources away from the rest of humanity However, the crux of this tale is not driven by such political theater, but by the main protagonist, Lanik, and his coming of age through puberty This is a must read for any fantasy or sci fi fan It really was a one of a kind Hero s Journey Ender s Game is one of my favorite books of all time, and Orson Scott Card does not disappoint with Treason.

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    Excellent read.