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After an accident a dashing rogue awakens in a country cottage where he is being nursed back to health by one innocent beauty and five not so innocent orphaned childrenWhen Nash Renfrew wakes in the bed of lovely Maddy Woodford he thinks he's dreaming Then he learns of his accident and the loss of his memory But when it returns Nash has no desire to leave Maddy's side and he pretends he still has amnesia With each passing day Nash's attraction to Maddy grows But he's a diplomat and she's just a country girl How can he even entertain thoughts of seducing her?With five orphaned half siblings in her charge Maddy needs the money Nash offers and accepts it even though she knows his stay will stir gossip She can't deny his presence makes her feel safe Nor can she deny the passion promised with each soft caress But their love is also igniting a danger neither of them realizes and a threat to a newfound love neither Maddy nor Nash can live without

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    A nice satisfying historical The plot was familiar Nobleman falls off horse in front of impoverished gentlewoman's cottage and she nurses him back to health It was easy to figure out all of the mysteries and there were not unexpected plot twists This was a fairly light hearted story There was no angstThere were several areas however where the author did a better than average job and lifted this book above its competition The writing was light and fluid For the most part the actions of the characters were not wildly anachronistic and there was a fairly good sense the time period There was some sex but there was justification for it at least the first time than most regencies today which seem to entirely ignore social s of the time The children were well written but did not overtake the story The heroine stood up for herself without seeming to be just a modern woman in a long dress There was one time in particular where the author set up a familiar situation and then totally had her heroine do something not normally done in romances view spoiler The heroine overhears the hero's aunt bad mouthing her to the hero's brother an earl all about how she is a scheming hussy and needs to be bought off Instead of slinking away and crying andor taking off for parts unknown the heroine barges into the room and treats the old lady and the Earl to a tirade about their lack of manners and lack of faith in the decisions the hero makes I was all you go girl hide spoiler

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    Nash falls off a horse with his head Maddy picks him up and heals him in the cradle of her bosoms uite literally When he finally regains his memory he's eager to stay in the cradle of her bosoms Except then boners get in the way and then a proposal and then like feelings ugh 1 So Nash is allegedly a diplomat?? But no one's going to miss him for a month?? And if he's a diplomat WHY THE HELL DID I NOT GET A PARLEZ VOUS FRANCAIS SCENE WITH HIM AND THE HALF FRENCH MADDY? It would have been GREAT is what I am YELLING2 The biggest conflict once our intrepid hero and heroine end up engaged is the fact that Nash doesn't ever talk to Maddy about anything Which is a completely viable conflict don't get me wrong That shit's obnoxious THAT SAID there was no actual resolution?? Like Nash hates marriage because his parents were in love so much that they cycled between humping and fighting like someone trying to find I Dream of Jeannie reruns on basic cable Maddy meanwhile got to watch her parents marriage fall apart due to indifference But they have one Intense Conversation about it that gets interrupted might I add and everything is FINE Nash is over his shit; he's going to talk to Maddy about life choices; time to get MARRIED; also I LOVE YOU BABE and then here's me ???? WHAT JUST HAPPENED IS THIS A DRILL? AM I DRINKING? ARE YOU DRUNK? IS GRACIE DRUNK? WHO'S DRIVING THIS THING??? It don't make sense is what I'm saying It looks good and it sounds good but it don't smell good3 I lovehated Nash's response when Maddy speaks of her Grandmother the Countess of the Bees to the Russian duchess He's like Oh yeah she told me she was the daughter of French nobility BUT I DIDN'T BELIEVER HER HILARIOUS RIGHT???? Meanwhile his family is like SHE'S THE GRANDDAUGHTER OF A COUNTESS WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO YOU FUCKHEAD??? I wanted to shake everyone

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    35 stars for The Accidental Wedding fast paced smexy and a little suspenseful uite enjoyable Loved the impoverished but valiant self sufficient strong willed and proud heroine Maddy Loved her relationship with her deceased French grandmere and her relationship with her bees and with her five younger siblings loved the children I enjoyed the ghostly attacks from the Bloody Abbott Also it was great to see characters from prior books especially Harry and Nell from His Captive Lady a slightly better story IMO The ending scene was great with the Grand Duchess of RussiaThe Honourable Nash Renfew is a diplomat I don't much care for diplomats as heroes but Nash grew on me However at first I did not like him I needed time to get to know him but the smexy overtones immediately drowned out the relationship development From the first night when Maddy brings the unconscious and amnesiac Nash into her tiny cottage the tone becomes sexual with little dialogue at first but caressing and kissing nonetheless I didn't buy it I needed to first know and love Nash and the only thing I had known of him before his accident is that he had told his Aunt Gussie to find him a highly suitable bride but he had no interest in loveNot exactly endearing So I wasn't ready to sleep with him yet so neither should Maddy haha Plus in general this book had sex than I wanted It's not what I love about GracieAnne Gracie writes beautiful historical romances with wonderful relationship development Among my favorites are The Perfect Waltz and The Perfect Rake I also totally loved some of her older publications less steamy but better plot and relationship development in some casesGallant Waif is an oldie but goodieGood book Since I have now read it twice with the same response and had forgotten about the first reading I can only give it 35 stars

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    This is my favorite Anne Gracie book to date What's unusual for me is that Nash is 1 a diplomat and 2 not titled He's the brother of an earl but his fortune is his own And this isn't a story that I'd normally grab That said I loved the gradual relationship between Nash and Maddy; her fierce love for her siblings the care she shows for a stranger and her strength when faced with some difficult doings all made her one of my favorite heroines Nash respects that and he keeps swearing it isn't love but the reader knows what he doesn't want to know which is that with every lovely thing she does he falls in love with her Maddy forces him to respect that she is his eual; all he wants is to protect her and all she wants is for him to understand that she doesn't need him to make decisions for her that she's been making decisions for her family for years and that she deserves to have a choice and to be fully informed And she lets him have it and he loves it There was an interesting villain and some other unusual plot pieces she's a beekeeper and I couldn't put this book down I don't think that this is a series you have to read in order I've read 24 and they're very much self contained Characters do appear but there really isn't any hinting about previous plots just the hint that they already had their story Definitely worth reading

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    Why does Anne Gracie feel the need to inform us of how much a ladies' man the H is? It is literally mentioned on the first page of this book Le sigh Let's just hope it isn't mentioned oftenor that the H doesn't pull a Don't worry babe I'm good in bed Lots of other women have told me so To which the h doesn't hypothetically reply Lucky mePage 96 There was no uestion of marriage Castle didn't marry cottage And yet he couldn't help himself in wanting to seduce the h He couldn't even remember if he was married or not but he just didn't care What a winner right? And the h made things all the worse with her he's so beautiful I just can't help myself attitudeUpon finishing one star for the writing half a star for an h who had many redeeming ualitiesI wish Anne Gracie wasn't such a great storyteller since this one was nothing new And beyond that it made me madWhat I didn't like1 The H He was a jerk He was also willing to have sex with the h before he remembered who he was He could've been married for all he knew but it didn't matter to him2 All the mentions of the H's sexual past3 The h still couldn't help loving the H and wanting his body because he was kind and well his body She decided to seduce the H even after he told her he wouldn't marry her she was beneath his class and she lacked the polish to be a diplomat's wife Sometimes I wondered if she had any pride against him4 Almost no romance if you don't count libidinous thoughts The H who was admittedly Mr Frosty because he couldn't stand Emotion defrosted too late in the story for this to ualify as romantic Unnamed feelings of possessiveness and jealousy don't count as romance either5 How hopeless the h's situation was before the H fell in and saved the dayWhat I liked1 The family dynamic of the Woodford family They were loud loving and rambunctious and reminded me a lot of my own crew2 No OP drama Now that they're going back to Russia who knows how many paramours of the H they'll run into 3 The h was a dear I loved how loyal patient and kind she was to her siblings She deserved better than the HThere are probably a couple things that I didn't like but those are what immediately come to mind I need to gird myself against Anne Gracie's writing It's just so fun but I did not enjoy this story

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    Nash Renfrew returned to England to take possession of his inheritance and to find a wife So he asked his aunt to find him “the right sort of wife” for “an excellent marriage”; well born well connected well trained in managing large social occasions someone who can help him in his diplomatic career The last thing he wants is a love match – he saw what ‘the passion of a lifetime’ did to his parents’ marriage so he want nothing to do with love thank you very muchMaddy meets none of his reuirements – well maybe one of them but she’s keeping that a secret She lives in a rundown cottage supporting her 5 brothers and sisters by raising bees renovating the hats of the women in the village and doing all the cost cutting things that poor people do But on his way to claiming his inheritance Nash arrives literally at her feet when his horse slips and throws him into a wall and Maddy saves his life and nurses him back to health And since he also lost his memory from the blow to his head he’s still in her cottage when others think he should be long gone It’s a small village and reputations can be easily ruined but Nash discovers to his surprise that he enjoys spending time with the children Perhaps it’s time to rethink his plans – as soon as they find out who is trying to force Maddy out of the cottage and whya very strong 4

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    I'm torn about how to rate this book Anne Gracie is an strange author for me typically enjoy her books while I'm reading them but I don't typically revisit them and I feel she has a strong writing style but I don't manage to keep up with her series I have no idea why this isThe Accidental Wedding had been sitting on my shelf forever and so I decided to finally give it a try It takes a pretty commonly used trope of forced proximity due to injury but adds in several orphan children bee keeping and a forgotten French heritage and it makes the story a bit interestingI would consider this a cozy read Yes there are villains and there is some angst but on the whole it is a very light read that focuses almost solely on the interactions of the main couple with cameos from other characters in the series adding some depth I found both characters to be likable though not particularly memorable and I was relieved that there wasn't any drawn out misunderstandings or unnecessary angst to prolong with the story With that said I will say that there were times I didn't understand how the problems of the main characters were worked out it sounded all pretty but I had this nagging feeling that I didn't know why things had happened the way they did As a fellow reviewer kris her review said WHO'S DRIVING THIS THING?There were parts that just didn't feel complete While I enjoyed the flow and I easily read it the story isn't one I will read again I plan to read the last book in the series and then try a few books Perhaps then I can figure out why I don't gush over this author even though she clearly has talentSide note I thought the sex scenes were boring in this one and I skipped them The story was strong enough without them I just didn't feel the sexual tension between the two As I said it's a cozy read

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    I was a bit surprised to find Nash feature in a book of the Devil Riders series After all he wasn't a Devil Rider and his only connection is as the older legitimate brother to two of the others He's been as present as the others and than say Luke so it's no big deal Just surprisingEven better Nash turns out to be a very attractive protagonist He's a bit damaged from his upbringing as much as his half brothers really but he's still fundamentally kind and willing to put himself out there for the things he thinks is right He's a bit too tempted by the expedient but that's not too terribleMaddy is not uite as compelling but I liked her as much in the end Her situation is a bit unlikely and her background even so Still Gracie does a great job not only depicting her character but her half siblings as well and that gave enough believability to get by on Better I particularly liked how she worked against stereotype when view spoilerNash was forced by circumstances to make her an offer Typically the heroine would refuse because it'd be painful to be married to the man you love when he doesn't love you back Sprig Muslin is probably the epitome of that trope Maddy's situation isn't one that can afford such niceties however and kudos to Gracie for showing exactly why Maddy's back is against the wall and when it comes to choosing between marrying the man you love who might not love you back and marrying the creepy old guy well let's just say she has some sense hide spoiler

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    A joy from the first to the last page this book tells a story about Nash a rich silver tongued diplomat and Maddy an impoverished young woman taking care of her five orphaned half siblings When Nash has an accident – his horse stumbles and throws him near Maddy’s cottage – Maddy drags the unconscious man to her tiny house to save his life Unfortunately even when he wakes up his memory is elusive He doesn’t remember who he is and Maddy can’t write to his family to come and get him So she nurses him while the village buzzes with gossip a young man in Maddy’s home without a chaperon A shame for sure As Nash recuperates in Maddy’s bed their mutual attraction blooms Even after Nash regains his wits he is unwilling to let Maddy know He wants to prolong his stay with her He is falling in love so he lies to her and pretends he still remembers suat Actually he lies and prevaricates a lot in the novel He is a diplomat after all that’s what they doThe five young siblings of Maddy’s infuse this romantic tale with humor and charm while Maddy and Nash learn to love and understand each other There is also a villain trying to scare Maddy away from her home and Nash is determined to discover who the culprit is and punish him I liked Maddy She is brave and resourceful and dedicated to her younger brothers and sisters She would do anything sacrifice her own happiness to protect them from hunger and from malicious gossip Nash who never suffered either in his life has a lot to learn from the woman he falls in love with as well as from the children The youngest sister four year old Lucy considers him a prince and he strives mightily not to disappoint her It’s hard to live up to a fairy tale hero but Nash just manages it For Maddy he is going to try damn well to be the prince she needs and slay all her dragons for herDelightful

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    Overall rating 4 starsTriggersCheating view spoiler no hide spoiler