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Alan Moore s take on nietzschean superman is a beautiful play on superhero comic genre, right from the first page, where little Timmy I might have forgotten his name, please forgive me is so engrossed in his Tom Strong comic that he misses the real Tom Strong action happening during his journey to school Book is full of touching references to golden age comic heroes, in writing and drawing and is a great fun to read A lot lighter and happier than many Moore works, this one is great for everybody. A send up of the super hero comic, complete with Victorian style adventure story where Tom s parents raise him on a tropical island under circumstances designed to make him a strong, completely rational human The knowledge of the islander natives gives him long life and a wife, as well as an English ape that talks in broad Englishisms Oh, and there s a robot butler.Anyway, the parody is on in full, as Tom Strong speaks classic comic dialogue explaining his actions and reactions as he fights whatever foe is in his path Aztechs, Swastika Girls I mean, come on, this isn t a serious super hero comic The line was too thin, so the parody isn t stellar and it doesn t work as a super hero comic either Points for the first story where a young boy gets his Tom Strong Club packet and engrosses himself in the origin story comic book while totally missing his hero save his transport from bandits That was clever. Alan Moore Strikes Again With Americas Best Comics, An Entire Line Of Comics Created And Written By Him A Physical And Mental Super Human, Tom Strong Was Orphaned By His Scientist Parents, Raised By A Steam Powered Robot, And Fights Evil Alongside His Beautiful Wife And Headstrong Daughter Tom Quickly Heads Into Battle Against The Nazi Super Woman Ingrid Weiss And A Prehuman Monster In This New Volume Next to Alan Moore s greatest works Watchmen and his sploshiest stinkers Neonomicon , Tom Strong sits pretty squarely in the middle It s a fun pulp romp with little to object about it but also little that s truly remarkable. A lovely send up of and homage to traditional comics and adventure literature witty, idiosyncratic, respectful of the genre while taking the piss, but still finding room for originality and Moore s particular style The one word people seem to keep using is playful, and that s exactly right It s fun to read, and you get the feeling it was fun to create, too it has the feel of a loving creation in the Dan Dare mould a happily married clean living superhero who happens to be a thoroughly decent chap could fall very flat indeed, but Tom is a lively, rounded figure and his family are all interesting and growing in their own right Oddly appealing characters, wonderfully silly stories, good stuff all round. HumI just saw this book appearing on my GD s feed and I remembered that I actually have a copy of this comic somewhere in my external disk Turned out it was incomplete LOL Anyway, I m not sure I ve ever heard of Tom Strong comic in a extensive scale before Only a few years ago, it came up during a discussion in an IR group on IR themed comics and I think someone recommended Tom Strong And I think, I only briefly read through to get a glimpse of what this comic was all about Now that I finally did focus and read through.I m not too sure I m like into this comic just yet LOL First, was the weird arse dialogue between Tom s parents Maybe it s because of the 1903 era and what not.but seriously did they reallyyyyyy speak like that Not to mention it continued on throughout the comic in different time frame tooSecond the mom was like giving serious Infidelity vibe from her reply yes, yes I was In my way , I m not even sure how to process that..because she was all super sad and her husband was like yep, he dead, time to move on and not to mention she named Tom after that guy LOL What the hell mamio Third, everything was happening so fast, I m not even sure if I m reading the right comic LOL I felt like someone keep on pressing the fast forward button on this comic and i only get glimpse of this Tom Strong in his mission and life Also Tom just kissed his sister goodbye and after a few years in America, he went back to Attabar Teru to marry his sister whattttttttt Fourth, just where in the hell did you find all those metal and electronics to build this whole volcano community and volcano power house And lastly, why is the father so creepy He brought his wife to an island, make baby and use that baby for his experiment..and he was so keen on making it happen, that it does not bother him that his son is isolated from everything I am quite lost like.what is Tom s purpose again He is something like superman but not really super because he is not an alien but because he ate alot of Goloka root and his dad is crazy LOLI ll continue with this comic though..only because he banged that hot native sister chic instead of some white city chic from America LOL P Extremely fun read Tom Strong reminds me of a grittier Mr Incredible, but not too gritty Highly recommend Alan Moore is a comic book writing GOD If you want to argue that with me, knowing something of his resume, then I can only assume the level of graphic novels or comic books you can handle ranks only as intelligently stimulating as Archie or Daffy Duck With such great tales as The Watchmen and V for Vendetta, Moore has made his books socially relevant as well as entertaining But compared to those one may think Tom Strong to be tame and subdued But if you think that then you aren t paying attention.Tom Strong is a superhero that is as much scientist as he is super strong Tom is born to parents stranded in Africa after a shipwreck His parents are scientists and remarkably intelligent They create a special chamber to raise Tom in with a robotic valet to serve him named Pneuman His other companion is an enhanced ape named King Solomon Tom s parents die while he is still a boy and he is taken in by the local tribe With his intelligence and strength he creates a paradise in his new home He takes the daughter of a might chieftain Dhalua to be his wife and together they have a brave but impetuous daughter Tesla.With his abilities Tom and his family fight evil wherever they encounter it In Africa, in New York, in other times and other worlds.What one would consider to be pretty standard stuff in the comic book world But then you are missing the obvious Tom Strong s origins mirror two pop culture heroes of our time Tarzan and Superman People misplaced from their natural worlds into a different world and culture But with glaring differences Tom is shipwrecked in Africa and befriended by an African tribe He is white, they are black But unlike Tarzan, he does not automatically consider the dark skinned people to be violent or primitive or his enemies Tom befriends them and becomes part of them He does not wait for the first white girl to show up before he falls in love, but falls for the daughter of a chief Their different racial pigmentation never is a factor In fact, Moore basically passes it over as if this is how it should happen In Tarzan, you get the impression that it would have been far acceptable for Tarzan to mate with an ape before he would ever take an African princess for a wife Thank goodness Jane came along or those poor apes might not have been safe But in Tom Strong, the racially mixed marriage that produces a child is the most natural of all happenings Why should he wait for some random lost English lady to get shipwrecked Unlike Superman, Strong does not consider his strength as an entitlement of superiority over others Especially his wife and daughter Though genetically enhanced to be superior, its a position he fights against Never so than when he is attacked and captured by Nazis who want Tom for their experiments in created the perfect white race It is in this one storyline that Tom faces racism in its rawest form Moore handles it superbly.While the comics of Tom Strong are not as striking in their social activism as others in the Alan Moore library don t be fooled Moore does not stray far from his beliefs and he presents them in a truthful and entertaining fashion And unlike the parade of politically charged and correct comics coming out from the two major publishing houses, there is no pandering here This is simple honest writing Which is what makes it so good. Absolutely mothaf ng OUTRAGEOUS This What a singular piece of work Alan Moore is such a fabulist, but this is so out of the box, with so much prestige following the deftly named but entirely studly Tom Strong, stories of his origins, side tales, and incredibly creative adversaries, this may be my favorite comic series Need to acquire Book 2 Story Synopsis view spoiler Issue 1 Timmy Turbo is a young boy from a futuristic city Millennium City who is a very big fan of Tom Strong During his commute to school via cable car, Timmy reads from a Tom Strong magazine outlining the hero s origins But while he reads, and unbeknownst to Timmy, Strong foils an attempted raid on the car by carried out by Blimp Bandits When the two meet face to face following the incident, Timmy can hardly believe it The following story of Tom Strong s early life was told within Timmy s magazine Strong was born at around the start of the twentieth century to two ingenious inventors Sinclair and Susan Strong who set out for a remote island free from the influences of the outside world where they could raise their children, as well as conduct their research This island was called Attabar Teru, and it was home to a mysterious tribe called the Ozu The chief of the Ozu became very close to Mr and Mrs Strong, and after an earthquake killed his parents, Tom was taken in by the tribesmen Due to his parents earnest efforts since he was born, Tom was endowed with super strength and exceptional intellect Also, due to his strict diet of a root called Goloka, Tom gained increased longevity In a few years following the deaths of his parents, Tom was able to implement vast technological advancements to the island s infrastructure, and greatly modernize the Ozu s standard of living When he reached his early twenties, he and Pneuman an android created by Sinclair that s had a hand in rasing Tom since he was born leave the island for the first time and set out for America After spending long enough to make a name there, fight crime for a while, as well as battle the likes of Saveen and Ingrid Weiss, Tom decides to return to Attabar Teru so that he can marry Dhalua the chief s daughter Very many years later, Tom has reached an age of a little over one hundred years, but due to the effects of the Goloka root, he doesn t look a day over fifty Together, Tom, Dhalua, Telsa Tom and Dhalua s daughter , King Solomon a vastly intelligent gorilla , and Pneuman, make up the Strongmen of America King Solomon has been reviewing applications for a new member of the group, and Timmy is ultimately selected Issue 2 Upon his realization that he was terminally terminally ill, scientist Temple Baldry came up with a way to achieve digital immortality he was able to break down his consciousness into self replicating modules, granting him intellect and consciousness proportional to the size of the mechanical mass constructed by his ever growing modules This growth can reach at least as large as a city block or neighborhood In his mechanical form, Baldry became the Modular man, and has been defeated by Tom Strong several times in the past After almost two decades, the Modular Man is able to make his return with the inadvertent help of two twin computer nerds Fortnum and Mason Funt With Tom occupied on Venus, Tesla works to confront Baldry on her own, but as the Molecular Man continues to grow, she soon becomes trapped in an apartment with the Funt twins City evacuation procedures commence, and as soon as the remaining members of Strongmen of America realize they re helpless to save Tesla, Tom Returns to Earth on the Hyper Saucer He is then successful in making a deal with Baldry, which ensures Earth s safety in return for the Hyper Saucer and Venus coordinates The Modular Man has now found a place where his consciousness can grow unfettered, and where he hopes he could live on far into the future The twins are enlisted into Strongmen of America Issue 3 With the help of an A.I deity in the digital form of a serpent Quetzalcoatl 9 , a technologically advanced Aztec civilization from an alternate Earth has already conquered 2,057 versions of earth, and has now set it s sights on the Earth upon which Tom Strong resides Upon their arrival to the planet, giant and dense gold ziggurats begin to appear all over Millennium City Using a molecular agitator, Tom enters on of them so that he may discover exactly what he s up against Inside, he s met with vast and intricate golden architecture that is consistent with traditional Aztec artifacts He soon finds himself surrounded and attacked by golden warriors equipped with electric staves, all floating on flying chariots He proves no match for them, and is knocked unconscious When he comes to, he finds that Moctecuzoma the civilization s ruler has selected him for a ritual sacrifice to Quetzalcoatl 9, where the intention is for his brain s neuron s to be violently stripped of all information via lasers Fortunately for Tom, Quetzalcoatl 9 spares his life, and in return, Tom agrees to free the serpent from his digital cage by removing the master program responsible for holding him captive This task proves to be quite challenging, but due to Tom Strong s battle prowess and his considerable capacity for pain tolerance, he is successful As a result, Quetzalcoatl 9 is able to take physical form, and immediately blinds many of Moctecuzoma s men before killing the ruler Further repaying Tom for his assistance and trust, Quetzalcoatl 9 orders that all future annexations of alternate Earths be halted, and past ones reversed Finally emerging from the ziggurat, Tom is greeted by his relieved teammates Issue 4 In the year 1945, at the end of WWII, Tom Strong who was fighting for the Allies at the time was tasked with finding and arresting a female Nazi war criminal Her name was Ingrid Weiss, and due to selective breeding experiments, she was significantly physically enhanced than even Tom The two battle, and the fight concludes with Weiss underground bunker exploding Tom survives, and mistakenly assumes that Weiss perished in the explosion At the present time, a white rose is delivered to The Stronghold i.e the residence of Strongmen of America , and as Tom reads the note left by Weiss commemorating the anniversary of their first encounter, two WWII fighter planes attack the building Tom rushes out to protect his wife, daughter, and other team members from attack, and uses his Heli Vest to outmaneuver his attackers, eventually commandeering one of their planes Tom has had difficulty assigning the present date to an important event in his life, but when he recognizes one of Weiss female soldiers, he realizes she s the one behind the attack Following another fighter plane into the dense black clouds above, he reaches a flying aircraft carrier, and confronts the unaged Ingrid Weiss once again Tom is able to fend off Weiss soldiers with relative ease, but is bested by Weiss, who causes Tom to fall through a trap door and into a chamber that sends him back in time But before the tachyon accumulator i.e time travel mechanism activates, Weiss explains that she has been working with some of Tom s old acquaintances, and, to his horror, intends to send him back to endure the perils of Pangea Issue 5 Tom Strong once again finds himself in Pangea the Earth s first supercontinent For a recorded diary entry, Tom recounts his first expedition to this ancient land Back in the 1950 s, Tom s inventor friend Professor Fingel Parallax allowed Tom and Dhalua to use his time travel device to explore Pangea They note the lack of complex lifeforms, as well as the toxic atmosphere that surrounds them Then suddenly, Tom and Dhalua are separated When Tom finally finds what appears to be his wife, he embraces her, but is shocked to find that a gigantic, shape shifting slime mold creature The Pangaean has taken her form When Tom locates the real Dhalua, the two battle the creature for a while, before being returned to their time by Professor Parallax Unexpectedly, a piece of the giant creature had latched on to the two explorers as they traveled forward in time, and after numerous conflicts through the years, Tom decided enough was enough he trapped the Pangaean, and sent it back to its own time two to three million years into the past Back in the present, Tom re encounters the slime creature, and finds its intellect and language ability had grown due to its time in the twentieth century It explains that an alliance had been forged between itself, Weiss, and an unknown male associate, with the intent of keeping Tom occupied in the past while Weiss and the man prepare a surprise gift for Tom s 100th birthday The Pangaean recants on its end of the deal, and attacks Tom, rather than let him return back to his own time However, the other two conspirators foresaw his betrayal, and situated the confrontation so that it would coincide with asteroid storm, seemingly killing the creature, and allowing Tom to escape in a time capsule Back at his own time, he is confronted by what appears to be his mysterious male antagonist Issue 6 The mysterious man allied with Weiss is revealed to be Paul Dorian Saveen one of Tom s most dangerous foes, who was thought to have died during one of their previous encounters But Tom isn t entirely surprised, since when the two first met in the late 1920 s, the encounter supposedly ended with Saveen fatally falling victim to his own philogisten accumulator a device that distills the thermal fluid philogisten At the present time, Tom explores Saveen s lair, and, put on display, Tom notices models of his former foes, as well as familiar weapons and gadgets Saveen has invented over the years As Tom walks through the exhibit, using some kind of intercom, Saveen wistfully recounts their numerous battles, and explains that this time, he and Weiss have found a way to severely wound him emotionally Meanwhile, the Strongmen of America battle Weiss female soldiers, and after overcoming them, discover details concerning the plot against Tom Back at Saveen s lair, one of the inanimate models proves to be Weiss in the flesh Her battle with Tom is interrupted when Saveen introduces Albrecht Strong the son Tom unknowingly fathered while unconscious with Ingrid Weiss back in 1945 Issue 7 Dhalua, Telsa, and Solomon fly towards Saveen s lair to rescue Tom Meanwhile, Tom struggles with the idea of Albrecht s existence, and is horrified to witness evidence of his Nazi indoctrination When his son violently rejects Tom s offer of rehabilitation under his wing, Tom activates Parallax s Time Viewer, which he sets to the year 2050 It shows a future where although Tom has aged considerably, he remains in fighting shape due to regular Goloka balm infusions, as well as other advanced medical procedures After defeating Telsa, Pneuman, and Augustus Solomon s son , Albrecht faces his father in battle Although his weaponry is based on Saveen s superior photon technology, the juvenile Albrecht proves to be no match for his father in the end When the future transmission ends, Albrecht smashes the machine in anger Due to information gleaned while watching, Tom is able to deduce that Saveen didn t actually survive their last encounter, and it was his old face changing enemy Denby Jilks impersonating him Tom further deduces that he must have been hired to assume Saveen s identity and fortune after his passing Before Weiss and Albrecht can abandon Jilks, Tom s three teammates finally arrive, and Dhalua puts the fear of God into Weiss, who vows never to return Tom takes Jilks to his laboratory to study the mechanism that allows him to change his face, and the Strongmen of America celebrate the turn of the century hide spoiler