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First Baxter Clarke collaboration,a match made in heaven for hard sf and Clarke and Baxter fans.It got some mixed reviews upon publication.But then again, who takes critics seriously It s about wormohle technology and its impact upon society.Writing is elegant and expertly paced,while scientific speculations are like strong red vine for any toughtful person. I first read this book in summer 2008, and probably not a month has gone by since then that this book hasn t popped into my mind, for one reason or another The technology and social issues discussed here particularly regarding the ever evolving definition of privacy in a society where technology allows everyone to observe everyone at all times were was a good 25 years ahead of their time, and are still enormously relevant today.Yes, the characters are pretty flat, but as with most science fiction books of its time, the emphasis is really on the ideas and while there are many books since which have discussed privacy in the context of cybersecurity technological advancement, I ve never seen another examine this from a long term, whole society point of view and to me, that alone is worth the price of admission.I can t say enough good things about this book I m not sure that I would qualify it as life changing in my case, but very few others have had impact. Best Books, The Light Of Other Days By Arthur C Clarke This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Light Of Other Days, Essay By Arthur C Clarke Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You An interesting concept that quickly descends into dreck I expected better from a couple of genre masters The writing style wanders, a common thing when than one author is involved Rather than a coherent science fiction story, this book lurches between sections of story, science, and case studies that with work, could have been turned into a novel.The authors use wormholes as a device that enables universal surveillance, including reaching into the past This could have been terribly interesting instead, the choices the authors made varied between boring, pandering, and predictable Religion is trashed, but in the end, all the authors can think up is to have the great god science engineer resurrection for everyone. . Well, it was an interesting idea for a book quantum physics allow instantaneous transmissions of data across space cool enough Then, because of distance time equivalence in a quantum universe, scientists are able to start beaming transmissions from anywhere in time as well as space The technology turns almost everyone in the world into a paparazzo of everyone else, and many people also retreat into historical voyeurism A few people cope with the total loss of privacy by seeking newer, better ways to hide from the eyes of the rest of the world, while others use the new technology to link minds to create the Joined, a hypercollective of men and women who submerge their personalities into a greater pool of knowledge and experiences.Sounds cool, right Well, sort of I certainly think it could have been cool I wanted to read about the collapse of world religions, the battle against the profound loss of civil liberties, the beginnings and development of the Joined Instead except for an in depth sojourn into the life of Jesus these issues are merely glanced at in favor of the honestly pretty dull personal lives of the main characters Kate Manzoni, the tough as nails Girl Reporter with a heart, and Bobby Patterson, the emotionally stunted and child like son of the business genius whose company developed all this tech in the first place Bobby has a couple of dark secret that even he doesn t know about himself both of which I figured out within approximately eight seconds Kate and Bobby could have gone and died in a fire for as much as I care about their part in the story I would have vastly preferred the events to revolve around Mary, Bobby s half sister sort of and his half brother sort of David, both of whom I felt were under utilized except as plot devices The ending also felt super tacked on, but that could have been avoided with development of the Joined during the latter half of the novel.I was also surprised by how amateurish the writing sounded sometimes, because, hello, Arthur C Clarke But maybe I ll blame that on Stephen Baxter instead. This was a curious experience The text reads like an Arthur C Clarke novel with all the failings and virtues this implies as written by Steve Baxter with all the failings and virtues that this implies Since that s presumably exactly what it is, I guess I shouldn t have been so surprised by the effect, but somehow I d expected something of a stylistic amalgamation. The underlying premise is that wormholes can be stabilized sufficiently that enough information can be transmitted through them to convey pictures of distant events Society is revolutionized as, thanks to invisible, omnipresent Wormcams, privacy becomes a thing of the past and even so when the next logical step is taken the opening up of the entirety of earth s past to the Wormcam, which enables a sort of VR time travel History is rewritten, crime plummets as clearup rates approach 100%, politicians resign or suicide in droves, millions become hi tech peeping toms There is a sort of soap opera plot involving the communications entrepreneur behind these technological breakthroughs, his sons and other family members All this is played out against a backdrop of humankind s fatalistic knowledge that in just a few hundred years a cometary object called the Wormwood confusingly, bearing in mind the novel s about Wormcams will smite our planet, sterilizing it to a depth of many miles As you might expect given the authorship, there s a long visionary chapter at the end during which our evolutionary ancestry is traced back by Wormcam travelers all the way back to the first algal cell and even beyondBut this indicates what for me is a problem with the book Yes, I can buy it that for a lot of people the big initial appeal of the Wormcam might be that you could watch the neighbours screwing, just as the novel indicates but one of the uses to which you can put the technology is to visit distant parts of the universe, including the planets of other stars, and then of course the time travel aspect of the device allows you to explore anywhere in history that interests you Surely, after the novelty of Reality Porn had worn off, at least a sizable chunk of the population would be visiting the original Jurassic park or the rings of Saturn, or discovering what it was like to be bathed in the light of Andromedan suns By the time our heroes are undertaking their journey back to the origin of life on earth, wouldn t millions of other people have already had the idea to take this same excursion Likewise, there s a public project described earlier in the book to follow the life of Christ but wouldn t all kinds of people, atheist and Xtian alike even if with differing motives, have thought of this almost immediately after the introduction of the technology Why would there be the need for a project The chapter on this is called Behold the Man , a perhaps unwise reminder of Mike Moorcock s significantly ambitious time travel treatment of the PassionI raced through the first eighty or so pages of The Light of Other Days, finding in it a refreshing energy of ideas the kind of lure that used to make pulp sf so entrancing Then, though, the other aspects of pulp sf began to get to me, in particular the pulpish plot and characterization the tyrannical entrepreneur is like something out of a Batman comic , and thereafter I found myself labouring, rather I still did like the gee whiz ideas, and new ones kept appearing, so it wasn t an unrewarded slog and I found the novel s resolution satisfying, however predictable it had by then become Especially good was the introduction of the paranoia inducing concept that, if anyone in our future ever invents the Wormcam or its equivalent, there s a reasonable chance that one of them is watching you right now or even lots of them All in all, then, the book s a curate s egg. First the bad It felt at times like a bizarre collision of cyberpunk and classic golden age sci fi The characters sucked big time The pacing and focus sometimes drifted too much I am maybe too squeamish about sex scenes, but this felt over the top The backdrop and near future was nearly too far fetched, before even reaching the heart of the story.Yet this is a book that lives and dies by its central idea, and it s a damn good one so good that after slogging through the first 80ish pages to reach the meat, it became nearly impossible to put down This is one of those novels with an idea so absorbing, so potentially pervasive, that it is this which will leave you thinking for days later about the future and all its possibilities It s been a while since I read this kind of sci fi novel one that says at its core simply Here is a technology Here are its societal effects This is a welcome treat, and almost eerily relevant than when it was published as the world has since developed the PATRIOT act, FaceBook, and the rise of mobile computing At times unflinchingly frightening, while at other points reassuring and nearly inspiring Highly recommended. Absolutely love this fantastic story 10 of 10 stars This is what sci fi is all about Highly recommend it.When the world discovers how and when it will end, the decline of humanity begins immediately Most people become nothing than animals seeking hedonistic pleasures, as if they believed they were going to die that day But one fellow keeps his wits about him and continues to invent His greatest invention, the worm cam, alters the trajectory of humanity as much as the impending natural disaster.One can t help but link the worm cam and it s impact to current events I ll leave it to the reader to make the connection, but it s so obvious once you start this story, that the reader can t help but think about the state of our world today.I loved the Jesus scene and the explanation of why the day darkened it s classic Also, the search for answers that leads our hero to the extreme past while most people become voyeurs gives us the hope that even though history has and will repeat itself, life goes on, even if it s not how we might expect.Is that a bad thing I still wonder that.This book engaged me as much as any sci fi book ever has It is so timely and relevant that I am reminded of it constantly at work, at home, when watching tv or reading or of course surfing the internet.This book is a must read.