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NOW AVAILABLE FROM ABRAMS Canning For A New Generation Updated And Expanded Edition ISBN When I Was Growing Up, Canning Was For Old Folks And Cranks And Separatists, Writes Liana Krissoff In Her Introduction To Canning For A New Generation But Not Any With Soaring Food Prices And The Increasing Popularity Of All Things Domestic And DIY, There S Never Been A Better Time To Revisit The Centuries Old Techniques Of Preserving Food At HomeThis Hip, Modern Handbook Is Filled With Fresh And New Ways To Preserve Nature S Bounty Throughout The Year Organized By Season And Illustrated With Beautiful Photographs, It Offers Detailed Instructions And Recipes For Making Than Canned, Pickled, Dried, And Frozen Foods, As Well As Inventive Recipes For Dishes Using These Foods Basic Information On Canning Techniques And Lively Sidebars Round Out This Refreshing Take On A Classic Cooking Tradition Praise For Canning For A New GenerationA Seasonal Guide To Putting Up Produce, With Innovative Recipes That Incorporate The Fruits And Vegetables Of Your LaborThe New York Times

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    As a dietitian and whole foods advocate, I really appreciate how she advocates the use of natural sources of pectin in jams and Jellies As an adventurous eater, I love how the recipes use herbs, wine and other imaginative ingredients to provide pop to classic canning recipes As a person who cans for a very small family, I am so glad that recipes to use the canned products are also part of the narrative As someone who cherishes eating seasonally, it s great that recipes are organized by season Thank you for writing this inventive, down to earth book that will insure and upgrade many meals.

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    I m not sure how one counts a cookbook as read I read all the intros, lead ins, sidebars, and instructions, just not every recipe through and through , especially when it is about a technique that I don t know how to do yet, but my visceral response was very positive I can t say I am utterly unintimidated by canning now, but the recipes in this book and the stories make me want to try The author is a wee bit too hipster homesteader for me in style, but she s genuine and it makes me feel like I might actually be able to make these things And then the recipesTHE RECIPESso many, so good There are a lot of classic flavors but also combinations that remind me of a friend s wild and fun concoctions I want to eat these on everything I don t think I ve ever wanted to try to make so many recipes in a cookbook, and that s all there is to say.

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    If you think that canning is for grandmas, this book might change your mind With sleek photographs, a section of cute tear off jar labels, and recipes for both the classic and reimagined, this book will guide a new generation through the ins and outs of food preservation Do It Yourself fans will find recipes organized by season, both for canned foods and recipes to compliment the fruits of their labors The range of recipes is impressive, with everything from lemon curd to Chinese Plum Sauce, from North Indian Carrot Pickle and Kimchi to Raspberry Jam with Mint and Lavender If you have a flourishing garden, this would be an excellent resource for preserving your bumper crops in creative new ways.

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    I used up my enormous stash of mason jars trying recipes from this book Three of the four recipes I tried were fantastic The fourth was my fault I used commercial pectin instead of green apples and the jam turned out gloppy Lesson learned shortcuts yield disappointment Krissoff s directions are clear and concise and her commentary is engaging and personal without being precious I checked it out from the library but I think I m going to have to buy it.

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    Canning for a New Generation is a terrific resource and my go to book for home canning Having recently gotten into canning, I wanted a book that didn t call for buckets of sugar in each jam recipe, that stayed away from pre packaged pectin, and that was a bit creative in its use of ingredients In other words, I didn t want your grandmother s canning cookbook This book definitely delivers on all of those accounts.Krissoff s preserve and jam recipes call for far less sugar and no boxed pectin than typical recipes She also brings creative ingredient combos to the table, and makes even simple things a bit special I ve made her canned peaches with vanilla syrup, and am excited to make this winter the helpful accompanying recipe she s paired with it, a lovely sounding toffee peaches with cream that is sure to bring a taste of summer to a cold night Krissoff pairs recipes like this throughout the cookbook with the canned recipes so you don t just end up with cans of things you won t know what to do with.My only criticism of the book thus far is that I ve found her recipes tend to make consistently less than they say they will particularly the jam recipes The jam recipes that call for using chunks of apples I ve found that the apples dissolve completely into the jam, while her recipe seems to believe you can remove the chunks whole after cooking the jam It makes me think perhaps the recipes were tested on an electric stove, and not gas, because I m cooking with gas But either way, the recipes still turn out delicious This is a great canning resource and it will remain my go to source for home canning

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    So much approachable than something like the Ball book of Canning Takes a lot of the fear factor away and makes canning look cool and hip and new.I only tried one of the recipes Pear and Ginger preserves It came out very good There are several others I would like to try, like the fermented yard long beans, and the strawberry basil jam, but it s the wrong season.I checked this out from the library, but it s now on my purchase list.

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    I think this girl s life somewhat mirrors mine I always helped with the garden but stayed out of the way for canning Now I find myself with a garden and the desire for fresh food in the winter This is an easy read and helps you see that canning isn t difficult at all Thanks Liana for helping me can my first batch of tomato sauce ever

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    Love this book Maybe it s preemptive to give this a 5 before I even make any of the recipes, but there s no way I m going to hate them The recipes vary from traditional strawberry jam to modern chamomile scented strawberry syrup , and they are organized by type fruit or veg and season.

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    Canning and preserving has returned of late to the repertoire of home cooks and chefs and it deserves to be a go to skill without the fear and complicated mess experienced by earlier generations of practitioners Canning for a New Generation Abrams Books, 2010 delivers on its vision to reconnect today s cooks with canning and preserving with solid information, flavorful seasonal recipes and a globally inspired touch.Author Liana Krissoff almost immediately takes the fear out of canning the sniffs and close inspections of anything put up even at one s own hands of the past but not without a healthy warning about the risks Krissoff focuses attention on jellies, pickles, jams and preserves things to be canned with little fear of poisoning when the simplest of instructions are followed These are the techniques of preserving that present the best of the season s harvest, un obscured by cloying sweet syrups and bags of pectin.There are excellent references and explicit instructions in each canning recipe for how to achieve the best results without flipping from one page to another to remember how to start a water bath or sanitize jars and lids Everything needed is listed and the step by step materials are easy to follow and execute The recipes are accurate as well, a blessing when faced with a haul of strawberries or other ingredient it s easy to divide and conquer, so to speak.Global influences abound in the recipes which add a unique spin to the usual blue book or community cookbook approaches to the subject Asian cultures have perfected and enjoyed pickled and preserved foods for millennia kim chi or pickled plums ring a bell and there are worthwhile and meaningful divulgences into global flavors, ingredients and spices scattered throughout the book Flavor combinations that a cook normally would not think of are presented here, as is why it works and how best to enjoy the results.Krissoff reminds us of the reasons for canning and preserving to have the best of the harvest on hand for enjoyment at other times of the year Almost every seasonal recipe is paired with an enjoyable purpose a cherry jam, followed by a recipe for cherry tarts using the jam for example that brings another layer of resources to this well designed book Enough exceptional photography by Rinne Allen is slathered throughout to make the reading easier and the temptation to taste just a little bit stronger.Many of today s younger generation of cooks and chefs eschew canning as being old fashioned, quaint or survivalist in nature In the Southern United States it has been long avoided as a reflection of poverty its true nature hidden behind social interpretations and generational divides.Yes, folks in the past canned and preserved the abundance of the seasons as ways to avoid wasting the hard won results of their labors They canned and preserved in preparation for the possibility of hardship, of a lost crop or a shortage brought by the sacrifices of war But they also canned and preserved for the same reasons we seek to do it today to be able to enjoy time in the kitchen or at a table together with family and friends, remembering the occasion of the season or the preciousness of the harvest in a time honored and soul satisfying way As Krissoff notes, it can remind us of the way food tasted when we or our parents were children Canning for a New Generation will remind us of how food should taste today and for our generations to come as well.