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Marvel S Noir Line Ranks Among The Most Intriguing Of The Alternate Universe Superhero Reimaginings Through The Lens Of Depression Era New York, The Likes Of Spider Man, Luke Cage, And Wolverine Have A Harsher, Tougher Light Cast On Their Essential Characters Snyder American Vampire Rips A Page From Indiana Jones Notebook And Turns Tony Stark Into A Hard Charging Adventurer Who Must Come To Terms With A Troubled Psyche As He Races The Nazis For Possession Of An Ancient Metal Of The Gods From Exploring The Deep Sea To Invading Military Strongholds, Garcia Delivers Gritty Action To Match The Drama And Darker Hues To Capture The Tone With Appearances By The Noir Versions Of Other Marvel Regulars Sub Mariner Noir, For Instance , This Is A Fine Treat For Fans, And Although Newcomers Will Enjoy It, Too, They Should Be Warned That This Isn T Robert Downey Jr S Iron Man The One Major Drawback, As With So Many Mainstream Collections Lately, Is Its Brevity, At Only Four Collected Issues

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    I like comic books I like Iron Man I like noir I like Scott Snyder s writing So I liked this More creators of entertainment should make stuff based on things I like Because then I will like them In the 1930s wealthy Tony Stark races around the world seeking rare and weird objects of historical and scientific significance The team that helps him includes a writer who documents Tony s adventures in adventure magazines However, Tony has a secret that is making him reckless, and when he finds clues about a powerful artifact located in the sunken depths of Atlantis, he rushes off to find it.Oh, and his company has been building a new personalized version of a tank for the military That kind of comes up later.If I want to nitpick, I d say that this is really pulp adventure, not noir It s got a lot in common with Doc Savage than anything written by Raymond Chandler or James Cain But if you re in the mood for a story that puts that kind of twist on a modern superhero, you d probably enjoy this It s quick and clever, and it s a lot of fun watching Tony Stark act like Indiana Jones Only it s like Indy has an Iron Man suit instead of a bullwhip when he fights Nazis.Setting today s superheroes in different time periods or genres has been done often enough that this isn t groundbreaking, but it makes for an entertaining story.

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    Early 1939 and Tony Stark, adventurer and hero of Marvels Comics Adventures for Men , sets out on a quest for the fabled city of Atlantis Aided by his trusty engineer Jarvis, companion Jim Rhodes, and chronicler Pepper Potts, he sets off on a race against the Nazis to find the city and recover the all powerful Trident of Atlantis, whose power would spell disaster if placed in the wrong hands.Scott Snyder breaks with the Noir label of this series a good thing as I was getting tired of trench coats and shadowy cityscapes to give us an Indiana Jones style adventure with Tony Stark in the driving seat From the jungles of South America to the stormy seas of the Atlantic to the remote countryside of Eastern Europe, this feels as far from Noir as you d expect Of course the Iron Man suit isn t going to be as brilliant as the 21st century version but even so it s quite impressive despite impossible for its time though a lot bulkier, a concession to the early stages of the tech There are a few sly nods as well to the larger Marvel universe for fans to spot, a certain prickly sea captain and a Scandinavian with a penchant for hammers, but otherwise even if you re not a fan this is a great adventure read Snyder writes a fantastic addition to the Noir series, one of the best in fact, packing in the adventure and action into the four issues with wit and fine writing His take in this book is that of the pulpy serials of the time which, in a post modern twist, is also what Stark does for a living in the book Manuel Garcia does a great job as well, his artwork looks great throughout and his take on the Iron Man suit is pretty cool Overall, this is a great comic book reimagining one of Marvel s best characters in a different age Snyder hints at the end of another book forthcoming which would be welcomed but given the surging popularity of his work on Batman, I wouldn t expect it anytime soon Nevertheless, this book remains, and is definitely worth a look.

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    Okay, this isn t really noir I would argue there are pulp elements in this AU than anything else and it felt a little like an Indiana Jones story Raiders of the Lost Ark not Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Now that we ve established that, I have to say I really enjoyed this AU It just makes sense to put Tony Stark in this era The dialogue is great and they ve made things just sensible enough to make it realistic in the years leading up to WWII The artwork, though not my favorite, is pretty solid And Tony is still recognizably Tony 3Overall, an enjoyable read But don t call it noir haha

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    I ll be honest I couldn t finish it 3 Scott Snyder but this was BORING.

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    I chased this book down as I thought Iron Man might be a good fit for the Marvel Noir series, but I didn t spot a single noir element in there It was entertaining enough the Rocketeer vibe was fun but as with the first film, they save the appearance of the suit for a while to build anticipation The problem with that approach, as they don t have the dialogue or charismatic lead of the film to keep it entertaining until the reveal On a plus note, the suits are very cool, with a militaristic feel missing from the usually shiny armour, and the artwork seems refined once the hardware clashes.Ok, so I did a naughty and bought this one from , as the 14.99 cover price for 4 issues was too steep for me With hindsight, I don t feel to guilty bypassing my regular indie store, as if I d paid retail, I d have been very disappointed For what I paid, it was ok.

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    Good noirpulp interpretation of Iron Man and various nefarious villainsNoticed, on the second read, small and large homages to Thor and Namor the Submariner, among others.

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    There s not much in this to actually make it noir , but it s a fun concept with a good execution It s nice to see a Tony Stark who s generally positive, and not drowning in angst and self hate.

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    This was really good and it contained just the right elements to make it seem believable.

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    Marvel scored a lot of notoriety in the pulp community over the last few months thanks to the arrival of Mystery Men by David Liss and Patrick Zircher But while this is the company s first major attempt to create in continuity pulp heroes, it is not the first pulp superhero story they ve created In fact, Marvel produced several in the last few years often hidden by view in their line of Noir titles.Marvel Noir was made to bring a 30s 40s sensibility to popular Marvel characters, but several creators involved with the titles took the chance to move past the conventions of noir in to straight pulp No title took this to heart quick like Iron Man Noir.Now famous for his work on Batman and his American Vampire comic collaboration with Stephen King, Scott Snyder was still a relative unknown when he wrote the title with art by Manuel Garcia The story sets up Tony Stark as a big time investigator with Jim Rhodes as his aide His secretary betrays him for Baron Zemo and Baron Strucker She steals their latest find, a jade mask, Stark s biographer in pulp form of course is murdered After Stark and Rhodes make their mistake, we quickly learn that Stark is kept alive by a synthetic valve on his heart His personal mechanic Jarvis helps keep it charged and Tony alive After recruiting a new writer, Pepper Potts, Tony and Rhodey set out to trail his former assistant s last case the finding of Atlantis Along with a pirate captain named Namor, they discover the ancient civilization and even trouble Of course, this all leads towards Tony taking up a full powered suit of steampunk style armor to battle against Zemo and Strucker By story s end, one can t help but feel they ve just experienced the first adventure of a great new pulp hero.Alas, Iron Man Noir never had a sequel so any subsequent adventures are left solely in the mind of fans Nonetheless, Iron Man Noir is pulp heroes brought to comics in all the right ways and well worth a read by any new pulp fan.

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    I m a fan of the Noir series, its a refreshing take on the stories we are used to Iron Man Noir is no different, it has a great throwback to old adventure tales with subtle details that relate to our heroes The writing is great from Snyder and the art is pretty good too Tony is an adventurer looking for old treasure like the jade mask, Atlantis, and so forth There is classic double cross moments and a big reveal at the end that add up to a really fun book of coarse cameos are made but some are fun than others Namor was cool as a surly boat captain and the little nod to Thor was funny I really like that the suit was heavily featured and had limitation I would tell anyone to go ahead and read it.