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Ash Turner has waited a lifetime to seek revenge on the man who ruined his family and now the time for justice has arrived At Parford Manor he intends to take his place as the rightful heir to the dukedom and settle an old score with the current duke once and for all But instead he finds himself drawn to a tempting beauty who has the power to undo all his dreams of vengeanceLady Margaret knows she should despise the man who's stolen her fortune and her father's legacy the man she's been ordered to spy on in the guise of a nurse Yet the she learns about the new duke the less she can resist his smoldering appeal Soon Margaret and Ash find themselves torn between old loyalties and the tantalizing promise of passion

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    I can't read books he whispered but I have other skills An instinct if you will this ability to know things people in the blink of an eye It's how I made my fortune It's how I knew when I first saw you He trailed off and reached out and deliberately ran a finger down her arm I knew I could trust you he explained Instantly IrrevocablyIt's beautiful It's witty It's charming But above and beyondit's incredibly intimate and I adored the subtleties I want you to paint your own canvas I want you to unveil yourselfAh yessss this is HR emphasis on romance at its best Ms Milan swept me off my feet again and I think this is the moment to roll out the red carpet You sure know how to plot an eclectic adorable and charming HR Kudos Ms Milan Unveiled is my favorite book in the Un seriesSomerset August 1837Unveiled starts off with Ash Turner the future Duke of Parford exploring the estate that he will inherit uite soon He's come to take over Parford Manor When Ash meets the servants one particular woman strikes his eye Anna Margaret Dalrymple Margaret Lowell Richard the Duke of Parford is dying and Margaret pretends to be the old duke's nurse Ash doesn't know that Margaret is in fact Lady Anna and Richard's daughter She keeps her real identity a secret since her brothers have left her on Parford lands to spy upon Ash She has to report Ash's comings and goings to her brothers Margaret Over the past months she'd had everything stripped from her her name when it was discovered that Lady Anna Margaret Dalrymple was a bastard Her dowry when Chancery decided that as illegitimate offspring she wasn't entitled to the funds settled upon her mother Margaret is very sad and still grieving over the loss of her mother She looks upon Ash with disdain and cold disgust Margaret is such an intelligent protective fierce and loyal woman She cares for those she loves But at the same time Margaret was a mystery and Ash intended to unravel every delicious clue until he'd stripped her naked In every sense of the word Ash Margaret had never met a man like Ash He stood so far outside her experience Ash seduced Margaret with the promise of her own self; that she would be important again At the same time it's not only about seduction it's much Ash wants Margaret to choose him because he decided upon her a while ago I loved Ash He is handsome and sinfully hot yet at the same time he is such a caring and kind hearted man On top of that I adored his vulnerability Ultimately he will do anything for his Margaret He cares for those he loves and he protects them with a fierceness that speaks for itself Yes Ash you are truly magnificentAsh is a very successful businessman He is dyslexic Ash said I just can't understand words when they're written down They feel slippery in my mind Now if someone were to have a conversation with me about any subject I could follow along and gladly And for some reason numbers have never posed a problem I can figure But I can never understand the back and forth of negotiations if I cannot look a man in the eyes That's what I needTheir dialogue is exceptionally good BTW this is my very favorite part of the book I've lost count of the number of times your brother has made me laugh Chastity is far amusing than I had anticipatedChastity Ash said dryly is far arousing than I had anticipatedI do believe we are straying into the improper she saidOh no he contradicted We aren't straying I had hoped we had embarked on a deliberate journeyA voyage? she asked her voice shaky Butbut we can have no mutual destinationClearly she'd not realized they'd left the docks behind days before It's not about where we go but how we arrive Slowly At great length savoring every last inch of her skinAs always I absolutely adored the profound rich and witty dialogue I have not enough words to explain it properly I was so enthralled by their interaction and I loved to witness their glorious wicked unchaste tumble headlong into sin Further the characters are so prime very likable and believable Oh Ash you are very memorable indeed The build up was incredibly well done and I said it before I adored all those subtleties There's this all encompassing intimacy throughout the whole story it almost undid me Admittedly the heat level in Ms Milan's books is not high but her love scenes are really lovely nonetheless She doesn't write these scenes for the sake of sex The love scenes are there because the timing is perfect and the level of tension has been exhausted Unveiled is another wonderfully penned historical romance by the very talented Ms Milan You matter she whispered to him You are important And you are the single most magnificent man I have ever had the honor of meeting

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    And ye shall tread down the wicked for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet Malachi 43 As much as he hates the name he was given by his religiously overzealous mother Mr Ash Turner has every intention of living up to it He has spent the better part of his life watching waiting for his chance to mete out revenge on his bitter enemy the Duke of Palford Now that the means have been laid at his feet he’ll stop at nothing to see justice served But will revenge be as sweet as he had always imagined it would be? The answer might just surprise himLady Anna Margaret Dalrymple has found herself in a most unfortunate situation Until recently she was the daughter of a duke – the Duke of Palford – and enjoyed a life of comfort meant only for upper society But now evidence has come out proving that her father is a bigamist and that she and her brothers are bastards And if that weren’t bad enough with her father dying and no legitimate heirs to inherit the title a distant cousin has decided to lay claim to the dukedom and that distant cousin is Ash Turner Now it’s up to Lady Anna to help her brothers fight Mr Turner’s claim by digging up anything she can on him that will prove him unfit to hold the titleAsh Turner is the kind of hero I can honestly say I’d be attracted to outside the pages of a romance novel which took me by surprise Truly how could I possibly come to care about someone who was willing to ruin the lives of innocents just to better the lives of himself and his brothers? Well Ms Milan pulled it off with skill and in doing so has given me another perfectly matched pair to add to my list of Top Ten Couples Ash might be ruthless but much to Lady Anna’s chagrin he’s also honorable kind generous and fiercely loyal to those he loves And he has a secret shame that no one not even his brothers know about and one that had me in tears because for all his ruthlessness he was so very vulnerableLady Anna is such a wonderful character She has a strength about her that we don’t often find in historical romance heroines She’s willing to do whatever she has to do to protect her family but when she gets to know Ash better to see him for the man he truly is and not just the man he allows others to see will she be able to follow through with her plan and betray him using the knowledge he’s entrusted to her against him? Throughout the story I was kept guessing as to how their differences could possibly be resolved allowing for both of their happiness and in the end I was very pleased with how things worked out especially since it wasn’t something I had seen coming With Unveiled Courtney Milan has given us a moving romantic passionate and sexy story It’s a tale of deception bitterness and loneliness but it’s also a beautiful story about compassion forgiveness and under the most difficult of circumstances finding that one person who loves you for everything you are and everything you are not The person who is destined to give you the kind of happily ever after you didn’t believe existed

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    Bless you Courtney Milan master of historical romance for giving me this gift of a book Holy crap you are one talented lady I'm obsessed with everything Courtney Milan and I'm beyond excited to have a new to me series from her to explore I've loved every book by this author that I've ever read and this book was no different It was clever sexy smart and impeccably written Courtney Milan needs to teach a class so she can SCHOOL all the historical romance authors who try and fail to measure up The story isn't complicated but the characters are Ash Turner is a man who is determined Determined to do right by his brothers determined to win a dukedom and determined to get revenge on those who have wronged him Ash Turner is also a man who knows what he wants and from the minute he laid eyes on Margaret he knew he had to have her Margaret is trying to survive Everything has been stripped from her but she remains loyal strong and unflinching She hates Ash Turner on sight for what he has taken from her but slowly as they get to know one another their relationship evolves and Margaret can't ignore him any longer I was absolutely obsessed with this romance Just obsessed This is a slow burn romance despite the insta attraction and I could not get enough of Ash and Margaret together Their relationship was the stuff that makes me inspired to read romance They had an epic hard fought romance that worked despite everything that had transpired between them I loved Ash in particular He was a man who stood by his word and the ones that he loved and I just adored everything about him He wasn't without flaws but he was crafted so well as a character that I loved every last imperfection about him I think Margaret was a great character too but I grew a tiny bit frustrated with her in the last portion of the book which actually just narrowly bumped this book from making my all time favorites list but it was close This book is honestly perfection The sex scenes gah Courtney Milan always gives her stories the exactly correct level of heat This book was a celebration of all the sex could be PerfectionI'll mention a little about the narration which was very good Rebecca De Leeuw did a great job narrating this story especially with her range of vocal differentiation and her nicely done male voices Very very easy to listen to and Rebecca De Leeuw made me just want to listen and Lovely Courtney Milan I don't know how you do it but you are just in the zone for me I loved the length of this story the content and the plot line I literally cannot wait to start the next in the series In fact I'm off to buy it now

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    FAN TAS TIC This was my first read by Ms Milan and wow I was very impressed I loved her writing the story the characters everythingAsh Turner a wealthy man who's built his fortune in trade after enduring years of near poverty as a child is finally close to avenging his sister's death and his brothers' suffering at the hands of the Dalrymples After discovering that the head of the Dalrymple family the Duke of Parford married his mistress in haste and in secret when he was too young to know better and has never had that marriage annulled Ash takes the case to the ecclesiastical courts and thus has the duke's second marriage declared void for bigamy and the children resulting from that union declared illegitimate and unable to inherit That leaves Ash the duke’s long hated fifth cousin twice removed as the presumptive heir And with the duke's current medical condition it's only a matter of time before Ash becomes the new Duke of ParfordThe Dalrymple children Richard Edmund and Margaret have lost almost everything their titles their honor their friends and their mother in less than a year all thanks to Ash's uncovering of their father's bigamy They haven't accepted defeat though So when they learn that Ash is moving to Parford Manor to oversee the estate he's about to inherit Richard and Edmund move to London in preparation for the upcoming battle that will take place in Parliament when the lords debate the bill granting the Darlrymple family the remedy of legitimacy Margaret stays with her father at Parford Manor pretending to be a nurse so she can spy on Ash and document his failings demonstrating that he's unfit to manage the estate and thus tilting the odds of her brothers' winning the debate in Parliament in their favorMargaret is predisposed to hate Ash on sight but she soon finds out that it's impossible to not like him There's just something about him It isn't his looks his money or as she calls it his cheerful ruthlessness It's the way he makes people feel they matter regardless of who they are And Ash makes Margaret feel she matters from the start when he thinks she's a mere servant As they spend time together and she learns his secrets understanding that there's than simple revenge behind his actions a bond of trust and intimacy of souls not bodies is formed between them Torn between that newfound bond and her loyalty to her brothers Margaret tries to protect both but she knows she'll have to sacrifice one to save the other in the end The uestion is which one will it be?This book had me engaged from beginning to end I loved both Ash and Margaret I wanted to be her and marry him The conflict in their relationship came from the situation they found themselves in not from any dysfunctional trait they might have as characters like fear of abandonment or commitment for example Family honor loyalty betrayal and forgiveness were at the core of this story and Ms Milan has done an excellent job weaving those elements into Ash and Margaret's relationship I especially liked the way Ms Milan hasn't fallen into clichés avoiding some of the well travelled paths in Romancelandia Without giving away any spoilers there was a much anticipated scene where Ash's reaction caught me completely by surprise A very pleasant surprise I'm happy to say I've read that scene or the basics of it in many books before and I was braced for what I knew it would happen Well I was kindly reminded that I know nothing I have to finish this review admitting that this book made me cry I didn't want to but I couldn't hold back the tears near the end of it What can I say? That only happens when I'm really invested in a story and Ms Milan's beautiful writing had me enthralled from the first chapter to the epilogueFinal verdict It's a keeper Note I received this eARC from Harleuin via NetGalley That had no influence on my reviewrating

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    Since I didn't have much fun with this book and every review I've read takes it VERY SERIOUSLY I may as well have fun with my comments Random things that I did not buy or caused my brow to scrunch up in no particular order Ash is the poster boy for the Fated MateBonded MaleDestined Lover who won't take no for an answer made famous by Stephanie Laurens and Christine Feehan The opressive stalkery FMBMDL is unfortunately as common as mud in paranormals and only a few authors are getting it right This is the reason I stopped reading Laurens Margaret is the poster girl for the self sacrificing doormat sister who doesn't uestion that the responsibility to save her abusive father and selfish brothers is all hers Yes they dump on her in the end again after all that futile selfless sacrificing So far these are characters straight out of the romance novel central casting office Ash stalks Margaret believing she is a servant Margaret fends off Ash's advances in the snotty way of 19th century noble ladies because she is duh a noble lady masuerading as a servant Ash whom we are told ad nauseum has instincts never uestions a servant's giving him lip She keeps forgetting to stay in character Ash's younger Oxford educated brother says Don't do anything I wouldn't do In 1836 When I felt that it was time to wrap this thing up Kindle told me I was 75% finished At this point the lovers separate all hope is lost and we are thrown into page after page after page to wrap up that pesky inheritancebastardization situation during which time the lovers are APART Skim skim skim The prose is fine some of it lovely even I felt as if the well crafted sentence took precedence over the emotion the author was describing This was my takeaway Lyrically described passion and I didn't feel a damn thing When I'm pulled out of the story to admire a nice simile or poetic metaphor well I'm pulled out of the storyThis book has gotten such positive buzz Odd woman out here I tried to enjoy it as if it were the Great American Romance Novel For all the original and different promised I found a cache of cliches

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    When I sit down with a Courtney Milan book it’s like I’m in for a seven course meal with a deep romance drama humor angst an excellent plot and two amazing leads Milan expands and weaves her novel to just pull the reader deeply into the story and lives of her characters that leaves you wanting to reach the end and at the same time never wanting it to end Ash Turner has long overdue payback on his mind and with his plan brought into motion he’s out to finally take claim after the suffering he and is family have gone through by the hands of the Duke of Parford a long relation cousin Ash proves to the courts the Duke is an bigamist whom marry in haste his mistress and never had the marriage annulled Now his children of he had from his second “marriage” are consisted illegitimate and are unable to inherit but that leaves Ash the new heir to become to next Duke of Parford Of course the Duke’s illegitimate children are going to take this laying down After losing everything from their titles to their so called “friends” their out to prove Ash is unfit to take over the title of Duke As the two sons of the Duke ready themselves for the upcoming battle in Parliament to have their bill overturned their sister Margaret Dalrymple stays behind at the Parford Manor in order to nurse her sick father and play the spy to find any dirt on Ash From their first meeting a spark goes off between the two with Ash determined to win Margaret for himself and Margaret trying to hold on to the hate she has for the man whom ruined her and her family’s lives as both begin to know one another secrets that could harm either of them only bind them closer together as they both reach a conclusion either of them expected to face My first impression of this book went uickly out the window by just the first few pages Many of my impression and what I thought this book would be about uickly follow suit out the window As I was pulled into this book Instead of having to deal with a man whom would ruin lives of others to get his waybent on payback at any cost we’re are given an amazing character of Ash whom is honorable funny and determined to help and care for his remaining family who holds a few harsh and sad secrets close to his heart but doesn’t let that stop him from making something of himself Ash won me over by his so called ”cheerfully ruthlessness” Ash never act what you would think or come to think a hero would act like He was always clear about what he wanted and was driven to see it through Ash easily won and broke my heart when it’s reviled about his secret that even his own brothers didn’t know about Ash feels a great guilt after he left his bothers Mark and Smite to make his fortune and later his brother prove to him that their going to stand behind him through thick and thin this is a driving force behind much of his actions and later by the instinct that drives him is also makes him see things from a different POV Margaret also threw out any impression I might have had of her instead of being bitter she was hurt by the actions of her father and the pain is caused her beloved mother Margaret also surprises everyone by her actions when she learns of Ash secret instead of selling him out she sets out to help him even at the cost of trying to win the bill Margaret in many ways wants to play fair and prove she and her brothers can regain what they lost Margaret believes in honor even so then her so called family Sometimes I wanted to shake her to open her eyes but in the end she loved her family and that made her a stronger character in my eyes even when things turn against her she fights the tide to do what she feels in her heart is the right thing and be with Ash The dramatic between Margaret and Ash were always at a sort of balance with their odds always coming out even Their relationship was so time and true with nothing being assumed Margaret and Ash’s grow and become the strength both later rely on to pull them through the trouble times they must face The beauty of the story is CM never once went back to some time and true plot seen time and again in other books she always held this reader spellbound with her twists and surprises that made this book truly magical and original Courtney Milan did it again with her amazing writing ability and Unveiled just made me a happy romance reader through and through I look eagerly forward to Ash’s brothers’ stories with Mark believing greatly in chastity and Smite being a genius in his own right Unveiled is beautiful romance that everyone should pick up and lose themselves in

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    This must be the only historical romance whose hero’s great weakness is his extreme dyslexiaIt was fairly well paced and hot but we ultimately didn’t get along because of three themes existing in this novel that I am not a fan of ‘From the first moment he knew she was the one’ this meant to be and love from the first sight crap is just not for me If you tell me on page one that he knew she was the one then you don’t have to really build your characters and their relationship with each other because their fate is sealed God I know it is a romance novel and they will overcome all and be together in the end I get that but convince me why they should Hero who loves his heroine unfailingly from the first to the last page not once doubting himself or her It’s just boring Give me hate give me angst give me indifference at least I prefer when it’s the heroine who needs to do the work to win the hero’s heart because I have enough of men who are blindly in love with me in the real life thank you very much Heroine who needs her hero to validate her as a person Now I don’t mind my heroine a little damaged even completely broken in the area of romantic relationships but I want her to be strong and secure in all the other spheres of her life I want her to need the guy just for love and not to basically make her into a person This whole thing in ‘Unveiled’ where the hero tells the heroine that ‘she matters she is important’ and it causes her some epiphany that yes in fact she is a human being and not a doormat rubbed me the wrong way Also I found her behaviour to be inconsistent with her supposed personality Given her doormat like ualities she should make a great servant that she is pretending to be yet even though everything depends on her playing that role this is the only time she decides to shows some signs of having some cojones which would totally blow her cover if the hero wasn’t so daft so much for his famed ‘instincts’All of this probably tells you about me than about the book I guess I do like to have the same story told to me over and over again I just couldn’t fall in love with the hero I found his seduction techniue crass he was just a creepy stalker really but what to expect from a guy who from the first moment ‘knew’ and I suppose I prefer my men literate However I did enjoy the theme of loyalty conflict in ‘Unveiled’

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    I decided to give this book a try my first ever Courtney Milan having seen the praise lavished on both author and book gathering the momentum of an avalanche Obviously previous crushing disappointment has not yet taught me to mistrust this kind of 'enthusiasm' and see through all this thoroughly undeserved praise Everything in this book is so smugly mature so insufferably idealised so wishfully civilised that you could both smell and feel the starch The reader is assaulted by a narrative that reads like an endless relationship guideline wholly contemporary of course why bother set your book in the 19th c? Since the past plays no part in anything why don't you bloody set it in the present and be done with it?and the story itself is never allowed to breathe the fresh air of unruly desire capture some of the pathos of the baseness of human need or explore the interior of long nurtured dreams of revenge and the depth of injury that fed them The manufactured maturity of this book drowned everything that could have been interesting in this story and it was so oppressive that finishing it felt like fleeing a small musty smelling basement The very concept of maturity of the book's characters and their love ends up as a clunky caricature of the real thing sabotaged by the writer's ever so precious ever so prissy treatment of passion and of gender social and sexual relations This reader felt constantly hammered by etiuette One of the failures of this book is that it harks back to the bad old days when passion was conveniently and prudishly divided into two steps first one achieves the kind of intimacy the committee of co conspirators publishers and comfort zone readers has approved and second hero and heroine have sex This kind of false dichotomy passes for 'development' in the couple's relationship In Milan's book the sex is even of a task to read than all the other elements in her not remotely historical romance the past in which it is supposedly set counts for shit For sex here is oddly de sexualised and reads like a pedantic discourse on what should happen between bodies in the dark That said it would not be fair to say that Milan's writing is bad although it can be that too for example a good writer would have never allowed the scenes between the Turner brothers to run and run into four and five pages Nothing of what was said or accomplished by such prolixity could not have been done in three paragraphs but it definitely is and in a way that makes it worse than bad insufferable as it is lead by a desire for hagiographic wholly affirmative romance where even the having of a cup of tea is analysed to death for the purpose of constantly asserting that the female character is 'in control' and the writer not only never misses a chance to assert the heroine's being 'in control' but artificially creates reams and reams of opportunities to make such an assertion In Milan's writing the 19th c was obviously the best time for women; and where even the minutest ripple of a motive is so louaciously explained away that it loses both its significance and its purpose Milan's characters are not characters at all they are mouthpieces for the writer's indifferent random and forced rationalisations This kind of writing tends to turn its back to what is should be? the raison d'etre of romance writing the representation of the unruly elements of desire as the medium through which liberating claims travel express themselves and become effective ie formative of life claims that lead to a redemptive exit from some awful and entangled web of social familial and other relationships in which characters are caught In historical romance there's the additional demand for an ear sensitive to the reuirements of one's historical setting and I don't mean merely frocks carriages and 'prithees' but s social structures and norms gender and sexual relations which the romance should recall to some powerful effect If you want to write historical romance then you should take the effort to show how society would bite back and would not allow you to fulfil those desires that exceed what society symbolically shapes In short there is no way that the authorities would have passed over all those males and given the prize to the heroine but Milan is so idiotically obsessed with forcing totally foreign to the 19th c ideas of 'woman in control' that she thinks we won't notice that the heroine is really your average market research manager living across the road from Milan's house In the end the whole reads and feels like an arid exercise in sanitised contemporary relationships and this is something the recent spade of romance writers suffer from instead of interesting and perverse idealisations and fantasies of romantic love we get the sanitisation of such fantasies with all their teeth removed Milan wrote not a romance even less a historical romance but a homily on the proper etiuette for 'dating' not love in frocks There's no exploration of eros energetic naughty dramatic purple or any other kind no exploration of conflict between the sexes and a 19th c one for that matter or the way they could find common ground no exploration of the claims of desire Worse still all the so called negative elements in 'Unveiled' that were supposed to drive the drama and create some conflict are so woefully trivial and so clumsily contrived that this oppressed by the writer's manipulations reader called upon the gods to deliver her All the hurdles which are utterly unconvincingly presented here as insuperable conflicts rang hollow and were nothing than clumsy plot fiddlings to further the cause of the characters' promotion to sanitary heights All the 'titanic' obstacles the writer tells us are insuperable and she at once constantly states them and refuses to reveal their nature thus achieving the triple feat of being simultaneously turgid annoying and vague are uickly overcome and forgotten with a little bit of good will friendly banter and the oh so boring age old cliche of fisticuffs achieved male camaraderie If you like your lovers written by a neat and ponderously moralising hand where the heroine's 'being in control' has to be asserted celebrated shouted from the rooftops and advertised on giant billboards making a mockery of and contradicting her circumstances; if you want everything to sound like a relationships advice column in Cosmo; if you like your romance books pompously trying to disguise their inability to come up with a love story of note especially a 19th c one or you are not too fussy about the plausibility of conflicts a book comes up with over if you like the representation of passion for revenge for a woman for a man for social recognition to be as safe as possible and the characters involved reeking of contemporaneity then this is the book for you and Courtney Milan your HR high priestess du jour Me I found the pompous triviality of her prose and her shrill contemporary voice so unbearable that I've resolved never to go anywhere near a book that bears her name again

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    Ms Milan has lived up to the promise I saw in her writing in the short story I read in The Heart of Christmas A Handful of Gold The Season for Suitors This Wicked Gift I loved the way she wrote her hero and heroine and knew she was a writer I wanted to follow I'm glad that she had written another story that I felt that way about Her characters are very well crafted deep complex and textured I found myself continually evaluating things from each one's perspective and it was difficult to 'choose sides' which is a good thing In real life no person is all good and bad at least for the most part We are a complex mix of both and we often make decisions out of our human drives sometimes good and sometimes bad In the case of Ash and Margaret I could see what drove them and I felt for them both Family is very important to me as well and even though I don't always like everything my family does I love them and I'd do anything for them That's why I couldn't get mad either at Ash or Margaret at the choices they made Even though their brothers didn't always understand the sacrifices they made for them it was both characters' choices to give up so much for the love of their siblings In the end I was glad that they found each other and realized that someone saw them truly and loved them honestly I was glad they found their other halves because I think that this kind of love is so valuable to humans and they both needed it It takes a writer of considerable skill to create such real lovable characters and Ms Milan shows itI loved the intensity of her writing and the strength of the story here a romance and a good one but something I liked how she integrated the sensual moments into this love story making them intrinsic to the development of the relationship between Ash and Margaret I liked that Ash saw Margaret and knew she was what he wanted and needed I liked that even though it was a seemingly bad idea to fall for Ash Margaret did anyway I know that she had some tough choices to make and I was glad that she was able to make a choice that was right for her down deep and that that choice included Ash I was glad their feelings for each other that trust and understanding of each other stayed true even in the face of what seemed insurmountable I also loved the authenticity of the Victorian setting drawn in subtle strokes but very evident I could tell that the author knows her subject and she managed to convey that without overwhelming the narrative with facts about Victorian England and inheritance lawGiving this book five stars is a foregone conclusion based on its many strengths and how much I enjoyed reading it It was deep rich fascinating sensual intense and rewarding All the things I love about historical romance Highly recommended

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    This is my second book by Courtney Milan and I really enjoyed this story This author has a definite talent and I love how she incorporates the unusual in her stories and makes it work so well I loved the hero Ash Turner He is one of those men just oozing with that sizzling sex appeal that draws you in making you love him But my love for him was not just his charismatic appeal I liked his character he is strong intelligent honorable resilient and protective of those he loves And while hiding a long held secret we see a vulnerable side that appealed to me Still suffering from painful events from his childhood he is haunted by memories and relentlessly seeks revenge from the one man who hurt his family Lady Anna Margaret Dalrymple is the kind of heroine I likeintelligent strong and fierce in her loyalty to those she loves You can count on her to do what’s right even if it causes her much pain and heartache Caught in the web of her father’s lies and Ash’s revenge I admired her strength amidst so much personal pain and despair But I do not wish to convey that this story is all about hatred revenge and despair This is an amazing story full of passion tenderness strong sensual desire longing and hope And as this story unveiled their deepest desires and fears I found myself saying “well done” Courtney Milan for another wonderful romance Spoiler AlertOne of my favorite uotesview spoiler“Do you know why my peers want their brides to have pale skin? They want a woman who is a canvas white and empty Standing still existing for no other purpose than to serve as a mute object onto which they can paint their own hopes and desires They want their brides veiled They want a demure blank space they can fill with whatever they desire”“Miss Lowell you magnificent creature I want you to paint your own canvas I want you to unveil yourself”It wasn’t fair that this man this one man who had utterly destroyed her would be the one to pick her deepest desire out of the maelstrom of her wants hide spoiler