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Brilliant Stories That Show The Growth Of A Novelist S Mind, And The Raw Material That Fed The Wild Surrealism Of Bulgakov S Later FictionWith The Ink Still Wet On His Diploma, The Twenty Five Year Old Dr Mikhail Bulgakov Was Flung Into The Depths Of Freezing Rural Russia Which, In, Was Still Largely Unaffected By Such Novelties As The Motor Car, The Telephone Or Electric Light How His Alter Ego Copes Or Fails To Cope With The New And Often Appalling Responsibilities Of A Lone Doctor In A Vast Country Practice On The Eve Of Revolution Is Described In Bulgakov S Delightful Blend Of Candid Realism And Imaginative Exuberance

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    I am a doctor, thrown straight from the university bench into a far away village, in the beginning of the revolution EXTRA EXTRA Now to be translated to a small screen featuring Daniel Radcliffe And it will be a new black comedy I kid you not I m still trying to decide how I feel about it.Mikhail Bulgakov, the amazing Russian writer of The Master and Margarita fame, was a medical doctor by training Just like the young protagonist of his semi autobiographical collection of short stories The Notes of a Young Doctor translated as A Country Doctor s Notebook , he has spent the time of his internship in a country hospital in the middle of nowhere, having to deal with insane patient volume, confusing diagnoses, and plain human stubbornness and stupidity that can make any medical professional s life a living hell And what amazed me is that so many of these things are still present even in our sophisticated modern day medicine Some things never change, do they We are cut off from people The first gas lights are nine miles away at the railroad station A train to Moscow would rush by with a whistle without stopping it does not need a God forsaken station lost in the blizzard We are alone here. A Country Doctor s Notebook describes the highlights of the internship time of a brand new young medical graduate Dr Bomgard, sent straight from the medical university in Russia in the winter of 1917 to be the only doctor in a provincial hospital the staff there consisting of a couple of nurses and a pharmacist without any supervision or backup save for quite a few medical textbooks and brand new medical knowledge that he brought with him This gives quite a new meaning to the whole thrown in at the deep end phrase, doesn t it Well, and what if they bring in a woman in a complicated labor Or, let s say, a patient with a strangulated hernia What am I supposed to do then Please, kindly tell me Forty eight days ago I graduated with high distinction, but distinction is one thing and hernia is another Once I saw my professor operate on the strangulated hernia He was doing it, and I was sitting in the audience, watching him And that s it I felt cold sweat running along my spinal column when I thought about hernias Every night I sat in the same pose, having drank tea on my left side, I had all the manuals on operative gynecology, with Dodelein s atlas on top And on my right ten different illustrated surgical manuals. Some of the situations seem almost surreal in their severity and grave danger Picture a young doctor having to perform a maneuver to turn a malpositioned fetus in the mother s womb to save two lives and never having done this procedure before, flipping through the pages of the textbook minutes before the surgery to figure out what the hell he is supposed to do Imagine him performing a tracheostomy surgically opening a throat to enable breathing on a small dying child with diphtheria while her frantic mother is waiting outside Think about discovering that your seemingly intelligent patient has taken his entire course of medications all at once to speed up the healing process, apparently and now is almost dying in front of your eyes Imagine the entire villages infected with syphilis without having any idea about the disease or its severity, and abandoning life saving treatment halfway through at the earliest signs of improvement Think about realizing that your colleague has fallen prey to the deadly morphine addiction, painstakingly documenting the horrific mental and physical destruction by the way, probably one of the earliest realistic portrayals of narcotic addiction in fiction, and based on personal experience with the drug, no less I felt defeated, broken, flattened by the cruel fate Fate threw me into this wilderness and made me fight my battles alone, without any support or instruction What unbelievable difficulties I have to suffer through They can bring in any strange or difficult case, most often a surgical case, and I have to face it, with my unshaven face, and win And if you don t win, then you have to suffer and torture yourself like now, riding along a bumpy country road, leaving behind an infant s little corpse and his mother. The young doctor s patients are poor peasants illiterate, superstitious, ignorant of their diseases, frustratingly suspicious of surgeries and other out there treatments After building up a favorable reputation after a miraculous life saving amputation on day one, the doctor ends up seeing over a hundred patients daily that s in addition to the hospitalized patients , often having almost no time to sleep, and often still having to make a house call to a woman dying in labor or a patient too sick to be transported to the hospital, often riding miles in miles in the middle of Russian winter blizzard After that, I started seeing about a hundred peasants a day I stopped eating dinners Mathematics is a cruel science Let s imagine that I was spending only five minutes five with every one of my hundred patients Five hundred minutes eight hours and twenty minutes All in a row, please note that And besides that I had a hospital ward for thirty patients And in addition to that, I was still performing surgeries. The young doctor Bulgakov s alter ego laments the ignorance of his patients that endangers their lives and the lives of their loved ones, facilitates the spread of diseases, and causes harm and grief And yet, so unlike the doctor stereotype of that long gone era he exhibits astounding patience and perseverance, fighting the uphill battle and actually succeeding with every life saved, every disaster averted These stories are often sad but at the same time life affirming And I happily give this book about my colleague almost a hundred years ago, facing similar problems that we encounter even in modern medicine, five well earned stars In a bout of inspiration, I opened a clinic patient roster and began counting I counted for an hour In a year I have seen 15,613 patients, I had 200 hospitalized patients, and only six died.

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    The title of A Country Doctor s Notebook tells everything about the subject of the book How does it feel when a young doctor an absolute greenhorn just after the university in the capital city finds himself in the sticks where everything depends on him Where has the world disappeared to today, my birthday Where, oh where are the electric lights of Moscow Where are the people, where is the sky I look out of my windows at nothing but darkness We are cut off the nearest kerosene lanterns are seven miles away at the railway station, and even their flickering light has probably been blown out by the snowstorm The midnight express to Moscow rushes moaning past and does not even stop it has no need of this forlorn little halt, buried in snow except perhaps when the line is blocked by drifts.The nearest street lamps are thirty two miles away in the district town Life there is sweet it has a cinema, shops While the snow is whirling and howling out here in the open country, there on the screen, no doubt, the cane brake is bending to the breeze and palm trees sway as a tropical island comes into view Meanwhile we are alone Black as Egypt s night, observed Demyan Lukich, as he raised the blind.His remarks are somewhat solemn but apt Egyptian is the word for it.In spite of his inexperience, the doctor boldly faces ailments and traumas and his will helps him to surmount the obstacles and to become professional and skillfu And he even manages to fight the endemic ignorance of the locals.And now a whole year has passed While it lasted it seemed endlessly varied, multifarious, complex and terrible, although I now realise that it has flown by like a hurricane I stare into the mirror and see the traces that it has left on my face There is severity and anxiety in my eyes, the mouth is confident and manly, while the vertical wrinkle between my eyebrows will remain for a lifetime as long, in fact, as my memories I can see them as I look in the mirror, chasing each other in headlong succession.And Morphine is a story about a young life ruined by drug addiction.A man of a strong willpower hardships make stronger and a man of a weak willpower they destroy.

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    Bu Bulgakov ile ilk tan mam G nlerdir, bu kitaptaki yk leriyle yat p kalk yorum Devrim Rusyas nda ge en g zel yk ler Hem d nemin kmazlar na hem de okulu yeni bitirmi doktorun cra bir yerde t m imkans zl klarla g revini yapmaya al mas na ahit oluyoruz So uk, yaln zl k, vicdan, korku ve daha bir ok zorlu a ra men, gen doktorun acemili ini g nden g ne nas l da geride b rakt n g r yoruz ok kolayl kla takip edilen, ak p giden bir anlat m var ama bundan s oldu u kar lmas n Anlat m dipdiri Zifiri karanl k, at arabas yla ba ka bir k ye hasta g rmek i in giderken tipiye yakalanan doktorla ayn kabinde seyahat ediyorsunuz sanki Kar taneleri y z n ze vurup ince keskin iziklerle can n z yak yor, elleriniz atl yor so uktan Arabac yolu kaybedecek ve orac kta akallara yem olacaks n z korkusuyla y re iniz p rp r Hem edebiyat hem kurgu y n nden olduk a doyurucuydu Gen Bir Doktorun An lar S ra Bulgakov un ba ka kitaplar nda Tan t m za ok memnunum.

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    Written between 1924 and 1927, these short stories are a mile away his most famous novel The Master and Margarita , here instead adopting a raw, realistic account of his experiences as a 24 year old doctor in remote north west Russia, where he was put in charge of a small hospital and left to get on with it, sometimes in conditions that were dreadful Isolation is a big thing running through the book, the distance from civilised society weighs heavily on the soul Alone at night in his study, with only his oil lamp for comfort, he reflects The midnight express to Moscow rushes moaning past and does not even stop The nearest street lamps are 32 miles away in the district town This is a world of grinding hardship and violent contrasts, induced warmth, the bitterly cold wilderness outside months of darkness that drags on with just the fragile light of the kerosene lamp for company The brutal, impersonal force of the physical world not only endangers his patients, but threatens to extinguish the metaphorical light of reason, knowledge and social progress At first, Bulgakov s university trained mind is his sole weapon against the ignorance, cunning and superstition of the peasants, but as the months pass, he grows increasingly cunning himself, learns to outwit their objections with displays of confidence he does not feel and knowledge he does not always possess Bulgakov casts a wry, self deprecating humour What shines through in Bulgakov s hero is that this worry, although at times exhausting for the doctor, has a flip side It s what makes him so good at his job It is what helps him to learn, bestows him with compassion for his patients, brings him satisfaction when the sick recover For Bulgakov, the anxiety experienced by this doctor is not necessarily something to be cured as much as managed and even, at times, celebrated His compassion for human folly is unfailing, and he nails his own foibles as unflinchingly as everyone else s A country doctors s Notebook stands testament both to human resilience and a remarkable literary talent Along with The White Guard , this is Bulgakov getting deep down in real life situations of his time He definitely belongs up there with the great 20th century writers.

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    Zapiski yonogo vracha A Country Doctor s Notebook A Young Doctor s Notebook, Mikhail Bulgakov A Young Doctor s Notebook A Young Doctor s Notes , also known as A Country Doctor s Notebook, is a short story collection by the Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov The stories were written in the 1920s and inspired by Bulgakov s experiences as a newly graduated young doctor in 1916 18, practicing in a small village hospital in Smolensk Governorate in revolutionary Russia Stories The Embroidered TowelThe Steel WindpipeBlack as Egypt s NightBaptism by RotationThe Speckled RashThe BlizzardThe Vanishing EyeMorphineThe MurdererThe Hugh Aplin translation also includes the short story Morphine but does not include The Murderer 1391 209 4 9789642091126 1392 1393 1395 1396 1397 20 1917 .

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    4.5 5Bulgakov, Moskova daki t p fak ltesinden mezun olduktan hemen sonra kendini koca bir hi li in ortas nda bulan gen bir doktoru konu edinmi yk lerinde yk ler yle ger ek i ki, bu kitap yk ler toplam de il de an derlemesi olarak yay mlansa san r m kimse yad rgamazd Kendisi de doktor olan Bulgakov un ya ad veya tan k oldu u olaylardan duygulardan beslendi i a k An ile kurmacay dengeli bir ekilde harmanlam ve ortaya bu bir rp da okunan, duygular n okura hemen ge iverdi i bu s r kleyici yk ler km.Teoride her eye h kim ama pratikte ok az deneyimi olan gen doktorun bu cra sa l k birimine ad m att g nden itibaren ba na gelen olaylar kadar kendisiyle olan m cadelesine de tan k oluyoruz Bir olgunla ma, kendini yaratma s reci de diyebiliriz buna Kendi ad ma en ok teredd tte kald , d nmemesi hissetmemesi gereken eyleri d nd hissetti i ve kendisini sorgulad k s mlar sevdim ok ak c , g rsel ve duygusal y n kuvvetli, insan avucuna alan bir anlat m h kim yk lere O k k sa l k birimini, odalar ndan e yalar na, personelinin giyimine kadar zihninizde ok net bir ekilde canland rabiliyorsunuz.Kendisi de bir doktor olmas na ra men mesle i idealize ve romantize etmemi olmas ho uma gitti Zira bu sayede yk ler inand r c ve samimi hale gelmi Doktorun kendi i inde verdi i ama asla d ar yans tmad i at malar, g vensizlik veya phe anlar , duygusal ve mesleki gelgitler, hep g l msemeyle okudu um kendinden nceki m thi doktorla k yaslanma hissi, cehalet veya imkans zl klarla verilen m cadele, ba ar ile ba ar s zl k aras nda y r nen o ince izgi, hepsi o kadar d r st ve a k a belirtilmi ki, kitab okuyan her doktor eminim kendinden, zellikle de gen li inden bir eyler bulacakt r Ayr ca mecburi hizmete gidecek her doktorun bu kitab okumas gerekti ini, bu sayede o zor g nlerde kendilerini eksik veya yaln z hissetmeyece ini d nmeden edemedim Yanl anla lmas n istemem, sadece sa l k al anlar n n de il, herkesin zevkle, ilgiyle okuyaca n d nd m bir kitap Gen Bir Doktorun Anlar z nde, insan ve olgunla mas n ele al yor nk.

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