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It S The End Of World War II FDR S New Deal Has Redefined American Politics Taxes Are At An All Time High The Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki Has Brought A Fear Of Total Annihilation The Rise Of Secret Government Agencies And Sanctions On Business Has Many Watching Their Backs America S Sense Of Freedom Is Diminishing And Many Are Desperate To Take That Freedom BackAmong Them Is A Great Dreamer, An Immigrant Who Pulled Himself From The Depths Of Poverty To Become One Of The Wealthiest And Admired Men In The World That Man Is Andrew Ryan, And He Believed That Great Men And Women Deserve Better And So He Set Out To Create The Impossible, A Utopia Free From Government, Censorship, And Moral Restrictions On Science Where What You Give Is What You Get He Created Rapture The Shining City Below The SeaBut As We All Know, This Utopia Suffered A Great Tragedy This Is The Story Of How It All Came To Bed How It All Ended

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    Would you kindly read an obscene amount of books World war, nuclear bombs, dictatorships, destruction, massive poverty slowly devastating the world in the mid twentieths century A man with a vision A city with full liberties and complete autonomy, away from the dangers, vices, restrictions and dubious moralities of the outside world A city isolated and protected, so humanity can restart free again A city under the sea.What could possibly wo grong The story of an utopia slowly transforming into the worst imaginable nightmare.Based on the popular Bioshock game franchise one of my all time favorites , a novel that serves as a prequel to Bioshock 1 and 2 The story behind the foundation of Rapture, the hidden city under the seas Very interesting to know the background story of Andrew Ryan and the beginnings of his mythical Rapture Entertaining, revealing, good enough to be worth the time, although not specially remarkable.Until next time, Ser a usted tan amable de leer una cantidad obsena de libros Guerra mundial, bombas nucleares, dictaduras, destrucci n, pobreza masiva asolando la segunda mitad siglo XX Un hombre con una visi n Una ciudad con plena libertad y completa autonom a, libre de los peligros, vicios, restricciones y las dudosas moralidades del mundo internacional Una ciudad protegida y aislada, para que la humanidad pueda volver a empezar libremente.Una ciudad bajo el mar.Que podr a malir sal La historia de una utop a que se transforma lentamente en la peor de las pesadillas imaginables Basada en la popular franquicia Bioshock una de mis favoritas de todos los tiempos , una novela que funciona como precuela de Bioshock 1 y 2 La historia detr s de la fundaci n de Rapture, la ciudad oculta bajo los mares Muy interesante para conocer la historia detr s de Andrew Ryan y los comienzos de su m tica Rapture Entretenida, reveladora, suficientemente buena para haber valido el tiempo, pero no especialmente destacable.Hasta la pr xima,

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    This is the single best video game inspired piece of literature I ve ever read It stays incredibly true to both games striding to connect them in ways the games were unable to do and flushing out much of the world and answering many things I wondered about from the game I always wondered why the splicers faces looked so messed up and this book gave a great answer to that, Perhaps that answer was in the game, but if it was, I missed it It also really flushed out the character of Andrew Ryan.I also really liked the narrative styling, of switching between many different characters throughout Rapture It gave you much of a full view of what was going on And choosing to have it end just about where the game starts was a genius move, making it add to the experience of the game but take away from it in no way The only down side I can see in the book is that I wonder how I would have felt if I hadn t played the games There is much here that would ruin much of the games, especially the first game I also think the visuals of the book would not have been as clear or strong if I didn t have the game in mind But, I think it was written for people who played the game, not he general market The thing that could save it as a good book for someone who wouldn t be going into it having already played the games is the way it shows the downfalls of the extreme ideologies of laissez faire capitalism and Ethical altruism Not just the inherent failings of these ideologies, but how they are so easily corrupted and turned upside down by the potential of just a few bad eggs as some would say, or perhaps simple put by human nature.

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    Welcome to Rapture the world s fastest growing pile of junk For those who have not played Bioshock, this book will probably not be very appealing for those who did, it will be very disappointing I am a big fan of the original Bioshock, which is the only reason why I read this book and it s also the reason why I wouldn t recommend it to anyone interested in ever playing Bioshock, as it is nowhere near matching the quality of the story and writing as presented in the game.For those unfamiliar Bioshock is a first person shooter set 1960, which begins with a bang a plane crash somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, with a sole survivor the protagonist, Jack Jack manages to swim through the wreckage and fire to a nearby island, which contains only a single lighthouse looming tall and ominous in the night Upon entering, he is even surprised, as the interior of the lighthouse is stylishly designed, with statues and numerous plagues and banners with propaganda slogans with music playing along the marble stairs The stairs lead to a bathysphere terminal, which seems to be the only way out, and upon entering it Jack discovers that the bathysphere is active and as he switches it on, it takes him to a real city hidden beneath the depths of the sea, created who refused to live with the rest of the worldIf you have not played Bioshock, you owe it to yourself to at least see the opening part I have just described you can watch it here It s just seven minutes long but what seven minutes are they There is just so much to enjoy about Bioshock from its ambitious, cinematic scope, epic storyline, a large cast of diverse characters art style combining art deco with steampunk, countless popular songs from the era combined with an orchestral score with beautiful, moving themes by Garry Schyman Perhaps the largest asset of the game is how it draws the player into itself Jack is a silent protagonist the introductory movie is the only part of the game where he says anything who is drawn into a completely strange, absurd and utterly impossible world, which shouldn t exist but does Rapture, an underworld city The player learns only what he she will discover while playing the game, with their only companion being an Irishman nicknamed Atlas, who communicates with Jack via the portable radio he finds in the bathysphere To understand Rapture and find his way through it, Jack has to rely on messages from Atlas and interact with its inhabitants, most of whom will not be friendly The most compelling thing about Bioshock is that it forces the player to explore the environment to find information Rapture is peppered with hidden audio diaries, on which dozens of its various inhabitants recorded their thoughts and messages The game gives no clue as to where they are located, and its entirely up to the player to find them one can complete the game without listening to the majority of them, but would miss out on a large chunk of background storyline This is genuine refreshment from constant and brutal exposition which we see in literature and film, where symbolism is heavy handed and equally heavily transparent If what I wrote sounds interesting, then you should definitely experience Bioshock for yourself but not via John Shirley s book It is set before the events of the game, as a mean of introducing the characters who would build and shape the underwater city of Rapture, but lacks everything which made Bioshock interesting in the first place The prose if flat and unemotional characters who were mysterious and compelling become lifeless and predictable It is not a terrible book, but it s terribly by the numbers so much so that it quickly becomes nothing than a collection of winks and nudges to fans of the game, occasionally directly quoting specific parts of it It lacks the scope of the game, all the different voices of its many characters its different philosophies and themes are mostly summarized and thrown into the face of the reader, shall there be risk of him missing them Bioshock is a truly unique experience this book is just not.

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    Bioshock is one of my favorite games despite the fact it s neither isometric nor turn based and it s one of the games I replay every year or two so I had relatively high expectations from this book.Unfortunately book had flaws that because of which it doesn t reach same quality game has.First Pace of the book is too slow which makes this book dull at the times.Second There isn t anything new to the story.It s same thing we find out in game only in greater detail.Third Rapture doesn t translate well into book, too much of it s atmosphere was lost.Why 3 stars than, why not lower Well Rapture is interesting place and it s inhabitants memorable and that couldn t be ruined by mediocre writing in the book.Rapture remains one the most interesting places I visited but even with better writer I don t think book is right medium for it.

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    This was, simply put, one of the worst books I ve ever read Ever It was awful Shirley managed to take an idea that was already made up for him, with a rich history and details laid out for him, and screw it up so thoroughly and fantastically Fans of the Bioshock franchise surely appreciate the amazing atmosphere, ideas, history, etc of the world I can t imagine many people would play the original game and not go Man, I would love to dig into this farther But wait, they made a book about it Yes It must be interesting But it s not Shirley prattles on for a few hundred pages about next to nothing at all Major areas of storyline were completely glossed over, while focus was put on inane conversations and meaningless politicking Everything is laid out and presented in the most hamfisted and unskilled way possible the Objectivist politics are thrown in your face constantly Ryan basically quotes their principles over and over, without any differentiation or compromise We re constantly reminded of his views, but with zero subtlety everything is very specific, very shallow and predictable.That s not even mentioning the prose and writing itself, which was offensively bad Like, not up to professional author standards The dialogue was stiff, mechanical, monotonous Shirley seemed to think that if he had characters use different sayings and mentioning accents, he could get away with them all sounding identical His amateur presentations of many of the main plot pieces took away from what little story there was I found myself just wanting to stop reading over and over again If this book was longer, I might have just given up.As much as the pieces of lore from Rapture tingled my nerd feelers from time to time, I would lose that reverie quickly when a character made some stupid comment, a completely irrelevant scene occurred, or Ryan spouted textbook Objectivist nonsense We get it, it s bad and ridiculous We all know that Well, all but Libertarians I wouldn t recommend this book to ANYONE, not even hardcore fans of the game series This book is completely uninformative and a terrible read.

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    This book is a prequel to one of my favourite survival horror video games called BioShock, so I just had to read the prequel The plot of the video games are based loosely off of Ayn Rand s Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead The game starts out with the protagonist crash landing in the middle of the Atlantic ocean where he then discovers and under water utopia called Rapture You then slowly make your way through the city encountering its inhabitants who seem to be out of their minds and are attacking you Your only company is an Irish man s voice through a shortwave, hand held radio who asks you to do certain tasks for him The book shows you what happened before the city s downfall who had the idea to make a city under the sea, how it was built, how it was kept a secret, the scientific breakthroughs that were made, the civil war I would suggest reading this only if you ve played the video game s first and even then only if you like survival horrors Again, I really, really enjoyed reading this book and then playing the video game afterwards and seeing how well the author brought every aspect of the video game into the book.

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    A great book Each character was so well done, with their own personality The author did a great job taking a video game and using the story from it to make a novel We are given characters from the game that we love or hate as the case may be and now have an even extensive backround Taking mainly from the perspective of an simple workman, Bill, we see the creation, life and eventual downfall of the underwater city Rapture Rapture was founded by Andrew Ryan, whose ideals of a better society, free of war, religion and government are well grounded The city is off to a good start but, like any society, has problems over time Other figures rise for power and get their own following Financial segregation sets in and when plasmids are created chaos ensues, violence rises and the people are forever changed John Shirley did a great job showing us these changes and inviting us into this underwater world It has inspired me to replay the first game all over again When I re read this year I started the audiobook Hated the narration Had to stop and switch back to my physical copy I do love this and am so glad I didn t start with the audiobook It would have ruined it for me If possible for you, use your eyes and read the words for yourself on this one Huge difference

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    Sadece oyunun hayranlar na tavsiye edebilece imiz, z c eviri hatalar yla dolu bir roman Bioshock Rapture ehri.2007 de kan BioShock adl me hur video oyununu baz alan kitap, Rapture adl muazzam sualt ehrinin ve onu in a eden adam n, Andrew Ryan n yk s n anlat yor Burada neler olmu tur Nas l olmu tur da y k k d k k h li bile b ylesine g steri li olan bu ehir bu h le gelmi tir B yle bir yerin okyanusun dibinde ne i i vard r Nas l in a edilmi tir Ve neden Kitab m z tam olarak bu konuyu ele al yor i te Roman 1945 y l nda, Rapture un kurulu undan y l nce Andrew Ryan n New York taki ofisinde ba l yor K k bir ocukken babas yla birlikte Rusya dan ka arak Amerika ya gelen Ryan gen ya nda lkenin say l zenginlerinden biri h line gelmi tir Gelin g r n ki zg rl kler lkesi olarak addedilen Amerika n n da asl nda di er yerlerden pek bir fark olmad n fark etmeye ba lam t r Sendikalardan, i Milislerinden, yard m derneklerinden ve her t r dinden nefret eden bir adam Ryan Onlar parazitler, kendisi gibi b y k adamlar n s rt ndan ge inmeye al an k k insanlar olarak adland r yor Hiro ima da ya anan atom bombas felaketinin ard ndan kendisi gibi insanlar n s nabilece i, devletin ve zay flar n kurallar taraf ndan k s tlanmayaca , kendilerine kimsenin ula amayaca bir yere ekilmeye karar veriyor Ona g re bunun tek bir yolu vard r okyanusun dibinde bir ehir kurmak Yani Rapture u Roman bu a l tan sonra her biri farkl bir tarihi kesiti ve insanlar g steren b l mler h linde, par a par a ilerlemeye ba l yor ehrin kurulu unu, ba lang ta ya anan g l kleri, adaptasyon sorunlar n , ard ndan y kseli ini ve geli mesini, hayal edilemez ba ar lara kucak a mas n ve en sonunda da her g zel eyin ba na gelen yegane felaket, yani insano lunun h rslar ve bencilli i taraf ndan y k l n izliyor, deta modern bir Atlantis masal na tan k oluyoruz.Yazar John Shirley kitab yazarken konudan gram sapmad gibi kaynaklara muazzam bir titizlikle ba l kalm Oyunda kar la t n z hemen hemen her olay n, her cesedin, her mek n n, hatta her ses kayd n n bile kitapta bir yeri var Muazzam bir detayc l k Takdire ayan bir asl na sadakat.Gel gelelim kitab herkese de il de sadece oyunun hayranlar na tavsiye etmeme neden olacak en nemli etmen de yazar n bu a r detayc l ve sadakati olmu Bir kere kitab n ak c bir b t n de il de sahneler aras atlay yapan, k sa b l mler h linde yaz lmas olaylardan kopman za neden oluyor Neredeyse her 4 5 sayfada bir tarih, mek n ve olaylar ya ayan ki i a s ndan s rekli yer de i tiriyoruz Her ne kadar anlat lan ana konu ayn olsa da bu kopukluklar kitab n s r kleyicili ini nemli l de azalt yor st ne bir de takip edemeyece iniz kadar ok isim olmas i leri bizim i in biraz g le tiriyor kinci ve as l hayal k r kl olan etmense eviri ve edit rl k Kitap beni bu anlamda ok ciddi bir ekilde zd Bir cesetle kar la t nda rmesi gerekirken ge iren karakterler, yerlerinde yeller esen dedi ekleri, g l msemesi gerekirken par ldayan insanlar beamed , hayalar ndan bahseden birinin toplar m demesi balls , kap dan i eri yava a de il de s r nerek girenler crawl u an akl ma gelen ve okurken kafam duvarlara vurmama neden olan hatalardan sadece birka.Ne ironiktir ki Rapture kerken eviri de y kseli e ge iyor 240 l sayfalardan sonra birdenbire az nce sayd m hatalar asgariye iniyor ve kabul edilebilir, ak c bir anlat m kar l yor bizi in g zel k sm tam da i lerin kar maya ve heyecan dozunun artmaya ba lad k s mlarda oluyor bu K t taraf ysa o noktaya gelebilmek ad na yakla k 250 sayfal k bir eziyete katlanmak zorundas n z.Sonu olarak muazzam bir detayc l k, asl na inan lmaz bir sadakat i eren ama kesintili anlat m ve a r kalabal k karakterleri nedeniyle sadece oyunlar n hayranlar na tavsiye edebilece im bir kitap Bioshock Rapture ehri O da eviri konusunda ok tak nt l de ilseniz M hsan TATAR ncelemenin tamam i in

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    Honestly, when I picked this book up, I was expecting and hoping for a rather dumb book based on a video game that I could read for a few hours entertainment.I was surprised by how GOOD I actually found this book to be.You don t have to be familiar with the Bioshock games for this to be a good book though it would probably help The book s concept is interesting right off the bat a paradise built on the bottom of the sea, eventually falling to inevitable human corruption and power grabs That isn t a terrible complex plot However, it s HOW it happens that makes it interesting The whole book is very psychological sociological.How does a person justify themselves when they do immoral things How can differing philosophies coexist or are they even capable of it How far can you push loyalty At what point does absolute freedom become a prison of its own The whole retro futuristic setting of the story just add a layer to the already interesting concoction John Shirley wrote The characters interactions are what drive the story In the beginning, Andrew Ryan is an idealist who can see the best in some people and seems to genuinely want to make the world a better place By the end, through a continuously eroding society, he has become slightly monstrous, and many of his cronies take the same self destructive path.All in all, this was a fascinating read that both gamers and non gamers could enjoy.

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    I did not care for this book, not because of the writing style, or any grudge against the author, but because of the book itself I am a fan of the Bioshock game series, and the most intriguing and captivating part of the game to me was how the storyline enveloped me to the point where I was a character, as such I did not know everything about Rapture, or the situation as it stands and I was forced to piece it together as I went along This book really takes all that hard work and sets itself right in front of the reader, and while it was helpful I ll admit to have some of the blanks filled in, much of what is explored chiefly Ryan s back story is completely against the grain of the game Andrew Ryan is an intriguing character in the game series because his motives, and his life are so mysterious, and no matter how much you learn through the game, Ryan is forever a mystery that only bits and pieces are ever flushed out, further the game itself is something of a latter day Heart of Darkness, and like Mr Kurtz, his life before he went to the Congo is largely unnecessary to the plot, his actions and complete motives are not needed to still get the full story, or as close to one as Conrad permitted that is This book however lays out Ryan s life story too completely We find he is Russian by birth, and an expatriate from the Revolution there He suffered through his life, pulled himself up by his bootstraps and built Rapture to escape what he viewed as oppression above the surface Besides being rather predictable it largely mirrors the life of Ayn Rand, who Ryan is based on , it also proved too Horatio Alger esque and by definition unbelievable In other words Ryan slipped away from plausibility and declined back into being a video game character.