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Come Inside And Take A Seat The Show Is About To Begin Outside Any City Still Standing, The Mechanical Circus Tresaulti Sets Up Its Tents Crowds Pack The Benches To Gawk At The Brass And Copper Troupe And Their Impossible Feats Ayar The Strong Man, The Acrobatic Grimaldi Brothers, Fearless Elena And Her Aerialists Who Perform On Living Trapezes War Is Everywhere, But While The Circus Is Performing, The World Is MagicThat Magic Is No Accident Boss Builds Her Circus From The Bones Out, Molding A Mechanical Company That Will Survive The Unforgiving LandscapeBut Even A Careful Ringmaster Can Make MistakesTwo Of Tresaulti S Performers Are Entangled In A Secret Standoff That Threatens To Tear The Circus Apart Just As The War Lands On Their Doorstep Now The Circus Must Fight A War On Two Fronts One From The Outside, And A Dangerous One From Within This is written like my dreams.I honestly cannot say whether this novel will resonate for others the way it did for me The story is exceedingly nonlinear, the narration bounces from first person to second to third close to third omniscent between chapters There are parts that do not quite make sense on a logical plane when examined closely, mysteries that are never explained or even justified Many of the characters are not particularly likeable people.But the writing aches I dream in deeply vivid imagery, often with a overwhelming narrative that has a strong internal logic that does not quite work upon waking The worlds are mysterious and deeply strange, often a little disturbing, but so heartbreakingly beautiful that I cannot quite find the words to convey them when I wake.Valentine did.What doesn t connect in regular logic works on a dream logic level And while not everything makes sense on a logistical sense it s not supposed to , it does make sense emotionally And the images of tortured Alec with his singing wings, of Panadrome the human pipe organ, of broken Bird, and haunted Stenos, and the mercenary tumblers and the Boss who holds them all together, body and soul I think they will haunt my dreams for some time to come. I can t write My artistic gifts are in other areas, and usually I m okay with that But every now and again I ll read a book that makes me grind my teeth in frustration why oh why oh WHY can t I write like this Mechanique A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti is exactly that kind of book If I COULD write, I could explain how elegant the writing is, how the author weaves together various stories and viewpoints to gradually build the tale of the Circus Tresaulti, never coming right out and saying this happened, then this happened, then this happened , but conveying the necessary information with just a word or a phrase It s amazing and magical and beautiful, and it makes me seethe with envy.I absolutely adore steampunk, but so far I ve found the writing to be lacking It s funny how some genres are like that I ve found every Bizarro title I ve read so far to be extremely well written, intelligent and challenging I haven t had the same experience with steampunk I keep hoping, but so far I just haven t found that consistency of quality within the genre Genevieve Valentine has raised the bar I mean, raised it so far that it s almost out of sight.Please please please, someone make a movie out of this book Sure, some parts might be difficult to render on film, but not impossible and this is a story I would pay to see again and again.Absolutely wonderful, and I would highly recommend this book to anyone. Sometimes stories exist that hit all of my buttons at the same time, and Mechanique is one of those rare finds for 2012 that really succeeded in keeping me glued to my ereader Where do I start Perhaps with my love for travellers I watched both seasons of Carnivale a few years ago and that really captured my imagination The concept of a group of misfits journeying together who somehow succeed in being a family Then of course, Genevieve Valentine plays with a concept that is near and dear to my heart that of a post apocalyptic society On top of that she adds magic that is never truly full explained and garnishes with a clockwork theme The result beauty and a macabre yet gorgeous mutilation of art that left me breathless I ll add a short warning here I don t think this novel is going to appeal to a broad base of readers It jumps in point of view, sometimes first person, sometimes second and sometimes third, but somehow Valentine gets it all to hang together in a rich tapestry of imagery and text That being said, once I got used to her style, I immediately plunged right into the narrative And there s a lot going on here Superficially Mechanique tells the story of the Circus Tresaulti that somehow exists outside of time as it travels from one ruined city to the next The circus s mistress, Boss, has the ability to defy death in her creations, her performers, who are modified and, in many cases accept the bones that set them apart from ordinary folk A threat arises from the outside in the form of the government man, who sees the circus as an opportunity to create soldiers to aid him in his programme of world domination But within the circus there is tension too, particularly with regard to a pair of mechanical wings that two main characters both strive to There s to this device that meets the eye, however, and I found the love hate relationship between Bird and Stenos to be one of the pivotal story arcs within the novel.Most of the story is told by Little George, Boss s assistant, and his na vet adds a freshness to the milieu He is the glue that somehow holds all the others together, from the phlegmatic Ayar to the seemingly malicious Elena I can probably end this review with a whole bunch of superlatives I m not going to All I can say is that if you re looking for a mythical, multi layered work of literary fantasy, then Mechanique is a welcome diversion from reality that will stay with you for a very long time, its characters enigmatic and unforgettable Valentine has a fan for life. Shortish and weird version I love this book If I were a tattoo person by which I mean a person who gets tattoos, not a literal tattoo person, imprisoned in someone else s skin , I d want this book tattooed on my body, but a 3D style tattoo, which would look weird and would probably look like a growth or a goiter , I know, but I can t help how I feel Longer version This book is another lesson in there being no absolutes in things I don t like statements, at least when it comes to art A lesson I m happy to continually learn as I learned with The Last Werewolf So, I usually don t like circus stories, a trope used in many a bad horror story novel I have also uttered the phrase I can t stand steampunk multiple times, out loud, even saying it once in front of Genevieve only hours after having met her Foot in mouth and personal tastes notwithstanding, Mechanique is a brilliant novel.The circus troup Tresulti complete with strong man, aerialists, and , including them once having a winged man travels a war ravaged landscape, their shows equal parts beauty, wonder, menace, and unease Most of the performers have been brutally rebuilt with copper bones and other metal parts all of which become integral extensions of the characters and the story by the mysterious circus ringleader Boss she of the large griffin tattoos on her arms The latest greatest attempt at government wants to use Boss s talents to create super soldiers, to help bring back the old world, a world that Boss was once a part of and secretly longs for But that s really only one of the many threads of the story The interplay of all the characters, their motivations and desires, is brilliantly done The short chapters from various points of view, tenses, and styles acts as an extension of the circus itself and all its myriad bits Part of the magic of this gothic, dark, wildly imaginative book is that Genevieve has somehow managed to create an incredibly complex story that is still, I think, quite accessible Certainly unforgettable Go read it right now. So it turns out there were two steampunky books about circuses released in 2011, Erin Morgenstern s The Night Circus and this one They begin similarly, with descriptions of how outsiders first approach the circus, and from there on the comparison is probably inevitable The world of Mechanique, however, is very different from the lushly described world of The Night Circus where The Night Circus is almost overwhelmingly rich, Mechanique seems barren and dry The story takes place in an unidentified era it could be an alternate world, it could be the future or the past Valentine never specifies when the world has been ravaged by some sort of long term warfare again, Valentine never specifies exactly what s happened The Circus Tresaulti travels around with a cast of fairly typical circus acts such as trapeze artists and tumblers What is not typical about them is that several of the performers have metal body parts The ringmaster of the Circus Tresaulti, named Boss, is a mysterious woman who apparently has the power to raise the dead by turning them into mechanical beings The trapeze artists have bones of hollow copper pipe the strong man has a metal spine At one point, there was also a winged man named Alec, but he died sometime before the story starts, leaving his wings for the potential use of another There is a woman named Bird and a man named Stenos, both of whom seem to want the wings for themselves The Night Circus main deficiency is that it s not particularly heavy on plot This is a flaw Mechanique takes to a much frustrating level, and what exactly motivates all these characters remains unexplained Much of the novel is focused on Alec s miraculous wings We are told that Bird and Stenos want the wings, but we have no idea why aside from the obvious fact that having wings would probably be pretty cool and there is nothing in particular to indicate why either of them is a good candidate to receive them In fact, it is implied that Boss will never give the wings to another person, so all of this seems moot for much of the novel The subplot about a Government Man with an interest in using Boss technology to create super soldiers is what drives most of the action, but in the end, even that is mainly used as a device to push forward the who gets the wings question.The story is told from various world weary perspectives in a completely humourless style that tries a little too hard for an oblique, poetic tone Events are referred to but rarely described almost all the early chapters end with foreboding references to some tragic occurrence that has yet to be identified Characters make dramatic gestures and do strange things for unknown reasons Strangely, Bird is described as frighteningly mad several times, even though nothing she does would seem to indicate that she is significantly insane than any of the other characters The author also has an irritating habit of using brackets to tag tangential information onto the end of a thought This often occurs several times per page If you only read one 2011 published, circus based novel, make it The Night Circus It s the only one worth reading. There s some lovely writing here, but the story is told in such an episodic fashion changing narrators, jumping around in time it makes for a frustrating, rather than fascinating read The descriptions provided were sparse, making visualization difficult, and the characters do not have distinct personalities One of them is apparently a bitch, though this is alluded to, rather than demonstrated Just because something is made of spare parts, does it have to be soulless How can someone named Valentine be so cold and cruel Though it has steampunk flavoring, Mechanique is a hybrid novel, much like the half human half mechanical characters creatures it describes It s a New Weird dark fantasy tale set in a dystopian war torn landscape The structure of the story and its narrative cogs are very postmodern The text vacillates between first person narrative in the voice of Little George, the Circus gofer and third person points of view that range from brief character sketches to omniscient mis en scenes The novel tells the story of how the circus came to be It was created by a former opera singer who discovers she has the power bind living flesh to skeletons made of copper The process is magic, rather than scientific She becomes just Boss, a ringmaster and owner of the Circus Tresaulti, which features mechanical aerialists, strongmen and a walking one man orchestra The circus travels over a bleak landscape of crumbling cities One story line tells how each of the damaged folk managed to join, and describes the personal politics of the various members, who have all seen horrible things or come from bad backgrounds Little George s story has a bildungsroman arc other characters, such as the prickly aerialist Elena have their own arcs while other circus folk, like the cipher like Bird, emerge as characters through indirect observation The other story line is about a Government Man who like Boss has no name save his job title and his desire to learn Boss powers for creating remade people for his own nefarious means.Valentine employs a variety of techniques, from poetic quasi fables, to brief anecdotes to full fledged action sequences Her world building is suggestive rather than exhaustive the Balkanized citystates the circus travels through have a vagueness that is allegorical than precise The story is ultimately about finding loyalty and beauty in dark times Lovers of the work of the Brother Quay or Terry Gilliam, the painter Mark Ryder or the novel Geek Love by Katherine Dunn will find much to admire here. This is a fucking phenomenal prose poem I know, it s billed as a novel, but trust me on this it s a prose poem The writing is just gorgeous As soon as I finished, I started all over again, just so I could wallow in the language and recognize the things which resonated on the second reading and hadn t on the first The last novel that impressed me this much was Nicola Griffith s Slow River, and this is frankly better than Griffth s debut, Ammonite, which is an impressive debut in its own right Which is to say READ THIS OMG. Dei at comprar a ideia desse livro As idas e vindas da narrativa, com seus PDVs alternando e entrela ando personagens, tempo e trama, e toda a aura excessiva de mist rio a cada p gina, cada movimento, cada maldita motiva o e assim permaneceu, at o fim do livro foram um desafio a ser superado nos 50% iniciais S que, quando passei disso e me acostumei, o livro passou r pido e de uma forma bastante agrad vel Isso se deve muito ao fato da autora ter parado de simplesmente apresentar os personagens de forma epis dica e movimentar a trama Apesar de simples, o plot eficiente em te impelir adiante o que me fazia ficar irritado quando via que o cap tulo seguinte era sobre o passado de algum personagem que eu n o me importava , e a hist ria fecha bem Outro ponto a se ressaltar a narrativa Apesar de causar estranheza, ela faz o livro ser inventivo uma mistura de texto de teatro com poema em prosa, que hora segue do ponto de vista de um personagem, hora torna se uma narrativa em primeira pessoa e Bom, pra resumir, uma bagun a.E funciona Ao menos funcionou para mim especial n o por ser bonita n o achei a prosa t o elegante, mas ela tem charme e voz pr pria, o que o b sico para que eu ache uma narrativa boa , mas por arriscar, por fugir do padr o Ela me lembrou alguns textos de RPG pbf, talvez por isso tenha funcionado t o bem comigo Ou talvez, n o, talvez o m rito dela seja pr prio Ao terminar o livro pensei em d lo tr s estrelas, mas ele me causou uma boa impress o, e cresceu no meu conceito enquanto eu pensava nisso Foi uma experi ncia diferente, e bom ser surpreendido s vezes.