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Kani Isn T Tundra Tundra Is A Dustrunner A Ruthless Space Pirate, Flying Dangerous Missions In Low Earth Orbit, Risking The Lives Of Millions Of People Below Kani Is Just A Regular Teenager, And She Wants Absolutely Nothing To Do With That Unfortunately, She Has No Choice Now, Thrown Into A World Of Deception And Betrayal, Kani Must Fight To Keep Herself Alive As She S Hunted By Law Enforcement, Spies, Mobsters, And Even Her So Called Teammates, None Of Whom Want To See Her Survive Another Day All She Needs To Do Is Make One Fatal Mistake Tell Them Who She Really Is Version Brings New Layers And Texture To The Original Livewritten Novel, With Special Appendices To Fill Out The World Of

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    Typhoon is the first book in the Dustrunners quintology, a series following not only Kani s story but the lives of her team members as well Set in a not too distant future, the Dustrunners world is one of piracy, politics, adventure and danger, not to mention nail biting emotional rollercoasters.It s hard to create a realistic dystopian future, and as such the thought and attention given to the world building are a credit to MCM s writing Kani s world has traces of the familiar mobile phones, water polo, school and just when you re lured in and getting comfortable, BANG Missions to space, unusual technology, and danger than you can shake a stick at.What I really loved were the details that really made this story believable, from the government issued posters warning about pirates, to Kani s faulty radio alarm clock, to the confusing controls in her spacecraft and the ice bullets spacecrafts shoot at each other The action scenes in space are probably the most enjoyable part of the story Kani s sense of wonder and terror at being launched into space with absolutely no instructions whatsoever was very believable.But the science fiction elements of the story never overwhelm the plot, which at its core is about loss and grief, and the struggle for survival in a world under nigh totalitarian governmental control Interspersed throughout is MCM s quirky sense of humour, which shines especially brightly through comic relief characters like Spastik and Kaso.It is the characters, overall, who are the driving force of the story MCM has created a believable and likeable cast of characters, from socially awkward but funny Kaso, to the tragic relationship between Yuri and Chenne, plus a host of other subplots That you re not even sure whether they are the good or bad guys until halfway through the book is irrelevant you can t help but love them And what s covered is only the tip of the iceberg the Dustrunner world has a lot yet to offer.To make a long story short, this is the first book of MCM s that really made me a fan of his, and you should definitely read it Ideal for contemporary sci fi fans who enjoy a large helping of adventure.

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    MCM has crafted a future where space flight is as simple a task as it is to hop in a car and drive around the neighborhood Typhoon tells the story of three characters, all of whom are part, or victim, of a conspiracy to capture what the media has labelled Dustrunners Like modern day Robin Hoods, these Dustrunners steal from the wealthy for the benefit of the poor.MCM mixes in his trademark humor but Typhoon makes a good case for showing off his ability to write about serious subjects It s not hard science fiction but there s nothing totally unbelievable in Typhoon, either If you enjoy reading about teenagers in trouble, mobsters being duped, conspiracy, and space flight, then Typhoon will make a good read for you.

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    Typhoon is one of the first books I read by MCM and it s the main reason I m such a big fan of his.The story is a roller coaster of thrills and emotions Set in a not too distant but all the disagreeable future, Kani is forced to take the identity of her best friend, who owes money to the mafia, and has to tag along on an illegal mission in space Her teammates don t trust her, the mafia and the police are after her, and then it turns out she s not the only one with a fake identity.Next to this main story line, MCM focuses on the back story of some of Kani s teammates, why they do what they do, and how the world turned up like this It s this mix between tight and thrilling action, and emotionally charged background story that makes for the roller coaster ride When both plot lines seem to come to a climax, I was biting my nails, and actually cried out Yuri s name in distress.The strength of the story is the way MCM weaves small bits of background information throughout the story It takes until 2 3 of the book until you figure out if the main characters are the good guys or the bad guys, but you can t help rooting for them anyway The world he built is one you wouldn t want to live in, but feels very realistic, which makes it all the scary I m still not sure I completely grasp the big picture of it all, but I think that is intentional, and it s one of the main reasons I look forward to the 2nd installment of the series.Which brings me to the only complaint I have about this story, it s the first installment in a series of five, and I didn t know this when I first started reading it Not that the main story line doesn t get closure, but there s still so much questions unanswered, and there s that evil cliffhanger at the end Waiting for what happens next can be frustrating.All in all I d highly recommend it to science fiction fans who don t mind a mix of adventure, mystery and emotionally engaging characters, who don t mind a series in progress Cross posted at

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    Typhoon has some great characters distinctive, flawed and real From Kani a teenager who ends up becoming a space pirate, a dustrunner, to save the life of her best friend who s in deep trouble with the mob And the smart, funny hermit Kaso who helps her through cell phones and computers To Yuri and how his strong interest in helping a young women get back on her feet leads to a shaky marriage, to the present where he s a dustrunner trying to get enough money to save the life of his dying daughter.There are a few other interesting characters we get a look at but I d say the main focus is on Kani and Yuri I did have to backtrack a couple of times just to remind myself what was going on with who Though it took me awhile at first to get used to the different characters and their names real names and dustrunner names Typhoon is a great fast paced read and ends with a cliff hanger that makes you eager to know what happens next Definitely looking forward to the next book Big Thank You to MCM and Goodreads for the chance to read Typhoon.

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    Like an episode of 24, Typhoon was compelling from the start and I was immediately drawn in to the lives of the various dustrunners we meet in the book I enjoyed the way that the flashbacks gave progressive insight to the various characters such as Yuri and Chenne, and how the sub plots culminated in the final scenes of the story I m glad it s only book one becuase there are plenty of questions left to answer, and plenty of scope to develop the series further.What s also compelling about the book is the way it was livewritten a chapter and hour over a single weekend with guidance from whoever wanted to suggest decisions or plot directions by twitter or other socail media I was disappointed to miss the writing of the sequel Polaris by only a few days. but hope I could contribute in some way to another of the books in the series.

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    I really enjoyed this book It was very fast paced but not in a bad way The book was written in three days which just amazes me I received this book on First Reads.

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    The plot is intriguing, the characters very interesting and you are dropped right in the middle of the action What else could you ask for Well In my case An explanation To be fair, MCM does give one at the end of the Smashwords edition I read, but as much as I love to start a book with a bang, when this happens the author usually has to find a way to explain to the readers as they read along how they got there in the first place And that is exactly where this book let me down.Read my full review here

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    This was a great book full of action Its takes place in a pre dystopia kind of world that is perfect for this book I liked all the characters in this book They were well developed and had an important place in the story The storyline is also really good as is the authors writing style I highly recommend this book.

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    Really fast paced adventure although perhaps a bit too fast paced for my taste I think this will be good for people that like thrillers.