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Truly Madly Deeply Memoirs of a Broken Heart's First Love

What happens when the most popular guy in school falls in love with his beautiful female equivalent?A pompous Rahul is head over heels in love with Seema a shy lady from the same school After a whirlwind of innocent encounters their teenage romance blossoms but the two never confess their love for each other Friends and even a few teachers approve of their relationship which is no secret to anyone thanks to Rahul's flaunting natureSeema on the other hand finds it difficult to handle the unnecessary attention she gets due to Rahul's ostentatiousness What follows is a series of misunderstandings and ego clashes causing them to drift apartRahul loses his popularity his numero uno status his sanity and ultimately his love By the time he realizes what he has lost it's too late He takes desperate measures to woo her back and win back her love But will Rahul ever get back Seema? And will Seema ever realize how much Rahul loved her and all the misunderstandings that transpired between them? Is there really any room for misunderstandings in love? In today's world can a person's first love ever be his last?This teenage love story seeks answers to all these and as it alternates between the past and the present events in the life of Rahul and makes you wonder do all love stories have a happy ending? Or do all love stories end ever? TRULY MADLY DEEPLY promises to be a heart warming and emotion filled tale that will captivate the reader's heart and fascinate his mind and leave him pondering—DOES LOVE TRULY CONQUER ALL ODDS?

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